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Smurfette (Character)
from "The Smurfs" (1981)

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The Smurfs (2011)
[seeing New York City for the first time]
Smurfette: Oh... my... Smurf.

Smurfette: [to Grace] I never had a girlfriend before. I'll never forget you.

Smurfette: I kissed a Smurf, and liked it?

Smurfette: [shocked at seeing a stall of stuffed horses] OH! So that's where all the unicorns went...

Smurfette: [traps Azrael in a cage] You smurfed with the wrong girl!

Grace Winslow: High four.
Smurfette: High four.

Smurfette: Hey guys! How do you like my new dress?

Smurfette: [sees dolls' dresses] I can have more than one kind of dress? What?

Papa: I'm sorry, Master Winslow, but we badly need to borrow your stargazer.
Patrick Winslow: I don't have a stargazer, okay? It's not something people of this century just have, especially here.
Grouchy: Not happy.
Patrick Winslow: Now if you excuse me, I have to work.
Papa: Well, perhaps we can sing to help things along. And then we'll get the stargazer. Come along, Smurfs.
[La la la la la la Sing, a happy song La la la la la la Smurf the whole day long]
Patrick Winslow: Stop. Stop! Come on. None of you find that song just the tiniest bit annoying?
Grouchy: I find it annoying.
Papa: Well, what do you sing at work?
Patrick Winslow: I don't sing at work.
Smurfette: [gasps] What?
Gutsy: And you have to wear a leash. Harsh.
Smurfette: I know. How about if we hum?
[they begin humming the song]
Patrick Winslow: Please stop humming.

[seeing New York City for the first time]
Brainy: Wow! Palaces everywhere!
Grouchy: [sees someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty] Wow! A green goblin!
Smurfette: [sees someone dressed as Elmo] Wow! A red troll!
Gutsy: [sees a giant TV screen with Bar Rafaeli] Wow, look at that giant princess!

[Grace and Smurfette try to sneak past Gargamel, but Azrael pounces on Grace]
Grace Winslow: No no no no no!
Smurfette: You again! Get your paws off me!
Grace Winslow: You bad kitty!
[swipes Azrael away]
Smurfette: [runs off] I hate that cat!

"The Smurfs: No Smurf Is an Island/Don Smurfo (#6.5)" (1986)
Smurfette: Oh no, my new dress!
Jokey Smurf: [laughs] That was really funny, Smurfette!
[Continues laughing]
Greedy Smurf: Oh, what a terrible shame!
Smurfette: Well, at least Greedy understands...
Greedy Smurf: Oh, yes! It's a terrible shame because that is the last of the porridge.
[Licks the porridge that Clumsy Smurf accidentally spilled on Smurfette's dress]
Smurfette: Oooh, that smurfs it!
[Angrily walks away to the dining room's entrance, then speaks to the Smurfs inside]
Smurfette: You can all take a lesson in charm from Don Smurfo.

Brainy Smuf: Hey, Smurfette! Come and join us!
Smurfette: Sorry, Brainy. I'm just too busy with Don Smurfo.
Brainy Smuf: Well, what that Smurf got that I don't have?
Sassette Smurfling: Smurfette.

"The Smurfs: Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow (#5.9)" (1985)
Smurfette: Curtsy? That's no good! You haven't won anything!
Wartmonger peasant #1: Yeah, of course we did! Thanks to you, Smurfette, we don't have to bow anymore.
Wartmonger peasant #2: Whoa!
Wartmonger peasant #2: Oh, this is fun!
Smurfette: I don't believe it.
Wartmonger peasant #1: Neither do we. It's better if slower.
Wartmonger peasant #2: I agree! I agree!
Smurfette: Can we rescue the Smurflings now?
Wartmonger peasant #1: Rescue the Smurflings now?
Wartmonger peasant #2: Whoa! Sure I wouldn't like that.
Wartmonger peasant #1: You wouldn't want us to ruin our victory, would you?
Smurfette: Victory? Why you... you... ah... never mind! I'll rescue the Smurflings myself!
[Walks away in disgust]

Smurfette: Don't worry, Smurflings. At least Nat can tell the crocodiles that we mean them no harm.
Natural 'Nat' Smurf: Yeah, well, I don't know, Smurfette. I have a little trouble with snakes and frogs, and well, crocodiles...
Smurfette: Trouble?
Natural 'Nat' Smurf: Yeeeah! I do great with turtles though.
Smurfette: [Sees crocodiles] Those aren't turtles, Nat! Help!
Natural 'Nat' Smurf, Slouchy Smurf, Snappy Smurf, Sassette Smurfling: [Crying out in unison] Help!

"The Smurfs: Sideshow Smurfs (#1.11)" (1981)
Smurfette: Oh, go back to your poster, Bluster. We're just practicing our dancing.
[Moving her blond hair seductively]
Bluster: [Growls in boredom, then looks back to the poster]
Smurfette: [Speaking to Clumsy] Oh, it's no use, Clumsy. We'll never smurf
Smurfette: out of here.
Clumsy Smurf: Ah, yeah. Not that Bluster sure would be glad to see us go.
Smurfette: Clumsy, you just gave me an idea.
Clumsy Smurf: Ah... I, did?
Smurfette: You know, Clumsy, if we could escape, then Bluster will be the star of the show again.
Bluster: [Growling in agreement, then looks up to Smurfette]
Smurfette: But how could two, little, old Smurfs ever escape from this big, old, cage?
Clumsy Smurf: Oh, yeah! How?
Bluster: [Growling in agreement]
Smurfette: Ah... I guess we're stuck, and poor Bluster will never be a star.
Bluster: [Thinking for a momment and then opening the cage containing Clumsy and Smurfette]
Smurfette: Oh, Bluster! What a surprise! And we'll never tell, will we, Clumsy?
Clumsy Smurf: [Confused] Ah... tell what, Smurfette?
Bluster: [Growling expecting an answer from Smurfette]
Smurfette: Ah... nevermind, Clumsy. Come on!
[Jumps out of the cage. Clumsy follows her by doing the same]

"The Smurfs: Sleepwalking Smurfs/Smurf Me No Flowers (#2.31)" (1982)
Clumsy Smurf: Too bad this is Lazy's last party.
[His mouth shut by Smurfette's hand]
Lazy Smurf: "Last party"? What does he mean "last party"?
Smurfette: Eh... well, he means that...
Brainy Smurf: Clumsy, you talk too much and too loud just because Papa Smurf said that there was no cure for Lazy and he was going to smurf off in a few days is no reason to blab. And furthermore...
Brainy Smurf: [Kicked outside the Smurf Village and landing on his head] Leave it to Clumsy to spill the beans!

"The Smurfs: Smurf on Wood (#4.11)" (1984)
Smurfette: [Looking at her reflection in a lake] Oh, I wonder what will my new friend will be like.
[Gargamel appears in the water reflection and Smurfette cries out in shock]
Gargamel: Care to join me for dinner, Smurfette?
Smurfette: [Avoiding the net swungs by Gargamel and running away from him] Ga... Gargamel!
Gargamel: Come back here!
[Trips on a piece of wood and falls on his back]
Smurfette: [Running] I wanted to meet a friend, not a fiend!

"The Smurfs: Bananas Over Hefty/The Smurfs of the Round Table (#9.22)" (1989)
Hefty Smurf: Alloweth me Smurfette.
[Places a blanket on a mud hole for Smurfette to cross]
Smurfette: Why thank you Hefty...
[Screams as she falls into the mud hole with the blanket she stepped on. Only her head is shown. She then looks at Hefy with an angry face]
Hefty Smurf: [Looking at the television audience] I gotta sinking feeling that I'm not making many points with Smurfette.
Smurfette: [Looks at Hefty with an angry face] Aww... for now on, Hefty Smurf, your name is mud!

"The Smurfs: The Smurfy Verdict/Chlorhydris's Lost Love (#7.33)" (1987)
Brainy Smurf: Excellent! You captured the fugitive. Let's hurry back to the village so I can deliver the summation of my masterful case!
Smurfette, Snappy Smurf, Sassette Smurfling: This case is closed!
Brainy Smurf: [Kicked out into the forest] Ohh... some justice!

The Smurfic Games (1983) (TV)
Smurfette: Clumsy and I are going to form our own team.
Clumsy Smurf: We are? Gosh!
Jokey Smurf: [laughs] That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. You won't win a single event.
Smurfette: Maybe not, but we'll have a good time.
Clumsy Smurf: Ah, yeah!
Smurfette: After all, winning isn't everything.
Hefty Smurf: Are you kidding?
Hefty Smurf, Handy Smurf: [Looking at each other, nose-to-nose] It's the only thing!

"The Smurfs: To Coin a Smurf/Smurfette Unmade (#7.21)" (1987)
Papa Smurf: Smurfette, stop sniffling.
Smurfette: But poor Sassette... Oh I have been so selfish... I'll never forgive myself...!
Papa Smurf: [sighs] Try...

"The Smurfs: All That Glitters Isn't Smurf/Dreamy's Nightmare (#1.8)" (1981)
Smurfette: [Cries] Ooo... No... Noooo!
Gargamel: Yes, Yes!

"The Smurfs: Jokey's Cloak/Papa's Last Spell (#6.34)" (1986)
Brain Smurf: And last, but certainly not least, I like especially to thank my humble assistant and future wizard of the year Brainy Smurf.
[Speaks to Smurfette]
Brain Smurf: Well, what do you think of it?
Smurfette: [Seeings Gargamel from a distance] Oh, this is terrible!
Brain Smurf: Well, it may need a little work but, ah...
Smurfette: Not you, Brainy. Gargamel!
[Gargamel and Azrael come out of a bush with springs on their feet]

"The Smurfs: Once in a Blue Moon/All Creatures Great and Smurf (#3.1)" (1983)
Natural 'Nat' Smurf: Will not one of you help me free this poor beast from its suffering? Will not one of you allow yourselves to feel smurf for this poor, injured animal who cries out to you in pain?
Azrael: [Crying in pain]
Smurfette: [Crying] Oh boo-hoo! Oh poor Azrael...!

"The Smurfs: The Abominable Snowbeast/Gargamel, the Generous (#1.20)" (1981)
Gargamel: Oh you poor little things! Oh how terrible...! Here, here, I'll save you!
[Nets Smurfette and Vanity]
Smurfette: [Coughs] Ohh... Gargamel! You saved our lives...
Gargamel: Oh, tut, tut, tut! What are friends for.
[Puts Smurfette and Vanity down to the ground. Then looks at the audience]
Gargamel: Yuck!
Vanity Smurf: Bu... but Gargamel, you never were our friend before.
Smurfette: Yeah, you always be a mean, nasty, wicked, old wizard.
Gargamel: But I have seen the light, my days of miserable meaness are over. And you know, it feels so much nicer being nice. Eh... ehm, now why don't we all skip along to your village and tell Papa Diamond... eh... Papa Smurf the good news?