Professor Calculus
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Professor Calculus (Character)
from "The Adventures of Tintin" (1991)

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"The Adventures of Tintin: Destination Moon: Part 2 (#3.10)" (1992)
Captain Haddock: Realize? Realize? I realize I've had enough of being a guinea pig! I've had enough, you understand? I'm going home, and you can go on acting the goat here as long as you like.
Professor Calculus: [loses it] What? I'm acting the goat? Ac-ting the goat? This, this... YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY SUCH A THING! You, you, you! Follow me! I'll show you just how I act the goat, come along! Ooooohhh I'm acting the goat!

Professor Calculus: [to the security guards] Be gone you worms! Out of my sight! I'm acting the goat!

Professor Calculus: The laboratories, the atomic pile, team of experts working day and night, that's all acting the goat, eh? Slaving for 2 months nonstop, working myself to the bone!

Tintin: [Calculus is driving maniacally up a mountain road] He's driving like an expert!
Professor Calculus: [sharply] Well I'm doing very well for a goat, aren't I? One of these days I'll have to try for a license!

Professor Calculus: [storming off in a jeep] Make way for the goat!