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Quotes for
Grizelda Brown (Character)
from Desperate Living (1977)

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Desperate Living (1977)
Peggy Gravel: Go ahead, feel her up! Just like you did to me! Find em, feel em, fuck em, forget em... is THAT your new motto?
Grizelda Brown: Zip that gaping hole of a mouth up, Peggy, before I plug it up with my fist.
Peggy Gravel: You're just like all the rest of the common dykes in this town!

Grizelda Brown: You better calm yourself down before I haul off and smack you upside your wide, wide head. We killed your husband. And I ain't your maid anymore bitch. I'm your sister in crime.
Peggy Gravel: Please, don't sit on me!

Grizelda Brown: I don't want no white man lookin' at my Tampax!