Jim Morrison
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Jim Morrison (Character)
from The Doors (1991)

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The Doors (1991)
Jim Morrison: You're all a bunch of fuckin' slaves! How much longer are you gonna let them push you around?

Jim Morrison: Hatred is a very underestimated emotion.

Jim Morrison: Where's your will to be weird?

Jim Morrison: I was stoned. It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time.

Jim Morrison: I believe in a long prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown... Although I live in the subconscious, our pale reason hides the infinite from us.

Pamela Courson: You actually put your dick in this woman?
Jim Morrison: Well... sometimes, yeah.

John Densmore: I don't know if I want to take acid.
Jim Morrison: Relax, it's peyote.

Jim Morrison: Actually, I don't remember being born. It must have happened during one of my blackouts.

Jim Morrison: This is the strangest life I've ever known.

Jim Morrison: Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.

Pamela Courson: You killed my duck!
Jim Morrison: I killed your duck?
[stomps on the duck]
Jim Morrison: And I'm still killing your fucking duck. There! Murder! Death! Duck! Dead! Death fucking dead! There, the duck is dead!

Jim Morrison: Let's plan a murder or start a religion.

Jim Morrison: Love, death, travel, revolt, chaos.

Jim Morrison: I love fame, I *do* love fame!

Jim Morrison: I'm a fake hero.

Jim Morrison: They don't want me - they want my *death*!

Jim Morrison: I'm the poet and you're my muse.

Jim Morrison: Have you ever eaten human flesh?

Jim Morrison: What's wrong with being a large mammal?

Interviewer: Do you believe in drugs?
Jim Morrison: I believe in excess...

Jim Morrison: We're gonna fuck death away!

Jim Morrison: Come on, let's get some tacos.

Jim Morrison: [quoted in Jim Morrison's film class project] Nietzsche said, "All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity."

Jim Morrison: Teenage death girls want my dick not my words.

Jim Morrison: [stands up] I'm lying, I *am* afraid.
[Jim turns around and walks away]
Pamela Courson: [calling after him] Jim! Don't go away! Come dance with me!

Jim Morrison: I think I'm having a nervous breakdown.

Robby Krieger: I'm afraid of my father. I can't be what they want me to be.
Jim Morrison: Maybe you should kill your father.

Jim Morrison: I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

Jim Morrison: Adolf Hitler is alive and well and living in Miami! I fucked her last night!

[during their peyote trip in the desert]
Jim Morrison: Close your eyes. We'll see the snake; see the serpent appear. His head is ten feet long and five feet wide. He has one red eye and one green eye. He's seven miles long. Deadly. I see all the history of the world on his scales, all people, all actions. We're all just little pictures on his scales. God, he's big, he's moving, devouring consciousness, digesting power. Monster of energy. It's a monster. We're going to kiss the snake on the tongue. Kiss the serpent. But if it senses fear, it'll eat us instantly. But if we kiss it without fear, it'll take us through the garden, through the gate, to the other side. Ride the snake... until the end of time.
John Densmore: I think I'm fucked up, man. I'm not thinking right.
[Jim tilts his head back and laughs lazily]
John Densmore: Look at your eyes, man... your death.

Jim Morrison: Father, "yes son", I want to kill you.
Jim Morrison: Mother. I want to fuck you.

Jim Morrison: I am the Lizard King. I can do anything.

Interviewer: Name, occupation?
Pamela: Pamela Morrison, ornament.
Interviewer: Name, occupation?
Robby Krieger: Robby Krieger, guitar player.
Interviewer: Name, occupation?
John: John Densmore, percussionist, 23 years old. Far out, man!
Interviewer: Name, occupation?
Ray Manzarek: Raymond Daniel Manzarek, born February 12th 1939, musician, organist.
Interviewer: Name, occupation?
Jim Morrison: Uh, Jim.

Jim Morrison: [first lines; Jim has just climbed a tree to Pam's room] Hi.
Pamela: Hi.
Pamela: Don't you believe in doors?
Jim Morrison: A waste of time.

Wayne's World 2 (1993)
Jim: Hey Wayne, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine: Sammy Davis, Jr.
Wayne: Wow, nice to meet you, Mr. Junior.

Wayne: Excuse me, what are you guys doing here in the middle of the street?
Chicken-man: Well, I'm putting these chickens in crates, and stacking them right here. Jim's job is to make sure we always have plenty of watermelons.
Wayne: Oh, so you're selling watermelons.
Jim: No, no sir. We just have to make sure we have plenty of them stacked at all times, just like with these here chickens.
Garth: What do these guys do?
Chicken-man: Well, their job is to walk back and forth with this big plate-glass window every couple of minutes.
Garth: Weird.
Wayne: Yeah, you've got to wonder if this is gonna pay off later on.

Wayne: Who are you?
Jim: I'm Jim Morrison.
Wayne: And who's he?
Jim: A weird naked indian.

Wayne: Jim, why was I supposed to put on this concert?
Jim: Because you had to learn that it doesn't matter what you do, Cassandra loves you for who you are and that, being an adult means facing resposibility yet still taking the time to have fun.
Wayne: Right, its like coming home on Friday night and doing your homework right away so that your Saturday night is free to just party.
Jim: No I like the way I said it better.
Wayne: OK.

Jim: Ask me a question.
Wayne: Okay, two trains are coming at each other at sixty miles an hour, one from Chicago, one from Los Angeles.
Jim: [cutting him off] No, ask me a question about your life.

Down on Us (1989)
Jim Morrison: You don't wanna change the world, do you, honey? You just wanna make love.

Jim Morrison: I look for rainbows, and all I see is pig blue.