Georges-Jacques Danton
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Georges-Jacques Danton (Character)
from Danton (1983)

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Orphans of the Storm (1921)
Danton: Damned aristocrats! The people are going to stop that sort of thing!

Danton: With the People's government there will be no common man, no aristocrat, no rich nor poor - but all brothers - brothers - brothers.

Danton: Set free the victims of Tyranny!

Danton: I plead not for these alone - but against TYRANNY - HATRED - for MERCY - LOVE - that alone will save our suffering nation!

Reign of Terror (1949)
Danton: Citizens, open your eyes! Tomorrow it may be *you* standing here, accused! Condemned! Unheard!
Danton: [struggling, as soldiers lead him away] Beware, Robespierre! The blood of Danton will choke on your throat!

La révolution française (1989)
Camille Desmoulins: [Danton has just called Robespierre a eunuch] Well, how did it go?
Georges-Jacques Danton: I could have been more diplomatic.

Danton (1983)
Danton: Show my head to the people. It is worth seeing.