Congo Bill
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Congo Bill (Character)
from Congo Bill (1948)

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Congo Bill (1948)
Congo Bill: Mr. Bocar, what's your business - besides attempted murder?

Congo Bill: You're Ruth Culver. Across this valley, beyond the great sea, in a land we like to call civilization, there are two valuable things which belong to you.
Lureen: Why are they valuable?
Congo Bill: They represent wealth - the finest there is. A half million dollars in trust which is being held for you.
Lureen: What use is there in such wealth in this valley? We have everything we need.
Congo Bill: There is also a great business which is yours - a business in which many people are active... and many jungle animals.
Lureen: We have such animals here and the people of my tribe are active, too.
Congo Bill: You have a good point there.

[Zalea has discovered Congo Bill searching Kleeg's desk]
Zalea: Is this an American game?
Congo Bill: Well, what are you going to do about it?
Zalea: I could call for help.
Congo Bill: But you don't think you need to, huh?
Zalea: I'm sure it's something you and I could handle.

Congo Bill: I think we have nothing else to discuss.
Zalea: We have this...
[Zalea pulls out a pistol and points it at Congo Bill]
Congo Bill: Well, lady, you have quite an argument there.

[Kleeg and a henchman drag Congo Bill into his torture chamber]
Congo Bill: This is quite a playroom.
Kleeg: We use it to entertain our special guests. We have a very unusual program for those caught stealing.