Andrea Marino
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Andrea Marino (Character)
from "Ghost Whisperer" (2005)

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"Ghost Whisperer: Pilot (#1.1)" (2005)
Andrea Marino: What does Jim have planned?
Melinda Gordon: I don't know. He's obsessed with making up for no honeymoon.
Andrea Marino: As well he should be.
Melinda Gordon: Oh, well, let's see. Two weeks in Bermuda or Andrea's salary.
Andrea Marino: Honeymoons are totally overrated.

"Ghost Whisperer: On the Wings of a Dove (#1.8)" (2005)
[about the reasons why Alexis humiliated Melinda back in freshman year of college]
Alexis Fogarty: [whining] I kept her secret all though high school. I was practically her only friend at her grandmother's funeral. I've listened to all her problems. All the time.
Andrea Moreno: [peeved and annoyed] Alexis, that's just what friends do.

"Ghost Whisperer: Fury (#1.19)" (2006)
Jameel Fisher: Is she your boss?
Andrea Marino: Um, she's my partner.
Jameel Fisher: You're partners with a white lady?
Andrea Marino: Well, she's also my friend, Jameel... she's my best friend.
Jameel Fisher: My dad says that people wouldn't fight if they stuck with their own kind.
Andrea Marino: Well, your dad's a pretty smart guy. You know what my kind is? People who are respectful of others, people who are intelligent, kind, funny, nice to kids. People like Melinda.
Jameel Fisher: She's funny?
Andrea Marino: Oh, she's so funny. See, that's the thing about people, Jameel... you don't know who they are just by looking at them, you have to get to know them. But your dad is absolutely right... once you find out that someone's *your* kind, you stick with them.