Cherry Darling
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Cherry Darling (Character)
from Planet Terror (2007)

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Planet Terror (2007)
[repeated line]
Cherry Darling: I was going to be a stand-up comedian.

J.T. Hague: Hey, hey. You want some barbeque? Best in Texas.
Cherry Darling: Oh, no thanks.
J.T. Hague: What's the matter? You don't eat meat?
Cherry Darling: Oh, I eat meat. I also eat lots of shit.
Cherry Darling: See that?
J.T. Hague: What's that?
Cherry Darling: Shit-eating grin.
J.T. Hague: [laughs] You ought to be a comedian.
Cherry Darling: What do you think of the leg?
J.T. Hague: [laughs] Sure is funny.

El Wray: Did you find what was in the pocket?
Cherry Darling: Fuck no.
El Wray: Look for it.
[Cherry searches through one pocket]
El Wray: No, the other one.
[Cherry searches through the other pocket and takes out a box with a ring inside it]
El Wray: I was gonna give it to you, but you left me. 'Cuz you took the jacket...
Cherry Darling: [saying it at the same time as El Wray] ... and I looked for it for two weeks.
El Wray: Read it.
Cherry Darling: Two against the world.
El Wray: Remember that?
Cherry Darling: I never forgot it.

Cherry Darling: I'm Cherry.
Dr. Dakota Block: You sure are.

Tammy: Are you okay?
Cherry Darling: I'm just Cherry!

El Wray: So what are you going to do now?
Cherry Darling: I'm going to be a stand-up comedian.
El Wray: You're not funny.
Cherry Darling: That's what I keep trying to tell everybody but they all say I'm hilarious.
El Wray: But you're not.
Cherry Darling: There's a difference between being frank... and being dick.

Cherry Darling: Name's Cherry Darling...
El Wray: Sounds like a stripper name.
Cherry Darling: No, it sounds like a go-go dancer name. There's a difference.

El Wray: I like the way you say 'fuck'.
Cherry Darling: Good. Fuck you.

El Wray: Get up. We're leaving.
Cherry Darling: I can't walk.
El Wray: So what? Get up!
Cherry Darling: Motherfucker! Look at me!
[removes blanket to reveal her missing leg]
Cherry Darling: Look at me! I was gonna be a stand-up comedian! Who's gonna laugh now?
El Wray: Some of the best jokes are about cripples. Let's go.
Cherry Darling: It's not funny. I'm pathetic.
El Wray: Would you stop crying over fucking spilt milk?
Cherry Darling: I have no leg!
[looking frustrated, El Wray rips off a wooden table leg and shoves it in Cherry's stump]
El Wray: Now you do. What do you think?

Cherry Darling: You could carry me, Wray.
El Wray: You never wanted that before. Why start now?

Cherry Darling: [her wooden leg is stuck in the truck door] My leg's stuck. Pull over.
El Wray: It's just wood.
Cherry Darling: It's splintering!
El Wray: Would you just leave it alone?
Cherry Darling: Why do you have to be so mean?
El Wray: Just, just do me a favor, alright? Stay strong.
Cherry Darling: Stay?
El Wray: Yeah, baby. Stay.

El Wray: [dying] Go. Leave me.
Cherry Darling: I am not leaving you here like this. Motherfuckers around here eat road kill.
[El Wray laughs]
Cherry Darling: See? I'm funny. I made you laugh.
El Wray: Go to the ocean. Put your backs to it and protect yourselves there.
Cherry Darling: I'm not leaving you, Wray. Two against the world.
El Wray: It will be. I promise.
[touches her stomach]
El Wray: I never miss.

Cherry Darling: I broke my leg.
El Wray: That's okay,
[pulls her broken wooden leg off]
El Wray: I made you something.
[installs the Machine Gun leg]
El Wray: I DO believe in you, always have. I believe you could be better. You deserve better, even better than me. Right now, I need you to become who you were meant to be. Stand!

Cherry Darling: [astonished that Dakota has shot The Rapist with a syringe] Where'd you learn to do THAT?
Dr. Dakota Block: Useless Talent #37.

The Rapist: [muffled under the mask] Do you like Ava Gardner?
Cherry Darling: Sorry?
The Rapist: [removes his mask] Ava Gardner, do you like her?
Cherry Darling: Yeah, I guess...
The Rapist: I was just thinking that you, uh, kinda look like Ava Gardner a little bit.
[pulls out his pistol]
The Rapist: You know what this is?
Cherry Darling: A gun...
The Rapist: It's simplicity itself: you see, you point it at what you wanta die, and you pull the little trigger here, and a little bullet comes outta here, and the little bullet hits you
[taps her between the eyes]
The Rapist: right there! And you know what? You don't look like Ava Gardner no more.

Cherry Darling: You're a doctor?
Dr. Dakota Block: Hmm. I was earlier tonight.
Cherry Darling: I always wanted to be a doctor, instead, I can do this.
[Cherry arches her body up in a bridge position]
Cherry Darling: Useless talent number 66. I'm very pliable.
Dr. Dakota Block: You know, my girlfriend had a theory. She said at some point in your life, you find a use for every useless talent you ever had. It's like connecting the dots.
Cherry Darling: I'm not that optimistic. I feel like I'm sinking down a drain and I can't get out.
Dr. Dakota Block: She'd say, "when you're stuck in that spiral, you reach up".
Cherry Darling: What if there's nothing up there?
Dr. Dakota Block: Just reach up.

Cherry Darling: [after seeing Abby get his head blown off] I don't suppose anyone else here is a bio-chemical engineer?
El Wray: [no one replies] I'll take that as a "no."

Cherry Darling: Look, you were being an unbelievable dick. I was walking out on you. I was cold, I took your fucking jacket. So, if you're go on one of your psycho, obsessive, controlling rants about a fucking jacket, then fucking take it 'cause I'd rather fucking freeze than fucking hear about it one more time!

The Rapist: You're a dancer?
Cherry Darling: I was earlier tonight.
The Rapist: [grabs Cherry by her hair] Well, I'm pulling you out of retirement!

[last lines]
Cherry Darling: It's beautiful. *She's* beautiful. I wish you could see us, us two. It's like you said it would be. Two against the world, baby. Two against the world.

Grindhouse (2007)
Pam: Take a picture, it lasts longer.
Stuntman Mike: What?
Pam: That table. Seems to keep them getting your attention.
Stuntman Mike: Is that the girl from the billboard outside?
Pam: Yup.
Stuntman Mike: She sure is a striking looking woman. Look at that hair.
Pam: Lots of leave-in conditioner.
Stuntman Mike: Is that jealousy I detect?
Pam: Hardly. But if you wanna get with Jungle Julia, there's a real easy way to do that.
Stuntman Mike: Yeah? And what would that be?
Pam: Get famous. You won't have to find her, she'll find you. And you don't even wanna know what she did for that billboard. Enjoy it cocksucker, you've earned it.
Stuntman Mike: What did she ever do to you?
Pam: We went to school together, from kindergarten to high school, that's what she did to me. She was her height right now at twelve. She was a monster! Half the guy she still fucks from the old class she used to beat up and terrorize in the fifth grade.
Stuntman Mike: And I see she used to beat you up and take your chocolate milk.
Pam: That pituitary case might've kicked my ass a couple of times... Sorry, I'm built like a girl and not a black man, but I'd die before I ever gave Julia Lucai my chocolate milk.

Pam: Hey Warren, is there anybody in this place you could vouch for to give me a ride home?
Stuntman Mike: [tosses keys across table in front of Pam] Fair lady, your chariot awaits.
Pam: You've been eavesdropping?
Stuntman Mike: [chuckles] Eavesdropping and can't help but hear, I think I belong in the latter category.
Pam: So, uh, "icy hot", you're offering me a ride home?
Stuntman Mike: I'm offerin' you a lift, if, when I'm ready to leave, you are too.
Pam: And when are you thinking about leaving?
Stuntman Mike: Truthfully, I'm not thinkin' about it. But when I do, you will be the first to know.
Pam: Will you be able to drive later?
Stuntman Mike: I know looks can be deceiving, but I'm a teetotaler. I've been drinking club soda and lime all night, and now I'm buildin up to my big drink.
Pam: Which is what?
Stuntman Mike: Virgin Pina Colada.
Pam: [pause] Okay. Why would someone who doesn't drink spend hours at a bar, drinking water?
Stuntman Mike: You know, a bar offers all kinds of things other than alcohol.
Pam: Hmm, really. Like what?
Stuntman Mike: [pause] Women. Nacho Grande platters. The fellowship of some fascinating individuals, like Warren here.
Pam: Fair enough. So what's your name, icy?
Stuntman Mike: Stuntman Mike.
Pam: [pause] "Stuntman Mike's" your name?
Stuntman Mike: You can ask anybody.
Pam: Hey Warren, who is this guy?
Warren: Stuntman Mike.
Pam: And who the hell is Stuntman Mike?
Warren: He's a stuntman.

Pam: So what's your name icy?
Stuntman Mike: Stuntman Mike.
Pam: Stuntman Mike's your name.
Stuntman Mike: You ask anybody.
Pam: Hey Warren, Who is this guy?
Warren: Stuntman Mike.
Pam: And who the hell is Stuntman Mike?
Warren: He's a Stuntman.

Stuntman Mike: Well Pam, which way you goin' left or right?
Pam: Right.
Stuntman Mike: Aww, that's too bad.
Pam: Why?
Stuntman Mike: Well, because there was a fifty-fifty shot on whether you'd be going left. You see, we're both going left. You could have just as easily been going left too and if that was the case, it would have been awhile before you started getting scared. But since you're going the other way, I'm afraid you're gonna have to start getting scared... immediately!

Pam: So how exactly does one become a stuntman?
Stuntman Mike: Well, in Hollywood, anyone fool enough to throw themselves down a flight of stairs can usually find someone to pay them for it. But really, I got into the business the way most people get into the stunt business.
Pam: How's that?
Stuntman Mike: My brother got me in it.
Pam: Who's your brother?
Stuntman Mike: Stuntman Bob.

Stuntman Mike: How do you think they accomplish that?
Pam: CGI?
Stuntman Mike: Well, nowadays unfortunately you're right more often than not. But back in the all or nothing days, the Vanishing Point days, the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry days, the White Line Fever days, they had real cars crashing into real cars and real dumb people driving em.

Pam: [Stuck in Stuntman Mike's car] If you just stop right now, you know, and, and let me out, I'll never tell anybody...
Stuntman Mike: Hey, Pam, remember when I said this car was death proof? Well, that wasn't a lie. This car is a hundred percent death proof. Only to get the benefit of it, honey, you REALLY need to be sitting in my seat.
[slams his foot onto the brake and sends Pam flying face-first into his dashboard]

Pam: Is that cowboy wisdom?
Stuntman Mike: I'm not a cowboy, Pam. I'm a stuntman.