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Quotes for
Baron Bomburst (Character)
from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
Baron Bomburst: [very frustrated] Dolls? Dolls? I have hundreds of dolls! Oh, no dolls.
Toymaker: But-but this is not just an ordinary doll, Your Excellency.
[winds the music box. scooting away]
Toymaker: You see?

Baron Bomburst: [talking over a comical-looking gramophone-style "morning-glory horn" loudspeaker that he lowers down to Grandpa Potts on a long scissor-link extension arm] Good morning. Thiz is your captain speaking. We hope you had a pleasant trip. In a few moments we will be landing in Vulgaria.
Grandpa: Where?
Baron Bomburst: Vul-GARE-ee-ah.
Grandpa: Oh.
Baron Bomburst: So, please fasten your seatbelt, and no smoking. Thank you!
[starts to raise the speaker back up again]
Grandpa: Thank YOU.
Baron Bomburst: [obligingly lowering the loudspeaker again] You're welcome!

Baron Bomburst: [a volice over the portable radio transmitter] Jawohl?
First Spy: This is "X" speaking.
[faint squealing static]
Baron Bomburst: Shrecks?
First Spy: "X"!
Baron Bomburst: Lex?
First Spy: [becoming pompously frustrated that his own accomplice can't remember/understand who he is] EX! As in...
[feverishly tries to think of a suitable word to use as an example of pronunciation]
Second Spy: [hastily offering a helpful suggestion] Eggs and bacon.
First Spy: [nodding in agreement] Eggs and BAY-KUHN! Send transport immediately!

Baron Bomburst: Oh, I haven't seen a good drowning in years.