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Quotes for
Justin Mckay (Character)
from Midnight Ride (1990)

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Midnight Ride (1990)
Mrs. Egan: What do you WANT?
Justin: I want
[points at her glass eye]
Justin: THAT!

Justin: [Joan has crushed Justin's arm in a door, he manages to force it open knocking her to the ground]
Justin: You... hurt me!
[Joan screams]
Justin: [Justin pulls out his Jack Knife and brutally stabs her]

Justin: [about Lara] So she's in alot of trouble right?
Lawson: Forget her the scumbag she ran off with the fucker's gonna wish he'd never been born
Justin: [angrily pulling out his jack knife and sticking it too Lawson's neck] No i'm not

Justin: [on seeing his little sister's murder by his mother] IT'S IN MY HEAD! YOU THINK I CAN TURN IT OFF... LIKE A TV?

Justin: [snatching away a gun pointed at him] Sorry, maam, firearms aren't allowed on this bus.

Justin: [on Lawson surviving the crash] This guy's got more lives than a cat!

[last lines]
Local cop: That was some crash!
Justin: [showing a polaroid] Yeah... hey, look, I took a picture!

Justin: Don't you ever run away from me!