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Debbie Kelly (Character)
from "Hey Dad..!" (1987)

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"Hey Dad..!: The Firing Line (#1.5)" (1987)
Jenny Kelly: Dad, we're still out of baked beans.
Martin Kelly: Oh, don't worry, Jen. I'll buy some tomorrow.
Simon Kelly: Why does she always have to eat baked beans?
Debbie Kelly: Well, at least we always know where she is.

[Jenny has locked herself in the bathroom, upon hearing of Betty's firing]
Debbie Kelly: Dad, what are you going to do?
Martin Kelly: Well, Deborah, I think at a time like this, it's best to use some psychology.
Simon Kelly: Psychology?
Martin Kelly: Yes. What we might see as an act of defiance is really a statement of Jenny's individuality. And, we have to allow her to make her statement until she feels ready to rejoin the family unit.
Debbie Kelly: And then what?
Martin Kelly: And then I'm going to belt the hell out of her.

"Hey Dad..!: Home from the Hills (#1.3)" (1987)
[Martin hands money to Simon]
Debbie Kelly: Dad, I need some too. I've got an appointment at the hairdresser's.
[Martin exhales]
Martin Kelly: Dear.
[Martin hands money to Debbie]
Debbie Kelly: Dad, that's only seven dollars.
Martin Kelly: That's what it costs me for a haircut.
Simon Kelly: Yes, and that's what it looks like.

[Grandma has prepared steamed sea cucumber for breakfast]
Debbie Kelly: Looks like an extra-terrestrial, dad.
Martin Kelly: That's it! You've discovered the E.T. cucumber!
Simon Kelly: [Simon extends finger, in E.T. voice] Go home! Go home!

"Hey Dad..!: Just a Formality (#1.1)" (1987)
Betty Wilson: Oh goodness, look at the time! I must fly.
Martin Kelly: What's the rush, Betty?
Betty Wilson: Oh well, it's the auditions at the Musical Society, if I can sing alright.
[clears throat]
Betty Wilson: I'm going for the part - in Sound of Music - of Maria.
Debbie Kelly: Which part?
Betty Wilson: All of her.