Ray Nicolette
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Ray Nicolette (Character)
from Jackie Brown (1997)

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Jackie Brown (1997)
[Ray Nicolet and Jackie Brown are discussing Ordell Robbi's business]
Jackie Brown: He sells guns.
Ray Nicolet: You ever see him sell guns?
Jackie Brown: No.
Ray Nicolet: Then how do you know he sells guns?
Jackie Brown: He told me. Besides, why else would an ATF man be after him?

Ray Nicolet: You've no idea what happened to the 50,000 dollars. You're clueless about the money, right? You've no idea about the 50 grants.
Jackie Brown: I have no idea.
Ray Nicolet: Not... You've no idea? You don't know?
Jackie Brown: Nuthin', no.
Ray Nicolet: Could have gone here? Could have gone there?
Jackie Brown: No, no. I don't know.
Ray Nicolet: You don't know? No clue? You're clueless.
Jackie Brown: I know nothin. Not a clue!
Ray Nicolet: No idea?
Jackie Brown: I don't have an idea where the mothafuckin' money is.
Ray Nicolet: Not even a little idea? Maybe?
Jackie Brown: Not even... Not even a little tiny motherfucking idea.

Out of Sight (1998)
Marshall Sisco: Yeah, so I read in the paper that this guy escapes from jail, ends up at this guy's wife's house and she lets him in. So he tells her his story and she feels, sorry for him, and they sleep together.
Ray Nicolet: Yeah.
Marshall Sisco: Yeah, so I guess that's how you score these days.

[Ray is wearing an "FBI" t-shirt]
Marshall Sisco: Hey Ray, do you ever wear one that says "undercover"?
Ray Nicolet: [pause] No.