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Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure (2003)
Mortadelo: Don't thank me, Chief. Just give me a Christmas bonus.
Filemón Pí: Didn't I send you a turkey last year?
Mortadelo: Sure. 1/4 pound of sliced spam.

Mortadelo: What a drag, isn't it?
Filemón Pí: It's the Super, Mortadelo. He probably wants to tell us something.
Mortadelo: What could he want so early, Chief?
Amena (voice): This is AT & T free information service. Go to T.I.A.G.H.Q. if you want to keep your nuts intact.
Filemón Pí: But he wanted us at 6 A.M., i.e. After Midday, and it's only 11 in the morning! For God's sake!

Ofelia: What are you doing?
Filemón Pí: Deciding who's taking you out to dinner, Ofelia.
Ofelia: Don't cry, Mr. Filemón. You can take me out some other time.
Mortadelo: No, that's why he's crying. The loser takes the cow out to pasture.

Filemón Pí: I'm available, darling.
La Amiga de Mentxu la madre de Filemón: With that mug, I'm not surprised.

Mortadelo: Forget it, Chief. It's not the end of the world.
Filemón Pí: Dead weight, Mortadelo. The Super called me dead weight!
Mortadelo: Look on the bright side. If he said you're dead weight, he probably meant that you're a heavyweight... a burden... a dead weight...