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Caesar Rodney (Character)
from "John Adams" (2008)

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1776 (1972)
John Dickinson: I trust, Caesar, when you're through converting the poor fellow to independency, you'll give the opposition a fair crack at him.
Caesar Rodney: [chuckling] You're too late, John. Once I get 'em, they're got.

Caesar Rodney: [a brawl has broken out] Stop it! Stop it! This is the Congress! Stop it I say! The enemy's out there!
John Dickinson: No, Mr Rodney, the enemy is here!
Caesar Rodney: No! I say he's out there! England! England closing in, cutting off our air! There's no time!
[suddenly very weak]
Caesar Rodney: No air...

Caesar Rodney: Tell me, sir, would you be a doctor of medicine or theology?
Dr. Lyman Hall: Both, Mr. Rodney. Which one can be of service?
Caesar Rodney: By all means, the physician first. Then we shall see about the other.
Dr. Lyman Hall: [laughs] I shall call at your convenience, sir.