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Dr. Philliam "Phil" Benedict (Character)
from Recess: School's Out (2001)

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Recess: School's Out (2001)
Benedict: All those years, I still thought about you. How you embarrassed me! How you humiliated me! How you destroyed my relationship with Muriel Finster, the only woman I ever loved!
TJ: That part still grosses me out, sir.
Principal Prickly: Shh.

Benedict: Same old noble Pete. Always standing up for the rights of children.
TJ: [to Prickly] You?

Benedict: Oh, come now, Pete. There's no need to be rude. Not after I've instructed my men to provide you with special care.
Principal Prickly: Special care? That's what you call gagging me, tying me up, and taking away my pants?

Benedict: [Flashback to 1968] Be cool, people. Be cool.
Female Protester: We'll be cool when you give our kids their recess back!
Benedict: Hey, baby, I can do what I want! I'm the Principal of the school! And there's nothing anybody can do about it! Dig?

Benedict: It started at 3rd street, it will END at 3rd street.

Benedict: Look, Pete, the 60s are over. All that peace and love and freedom stuff, yeah it was great for picking up chicks, but it's not gonna help my career. To do that, I gotta make test scores go up. And to make test scores go up, I gotta keep kids in class where they belong. That's why tomorrow I am tuning out recess once and for all.
Principal Prickly: [voiceover] Needless to say Philliam's plan didn't go over like he planned.

Benedict: [in 1968] Pull up a bag, bro, I wanna rap.
Principal Prickly: Lay it on me, man.
Benedict: You see, Pete, I've been thinking, we're a new generation of teachers, right? It's time we shook things up a little.
Principal Prickly: I hear you brother, in fact, dig this. I was meditating to that new Ravi Shankar album last night when I got this righteous notion. WHat if we hold all our classes outside on the playground? Imagine, school, recess, no boundaries.
Benedict: Hey baby that's a hip idea but Pete I got a better thought here. As my first official act as principal, I've decided to get rid of recess.
Principal Prickly: What? No recess? But Phil! For a kid, recess is like a major play-in, it's the one time of day they have any freedom.

Mikey Blumberg: [while the gang is spying on Benedict] Uh, TJ? I got that feeling, again...
TJ: Suck it in, big guy!
[Mikey lets out a loud belch that echoes through the school]
Benedict: ...Somebody better say "Excuse me."