Dana Cruz
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Dana Cruz (Character)
from "Zoey 101" (2005)

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"Zoey 101: Spring Fling (#1.9)" (2005)
[the kids are watching a boring documentary on TV]
Nicole Bristow: Okay. why are we watching this?
Michael Barret: I hate grass.
Dana Cruz: Yeah well, change the channel.
Chase Matthews: On it.
[Chase uses the remote control, but it's not working]
Michael Barret: Make it stop.
Chase Matthews: I'm trying. The remote's not working.
Nicole Bristow: Ooh, my grandfather said that when he was a kid, he would just walk up to the TV and change the channel by turning a dial or something.
Chase Matthews: So I have to get up?
Dana Cruz: Just do it.
[Chase does and tries to find another way to change the channel, but admits... ]
Chase Matthews: I see no dial.
Nicole Bristow: [shocked] Paw-Paw lied to me?

Dustin Brooks: Zoey!
Zoey Brooks: Hey, Kiddo.
Dustin Brooks: Is it true?
Zoey Brooks: What?
Dustin Brooks: That you're going to get Drake Bell to perform at Spring Fling?
Dana Cruz: Sorry, kid. Drake's not coming.
Dustin Brooks: How come?
Nicole Bristow: His manager wants 5,000 bucks.
Dustin Brooks: So, get it.
Dana Cruz: [sarcastically] Sure, we can just go but it at the 5,000 dollar store.

"Zoey 101: Jet-X (#1.6)" (2005)
Dana Cruz: [looking at Zoey's clothing designs] Cool, but how do we buy these clothes?
Nicole Bristow: How do we buy these boobs?