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Lisa (Character)
from Wicker Park (2004)

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Wicker Park (2004)
[Matthew meets Lisa for the first time and attempts to try a shoe fitting for her]
Matthew: [Matthew clears his throat] Could I help you with anything?
Lisa: Yes. Those shoes in the window. The black ones with the red sole. I'd like to try them on, please.
Matthew: The blacks and reds. Okay. Well, I'll just go in the back and get them for you. That's where we keep them, in the back, so... I'll be right back.
Luke: Uh, Matty. Maybe you'd like to ask the lady what size shoe she wears.
Matthew: Right.
Lisa: 8 1/2.
Matthew: Like Fellini.
Lisa: Right.
Matthew: I mean his movie, not his shoe size. I don't know his shoe size, obviously.
[Matthew blushes as she stares at him]
Matthew: 8 1/2.
Matthew: [Matthew rushes into the back of the shoe store] Shit.
Luke: What was that?
Matthew: Fellini! What the hell was I thinking.
Luke: I have no idea. But you were right about one thing. God, she is beautiful. And you, my man, are an idiot. All right, look. Here's the thing, all right? You've obviously blown it, she obviously hates you. So you stay right here and let the man take a shot.
Matthew: Shut up. Give me the shoes.
Luke: All right. Go. Just remember... you're not funny.
Matthew: [Matthew gathers himself in deep breaths and walks back to Lisa] Here we go. Black and red.
[Matthew nervously slides one shoe onto Lisa's foot as she smiles down at him, then she looks at herself in the mirror]
Matthew: What do you think?
Lisa: They're too big.

[Lisa confronts Matthew about spying on her in the shoe store]
Lisa: Do you normally spy on people?
Matthew: What?
Lisa: Are you really gonna tell me that you're a huge fan of modern dance?
Matthew: Look, I've never done anything like that before. Honestly, could you let me take you out for a cup of coffee and explain.
Lisa: [chuckles] I don't think so.
Matthew: I'll stay on my side of the table. I promise.
Lisa: Just call me when the shoes come in, okay?
Matthew: Listen, I'm not what you think I am, okay?
[Lisa smiles at Matthew on her way out the front door]
Matthew: Shit.
Lisa: [Matthew notices that she wrote a message on the shoebox instead of leaving her phone number for the shoes] Tomorrow night. 6:00. Cafe Tangiers on Kinzie. Now you won't have to follow me.

[Matthew and Lisa talk while strolling the snowy sidewalk of their first date]
Lisa: Well, my parents eventually split up, and my mother moved back to Prague. But my dad's still here. He lives in California.
Matthew: I wish I was in California right now.
Lisa: So, why did you want to become a photographer.
Matthew: Fish.
Lisa: Fish.
Matthew: Tropical fish, actually. When I was a kid, I use to go to the library and pick out all the books with tropical fish, you know. Beautiful colors and shapes. When I was 8 years old, I realized someone had to take pictures of the fish, I wanted that to be me. But I grew up and then I realized that things don't have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. The ordinary could be just as beautiful.
Lisa: Like what?
Matthew: Well... Like, you see the couple there? Look at the way the girl is holding on to him so tight. But he can still drink his coffee, you know. It looks like she feels safe wrapping around him. And if you believe that, I'll tell you another one.
Lisa: Take my picture. I feel beautiful tonight.
[laughs, the two hold hands and continue to stroll]
Lisa: [We see Matthew drive Lisa back to her apartment building to drop her off, the two kiss]
Lisa: Bye.
[Matthew is too nervous to say it back]
Matthew: [Lisa waves at him in his car from the steps] Bye.
[Matthew drives forward, slams his breaks, and drives in reverse slamming on his breaks]
Matthew: [Matthew rushes up the stairs to her apartment door] Hi.
Lisa: Hi.
[Lisa pulls him into the room and the two continue to make out]

[Alex films Lisa with her new video camera]
Lisa: Come on, let me film you.
Alex: No, you first.
Lisa: Come on, Alex. Are you shy? You can't be shy if you wanna be an actress.
Lisa: [Lisa holds up a book] Here.
Alex: Shakespeare.
Lisa: [Lisa continues to hold the book up to Alex and the camera] This is your big break.
Alex: That's Shakespeare. I can't do that. That's too hard.
Lisa: [Lisa begins to quote Shakespeare at the camera] Haply, when I shall wed. That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry half my love with him, half my care and duty. Surely I shall never marry like my sisters to love my father all.
[Alex begins to grows jealous of Lisa's natural acting ability]
Lisa: So true, my lord. In life... Ah! I blew it. I'm sorry. That was bad.
Alex: No, that was amazing.
Lisa: [Lisa tells Alex through the camera] You know, the thing with acting is, Alex, you just have to commit. Otherwise, you're just a phony.

[Lisa calls Luke's phone number that Matthew left with the bartender for her]
Luke: Hello?
Lisa: Hi, ummm... may I speak to Matthew, please?
Luke: Who is this?
Lisa: Um, this is Lisa? I'm a friend of his. I'm calling about my compact. I think he might have found it.
Luke: Uh, which Lisa is this?
Lisa: Pardon me?
Luke: [Luke grabs his head at how dumb of a question that sounded] Uh, I'll tell you what. He's actually supposed to be here in a couple of minutes.
Matthew: [At the same time, the camera goes to Alex calling Matthew so that he doesn't leave to go to Luke's home] Hello?
Alex: Hello!
Matthew: Hi.
Alex: Hi. I'm sorry I didn't come back. My, um... Double shift turned into a triple, and I just couldn't get away.
Matthew: It's okay. Don't worry about it.
Alex: Are you mad?
Matthew: No. Not at all. I had a great time. Where are you?
Alex: Well, I'm still at work but, um, I'm just leaving now, so why don't you wait?
Matthew: Yeah, I'll wait.
Alex: Okay, great. I'll see you soon.
[Matthew hangs up knowing something is strangely wrong]
Luke: [the camera goes back to Luke and Lisa on the phone] Let me, uh... Let me grab your phone number, and I will have him call you when he gets in.
Lisa: Um, you know, actually, could you just tell him to meet me at 3:00? He'd know where. Um, I'll be waiting for him.
Luke: 3:00. Okay.
[someone knocks at Luke's front door]
Luke: You know what, it can't be him already, but I'm expecting him. And someone's at my front door, so maybe it is him. So hold on one second.
[Lisa has a flashback of the last time she saw Matthew and when he asked her to move in with him]
Luke: Yeah, I'm sorry. It wasn't him, it was someone else. But I promise I will give him your message. Okay?
Lisa: Oh. Okay. Thank you.
[Lisa hangs up praying with tears in her eyes that she hasn't lost Matthew entirely]

[Alex finally tells Matthew the truth]
Matthew: You knew she was here the whole time?
Alex: [Alex reaches into her bag and grabs the envelop she was suppose to give to Matthew two years earlier] This belongs to you. It's from her.
Lisa: [Lisa's words in the letter] Matt, please don't think that I'm running away from you. I was so overwhelmed when you asked me to move in, I couldn't speak. My answer, of course, is yes. I love you, and can't wait to come home.
Alex: [Alex in tears] I'm not going to apologize for what I've done. This is for me to live with now. Now you see me for who I am.
Matthew: Yes, I do.