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Cassandra Mortmain (Character)
from I Capture the Castle (2003)

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I Capture the Castle (2003)
Cassandra: There is only one page left to write on. I will fill it with words of only one syllable. I love. I have loved. I will love.

Cassandra: This is a crisis Simon, not a treat.

Cassandra: I don't want to go through life like my mother, afraid that I'm not really loved, even if it meant I could go through life with you.

Cassandra: Still, better all that hurt than to have known no pain; learnt nothing.

Cassandra: I look a lot prettier when I'm not standing next to Rose.

Simon: You always were wise beyond your years.
Cassandra: No I wasn't. I used to be consciously naive.

Cassandra: But dreams are like a drug: the magic doesn't last and then the pain is worse than knives.

Cassandra: I said I would never fall in love; I said love was a murderous thing; And it is, and I'm floating on air.

Cassandra: No towel in the world is worth marrying a bearded man you hate.

Cassandra: Father. 'Jacob Wrestling' was a wonderful, groundbreaking book. There was never going to be a sequel overnight!
James Mortmain: Meaning?
Cassandra: Meaning, it will come!
James Mortmain: How old are you?
Cassandra: Seventeen.
James Mortmain: And you still believe in fairy tales.

Cassandra: I have put my own father back in prison.

Cassandra: Is that all you think you're worth?
Topaz Mortmain: It's what I have to make my mark.
Cassandra: You've made your mark with us! Thomas. And Rose. And me.
Topaz Mortmain: But I'm not your mother.

[first lines]
Cassandra: I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.

Cassandra: Can you smell bluebells?
Rose: I can smell heaven.

Cassandra: [about Simon] You don't love him, do you?
Rose: No. I don't think I do. Shame really.
Cassandra: Well... do you want me to tell him?
Rose: Tell him what? I'm still going to marry him.
Cassandra: That's a wicked, wicked thing to do!

Rose: You can't leave now! What am I going to tell people?
Cassandra: You're already living a lie, Rose. Tell them what the bloody hell you like. And then go home and count your peach coloured towels.

Stephen Colley: [on being kept by an older woman] She takes care of me, you know. With clothes and that. Besides, I don't *mind* the other part of it. It's like acting in a movie.
Cassandra: Only how do you know when you're acting and when you're not?

Cassandra: I used to be consciously naive.