Allison Dubois
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Allison Dubois (Character)
from "Medium" (2005)

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"Medium: Better Off Dead (#3.9)" (2007)
MorganTurley: Fine! I'll tell you everything. Excuse yourself. Tell them you have to check on something. Tell them you'll be right back.
D.A. Manuel Devalos: What do you think, Allison?
Allison Dubois: Maybe. Excuse me, I have to check on something. I'll be right back.

Allison Dubois: Don't you want justice for yourself, Mr. Turley?
MorganTurley: No, I'm over it.
Allison Dubois: But we need to stop your killer in case he does this to someone else.
Allison Dubois: No, I got the impression from the look on his face that it was a one-time-only thing.

Allison Dubois: Who's the old lady with the funny hat in the boat?
Joe Dubois: Oh no. You don't get to do that.

"Medium: In the Rough (#1.14)" (2005)
Allison Dubois: Let me ask you a question: is it completely hypocritical of me to be scared to death of the possibility of your mother living near us, while at the same time calling you at work to say do you think it would be okay if I left her with the kids for a little while, while I go to meet somebody in about half an hour?
Joe Dubois: Yes, it's completely hypocritical. And I think you should do it.

Mrs. Dubois: So Allison, tell me about your work.
Allison Dubois: Oh, I don't know, it's part time. I work for the District Attorney.
Mrs. Dubois: Sort of a paralegal thing?
Joe Dubois: There's definitely some 'para,' but I do believe there's some 'legal' in there too, so...

Allison Dubois: Justice isn't only blind, it's in a coma.

"Medium: Pilot (#1.1)" (2005)
Captain Kenneth Push: Now, you ponder that for a second and then you tell me one more time where you think this body is.
Allison Dubois: You're standing on it.

"Medium: Car Trouble (#4.14)" (2008)
Joe Dubois: [Having found Allison in the garage, just sitting behind the wheel of her car] What're you doing out here?
Allison Dubois: You're not gonna believe this but I had a crazy dream.
Joe Dubois: [deadpan] You don't say.

"Medium: The People in Your Neighborhood (#7.9)" (2010)
Allison Dubois: Hey, I know you. Didn't you use to be my husband? We used to do things together. Like, I don't know, go to community meetings about sex offenders who lived on our block.
Joe Dubois: You know? When you've gone to one sex offender meeting, you've been to them all.
Allison Dubois: [They kiss] Ugh, you smell like alcohol.
Joe Dubois: And you smell like Allison.
[Allison laughs]
Allison Dubois: [Joe tried to kiss her again, she puses him back] Have you been drinking?
Joe Dubois: [laughing slightly drunk] With my boss. We did some eating too, and a lot of talking. I think I'm his new crush.

"Medium: Death Takes a Policy (#2.21)" (2006)
Allison Dubois: I didn't realise that someone had passed away. I'm not really fond of funerals, I deal with death a lot in my work.
Angel of Death: Me too.

"Medium: I Married a Mind Reader (#1.11)" (2005)
Allison Dubois: So, how are the girls?
Joe Dubois: Happy, eating pizza
Allison Dubois: Pizza! What about my lasagne?
Joe Dubois: I'm just hazarding a guess here but, when you said 15 minutes, you meant the oven oven, right?, not the microwave

"Medium: The Reckoning (#2.10)" (2005)
Joe Dubois: Cockadoodle doo.
Allison Dubois: Cockadoodle who?
Joe Dubois: Nevermind, I take that back, it's way too early for this kind of talk. Do you know that it's barely five o'clock?

"Medium: Where Were You When...? (#7.6)" (2010)
Allison Dubois: Hey, is that says J. heart A.?
Joe Dubois: Is that what that says? Huh. I have no idea who'd done that.
Allison Dubois: You liar.
[Grabs his head lovingly]
Allison Dubois: Give me a kiss.
Joe Dubois: What if I don't?
Allison Dubois: Well, I might call the cops you little vandal.
Joe Dubois: I hate this. I hate the way you use me.
Allison Dubois: Oh, shut up and kiss.
[They kiss]
Allison Dubois: Mm. That was pretty good. I think you're safe for now.
Joe Dubois: Oh, thank godness cause I'm out of clean underwear and I hate the idea of going to the big house on dirty shorts.
[Allison laughs]
Joe Dubois: I hate what they've got to say about you.
Allison Dubois: You're always that romantic, Joe Dubois.

"Medium: Wicked Game: Part Two (#4.10)" (2008)
Allison Dubois: Oh, I had a real nightmare, that Cynthia Keener had a nightmare.
Joe Dubois: Keener, what could possibly give that woman nightmares, other than somebody named Dorothy dropping a house on her?

"Medium: A Couple of Choices (#1.3)" (2005)
Allison Dubois: Where is everybody?
Joe Dubois: Well let's see. Ariel is at Hannah's...
Joe Dubois: [after allison gives him confused look] oh, did i mention I'm taking you to mexico for your birthday?

"Medium: Suspicions and Certainties (#1.2)" (2005)
Allison Dubois: I don't wanna get up. You're right, I'm depressed.
Joe Dubois: You know what depression is? It's unchanneled anger.
Allison Dubois: Thank you. Thank you. Everything is different now. I'm still not getting up.

"Medium: Whatever Possessed You (#3.16)" (2007)
[the family just finished having some cake to celebrate Joe getting put in charge of an important project]
Ariel Dubois: So let me get this straight. The reason we get to stay up an extra half hour and eat cake is because Daddy got put in charge of some really cool project.
Joe Dubois: [Still eating cake] That is correct.
Ariel Dubois: Only you can't tell us about this really cool project because it's top secret.
Joe Dubois: That is also correct.
Ariel Dubois: [Excited] Can we at least have a hint?
[Joe motions that his lips are locked and the key is thrown away, meaning he won't tell]
Allison Dubois: Okay, on that note, come on, you little security risks. It's time to hit the hay. Joe, you got Bridge?
Joe Dubois: Yes.
[Reaches for Bridgette, waking her up]
Joe Dubois: Come on, kiddo. Time for bed.
Bridgette Dubois: [Sleepily] But I don't want to go to bed. I like staying up late.
Joe Dubois: Really? You got a funny way of showing it.
Bridgette Dubois: Congratulations again, Daddy. If you can't get that ship up to Mars, nobody can.