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Camryn Barnes (Character)
from Twitches (2005) (TV)

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Twitches Too (2007) (TV)
Emily Barnes: Honey?
Camryn Barnes: Oops...
David Barnes: Camryn Elizabeth!
Camryn Barnes: I'm sorry. I don't know why but that actually happens a lot.
David Barnes: A lot? What else you been praticing on?
Emily Barnes: Camryn, this might be a good time to tell your father about the car.
David Barnes: What about the car.
Emily Barnes: Now don't get too upset, she's got all the pieces.
David Barnes: Pieces? Car's aren't supposed to be in pieces! Isn't there a spell to fix all of this?
Camryn Barnes: I thought that too, but when I tried to do everything I had just done backwards... that's when I lost the other tire.
Emily Barnes: Oh, I found it, it's in the pool.
David Barnes: You lost the tires?
Camryn Barnes: No, one's in the pools. Aren't you listening?
David Barnes: Oh...

Karsh: What is this?
Camryn Barnes: I drew that this morning. I have no idea what it is.
Ileana: It's your father's crest.
Alex Fielding: Our father, Aron. I've been dreaming about him every single night.
Ileana: You don't suppose...
Karsh: No.
Ileana: No...
Karsh: No... he died the night the twins were born, I know this for a fact... so dead.
Camryn Barnes, Alex Fielding: Dead?
Alex Fielding: Did he say died?
Camryn Barnes: Yeah.

Camryn Barnes: Alex...
Alex Fielding: What!
Camryn Barnes: Good luck.

[Karsh and Ileana are wading into the pool as Camryn watches from the pool deck]
Karsh: Are you coming?
Camryn Barnes: I, uh... I think I'll take my closet.
Ileana: That would have been a good idea.
Karsh: Oh, you think so.

Miranda: I'm so relieved to know that your safe.
Camryn Barnes: Safe? Why wouldn't I be safe, we just destroyed Thantos and the Darkness. Right?
[turns to face Ileana]
Camryn Barnes: Right?
Ileana: Right.
[looks to Queen Miranda]
Ileana: Right?
Miranda: Right.

Alex Fielding: Us? Why us? Why can't they do some of the heavy pointing for a change?
Camryn Barnes: No offence.
Karsh: None taken.
Camryn Barnes: But it is a good question they never do anything.
Karsh: Okay some taken.

Alex Fielding: I think we're safe.
Miranda: Hi.
Camryn Barnes, Alex Fielding: AH!
Miranda: Isn't there a spell you should be studying?

Camryn Barnes: Wait. You know when you go to a horror movie and there's that stupid girl who goes inside the creepy house even through there are a gazillion signs saying 'Keep Out' and the whole audience is screaming 'Don't go in there'?
Alex Fielding: Yeah?
Camryn Barnes: You're that girl.

Miranda: He was funny, sweet, and strong. I was just about your age when I meet him at the Winter Festival. Ended up dancing the whole night together, and when it was over he said he wanted to give me a present so I'd remember him forever. I could pick whatever I wanted.
Camryn Barnes: What did you ask for?
Miranda: A star, from the North sky.
[Miranda can see their confused so she shows them Aron's gift]
Alex Fielding: It's a real star.
Camryn Barnes: Good gift.
Miranda: I never told anyone that story. It was our secret.

Twitches (2005) (TV)
Illeana: You defeated the darkness once before.
Camryn Barnes: You mean when I was one? All I did was cry, and wet myself and wonder "What the heck is going on?" Apart from gaining some decent bladder control, nothing has changed!