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Kim Philby (Character)
from "Cambridge Spies" (2003)

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"Cambridge Spies: Episode #1.3" (2003)
Kim Philby: Anthony has got himself into MI5 and I've been promoted. I'm now head of Soviet counter intelligence, which means I'm the man in British intelligence in charge of making sure people like us don't become people like us.

Anthony Blunt: Donald is...
Kim Philby: Happy.
Anthony Blunt: Happiness is so unreliable, it's the worst thing that can happen to an agent. And Guy...
Kim Philby: Deeply unpredictable.

Jack Hewit: [hands Anthony a parcel] This was delivered this morning.
Anthony Blunt: It's from Queen Mary.
Kim Philby: What is it?
Anthony Blunt: It's a reticule, obviously.
James Angleton: What is a reticule?
Guy Burgess: It's a handbag. The Windsors have given Anthony a handbag!
[general laughter]

Kim Philby: My God, it's the House of Windsor! You have been given the once over by the vet because the Windsors want to give you a job! Of course! Anthony Blunt, by Royal Appointment.

Kim Philby: It's going to happen, at last.
Anthony Blunt: What is?
Kim Philby: Germany... is going to invade Russia. Great Britain and Russia - allies against Hitler.
Guy Burgess: Born again. Born again! We're on the side of the angels. You do know what that means? We're double patriots!

"Cambridge Spies: Episode #1.2" (2003)
Kim Philby: Guy! Guy, our instructions are to avoid behaviour as though we are rabid Nazis. Too much noise is suspicious.
Guy Burgess: The Anglo-German Fellowship is discreet, diplomatic, careful, profoundly English

Kim Philby: Stalin is buying time. Stalin cares about one thing: Russia. What anyone else might feel about the principle of signing a treaty with Hitler is irrelevant.
Guy Burgess: Irrelevant! It's like the pope making friends with the devil because he knows the devil's got bigger bollocks.

Kim Philby: We're at war with Germany. Hitler and Stalin are technically allies, which means our position is different. We used to be simple traitors. Now we're traitors in war time, which means if we're caught it's a different game. We can be executed.
Anthony Blunt: You're worried about Guy and Donald?
Kim Philby: We stand or fall all together. If one of us goes, we all go.

"Cambridge Spies: Episode #1.4" (2003)
Kim Philby: Do you think it is possible to love two people at the same time?
Melinda Maclean: I think it is possible to *be* two people at the same time.

James Angleton: He's gone! Maclean's gone. Guy has gone too, hasn't he?
Kim Philby: I don't know. How'd I know?
James Angleton: No, of course. You're *only* friends.
Kim Philby: Yes. Only friends.