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Melinda Gordon (Character)
from "Ghost Whisperer" (2005)

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"Ghost Whisperer: Body of Water (#4.13)" (2009)
Nikki: So, you are here, and if you didn't mind...
Melinda Gordon: Mind?
Nikki: Well, 'cos obviously I couldn't stay with Sam.
Delia Banks: Obviously.
Jim Clancy: No, no.
Nikki: Because, we're really just getting to know each other.
Melinda Gordon: Yeah, yeah, of course.
Nikki: Really? It's okay? I can stay with you?
Melinda Gordon: Sure.
Nikki: Great.
Jim Clancy: Great.
Melinda Gordon: Great.

Eli James: A student of mine was up here swimming with some friends last night. The whole experience freaked her out. And not just the dead fish. She said something was pulling her under. She called it a presence.
Melinda Gordon: [Melinda looks across the lake and sees numerous ghosts standing on the water]
Eli James: Look I know it's a long shot, but her father died earlier this year.
Melinda Gordon: What was his name?
Eli James: Edwin Hathaway.
[Edwin's ghost turns to look at them]
Melinda Gordon: He's here.
Eli James: But do you hear that?
[the other ghosts start whispering]
Melinda Gordon: He's not alone.
Edwin Hathaway: Tell no-one.

Melinda Gordon: But Jim, he... he wanted everything that you're remembering. Which has to mean something, right?
Jim Clancy: What, to me and Nikki?
Melinda Gordon: No, to you. It's none of my business, But, maybe... maybe you shouldn't listen to what everyone says. Not about the stuff that really matters. You know who you are. And when you start believing that, you'll get back to you.

Delia Banks: I am not suggesting that this work isn't important. I'm just saying that the ghosts can keep. I'm not so sure Sam can.
Melinda Gordon: Yeah, neither am I.
Delia Banks: Then why don't you do something about it?
Melinda Gordon: Because nothing... nothing I can do will get him to remember me. Or choose me. All I can do is have faith. It's all I have right now. Faith.

Nikki: When I first came here, my idea was a quick in and out. Let Sam know that he was forgiven, maybe fill in a few memory blanks, and then say goodbye. But now that I've seen who he is, this new Sam who wants kids, who's ready to settle down, I... I don't want to let him go.
Melinda Gordon: What does that have to do with me?
Nikki: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Melinda Gordon: Don't.
Jim Clancy: Don't what?
Melinda Gordon: You can do better for yourself than comfortable. Or maybe getting some feelings back. Hold out for more.
Jim Clancy: What? What am I holding out for?
Melinda Gordon: Everything. Hold out for everything.

Melinda Gordon: Carl? Why are you here?
Carl Sessick: You said there would be forgiveness for me. You lied.
Melinda Gordon: Did you look into the light?
Carl Sessick: I saw it, but they told me I couldn't go in.
Melinda Gordon: Why not?
Carl Sessick: Because of my shame.
Melinda Gordon: But you apologised. I mean, you tried to make things right. You can come out of the shadows.
Carl Sessick: No, I can't. They're looking for me. They want me to go with them.

"Ghost Whisperer: Deja Boo (#2.13)" (2007)
Delia Banks: You're going to think I'm crazy.
Melinda Gordon: You would be surprised at my crazy threshold.

Eric Sanborn: Sounds crazy.
Melinda Gordon: Eric, you're dead and yet you're standing here talking to me. Let's get a grip on what's crazy.

Jim Clancy: [after Melinda's pregnancy test is negative] I'm not sure how I feel.
Melinda Gordon: Me neither.
Jim Clancy: I do know one thing.
Melinda Gordon: What?
Jim Clancy: I'm ready. No matter what's ahead for us. I'm ready to go down any road with you. Go through any door. I know that now, more than I ever did.
Melinda Gordon: That's all I need.

Brenda Sanborn: [about Eric] You know, my brother was a selfish bastard. I gave up everything for him. My mom died, I raised him. My dad died, I skipped college so he wouldn't have to go into foster care. This store, this is his dream, not mine, but I've put everything I had into it to make it work, and he could care less. That's who he was.
Melinda Gordon: So why do you keep doing it?
Brenda Sanborn: Because he was my brother.

Eric Sanborn: So, it's you. I'm coming back to you.
Melinda Gordon: Don't fight it, Eric. Just don't.
Eric Sanborn: But I heard Jim say you didn't want a child. Not yet.
Melinda Gordon: I didn't think I was ready, but if this is supposed to happen then I'll get ready.
Eric Sanborn: How can you be like that?
Melinda Gordon: Like what?
Eric Sanborn: So generous with yourself.
Melinda Gordon: I know how important it is for you to move on; to never have to live another life. So, Jim and I are going to do the right thing by you, Eric.
Eric Sanborn: I heard everything you and Jim said last night.
Melinda Gordon: So?
Eric Sanborn: I haven't had a conversation like that in any of my lifetimes. I've never listened to anyone the way you guys listen to each other. I've never cared what anyone wanted. I saw how much he wanted to have that kid and I saw how scared you were by it. But, you were willing to do it. Not for you. For me. So, I'm not going to fight. I'm not gonna do anything again. I'll come back again. I'll do it for you. Maybe I'll get it right this time. You'll help me.
Melinda Gordon: We will help you, Eric. We both will.
Melinda Gordon: I don't know if you're gonna remember any of this when you're born, but we're gonna take really good care of you. And, we'll teach you the best that we can. And we'll try to make sure that this is your last time around.
Eric Sanborn: I know you will.

Eric Sanborn: [after seeing the light] I see it. I see the light.
Melinda Gordon: You've seen it before.
Eric Sanborn: [getting choked up] It's beautiful. I feel like it wants me to come. I don't understand. I don't feel like anything is holding me back.
Melinda Gordon: What does that mean?
Eric Sanborn: [crying] I see my father. I see my dad. I see all my dads. They want me to come.
[turns to Melinda after a moment]
Eric Sanborn: [pause] I'll stay. I'll go through another life
Eric Sanborn: For you. If that's what you want. I'll do that.
Melinda Gordon: I know.
[begins to cry softly]
Melinda Gordon: And that's why you can go.

Professor Rick Payne: You know what? I think I'm a little tired of you using me just for my brain.
Melinda Gordon: Ugh, if only that were possible, but so much of your mouth comes with it.

"Ghost Whisperer: Heart & Soul (#4.8)" (2008)
[Delia exposes Melinda's cleavage so "handyman" Jim/Sam would be seduced not to have a life without Melinda]
Melinda Gordon: Delia!
Delia Banks: You know, there was a stain on it. You've got to really be presentable.

Gerald Lucas: [Opens door] Oh, Melinda.
Nancy Lucas: Is she here? Where's Sam? Where did you send him?
Melinda Gordon: I don't know.
Nancy Lucas: Oh terrific! The boy can't remember a damn thing and now he's out wandering all alone. Do you really think that's what he needs?
Melinda Gordon: No, actually, I wanted him to stay.
Nancy Lucas: What are we supposed to do now?
Melinda Gordon: I have no idea. But if he ever gives you a second chance I hope you don't blow it like you did the first time.
Gerald Lucas: I beg your pardon?
Melinda Gordon: I know what it's like to lose someone, and to not know if it's for good. I *know* that impulse to do everything humanly possible - just to get them back. Sometimes impulses are wrong.
Nancy Lucas: Are you a parent?
Melinda Gordon: No. And I'm not a doctor either. But believe me when I say that you have to start preparing yourself for the fact that your son may never remember who he was...
Gerald Lucas: Look, Miss Gordon...
Melinda Gordon: ...and you should be grateful for that, you know why? Because you'll actually *have* a son. At some point he's going to need his family and he *will* call. But all he's going to remember is who you are now, so wouldn't you want that to be a good thing?
Nancy Lucas: What is that supposed to mean exactly?
Melinda Gordon: You've held on to your children so tight that you've lost them both. But there is still time to maybe get them back - but not if you keep making the same mistakes.

Melinda Gordon: [Melinda holds Jim's shirt to her face] You tried. And I will *never* forget that.
Delia Banks: [Delia bursts in] If you never forgive me I will understand, but I couldn't just sit around and do nothing when this whole thing was ready to blow away.
Melinda Gordon: Whole thing? What are you talking about?
Delia Banks: You and Jim, your future together, your whole... everything!
Melinda Gordon: Are you drunk?
Delia Banks: There is no time to explain, Mel. He's out back.
Melinda Gordon: Who?
Delia Banks: Jim. I mean Sam. Jim. Sam. Whatever the hell his name is! But I convinced him to come back and talk to you, but you have to figure out what to do next.
Melinda Gordon: Where did you...?
Delia Banks: He was on the basketball court on the way out of town. I saw him. I stopped and I convinced him to come back and talk to you.
Melinda Gordon: *Why* did you?
Delia Banks: Because he was waiting for Ned. And I finally understood.
Melinda Gordon: What?
Delia Banks: That I was wrong, ok, about pretty much everything. And I know that we're going to talk about this endlessly in the future, but right now you have to go outside and make sure that Jim does not get back on that road and go out of town.
Melinda Gordon: You keep calling him Jim.
Delia Banks: That's who he is, isn't he?
Melinda Gordon: [Nods her head]
Delia Banks: Ok, stop, go. It's ok.
Melinda Gordon: Got my best friend back.
[They hug]

Delia Banks: You got any lip gloss?
Melinda Gordon: It's Jim, I don't need lip gloss.
Delia Banks: Do you know how lucky you are? You are gonna get a second shot at your one true love.

"Ghost Whisperer: Pilot (#1.1)" (2005)
Andrea Marino: What does Jim have planned?
Melinda Gordon: I don't know. He's obsessed with making up for no honeymoon.
Andrea Marino: As well he should be.
Melinda Gordon: Oh, well, let's see. Two weeks in Bermuda or Andrea's salary.
Andrea Marino: Honeymoons are totally overrated.

Melinda Gordon: Places aren't haunted. People are haunted.

Melinda Gordon: What happens to these people in their last moments, it really matters.

"Ghost Whisperer: The Underneath (#3.1)" (2007)
[last lines]
Melinda Gordon: Ray Billings crossed over. He understands what happened, he doesn't blame you anymore.
Beth Gordon: I know what you think of me. That I'm wrong to try and shut this out...
Melinda Gordon: I don't judge you mom. I just want the truth from you. It's the only thing you owe, that we... owe each other.
Beth Gordon: You want the truth? You need to leave Grandview.
Melinda Gordon: What? Why?
Beth Gordon: It'll hurt you. It's not a good place for people like you and me.
Melinda Gordon: No mom, I'm not running away, not from what I can do and not from where I make my life.
Beth Gordon: I knew you wouldn't.

Scott the Ghost: [Melinda walks through the Hall of Records when the Archivist appears behind her, scaring her, then she sees Scott the Ghost] Hi, what can I do for you?
Melinda Gordon: I was just looking for some information about something.
Archivist: Information on what? I go on lunch in five minutes.
Scott the Ghost: Yeah, he's always like that. Don't let him intimidate you.
[Archivist walks through Scott]
Melinda Gordon: It's actually about something that happened 25 years ago.
Archivist: And?
Melinda Gordon: And I was told to come here.
Archivist: Look, this isn't a library. We're still trying to get things computerized. Put your request in writing, give me two to three weeks, I'll see what I can do.
Scott the Ghost: Unbelievable, this guy's just the laziest son of a bitch on the planet. I mean if I were still working here...
Melinda Gordon: [Melinda coughs to Scott] You're not. Um, this is actually a specific event, like 1982. I can go and find it if...
Archivist: [Archivist hands her a piece of paper] Name, address, dates you're looking for, phone number, see you in two to three weeks.
Scott the Ghost: [Scott the Ghost is mimicking the Archivist behind Melinda] Yeah.
Melinda Gordon: Right.
[Melinda turns to leave, but then hides from the Archivist]
Scott the Ghost: I knew I liked you. He's going to lunch
[Archivist walks past Melinda to leave]
Melinda Gordon: You have to help me find something.
Scott the Ghost: Yeah, well good luck finding anything in this place.
Melinda Gordon: Why is it such a mess?
Scott the Ghost: It's not like they don't try, even the lazy guy. But somehow, things just end up getting messed up anyways. Of course, no one knows this archive like me. What are you gonna do?
Melinda Gordon: Whatever, I just have to find anything that I can on the street collapse of 1982.
Scott the Ghost: You think that's how it works? You just snap your fingers and we do your bidding.
Melinda Gordon: What?
Scott the Ghost: They told me that you might come around here. Asking questions.
Melinda Gordon: Who told you?
Scott the Ghost: You are so, over your head.
[Lights start flickering]
Scott the Ghost: If I were you, I would leave, now. And I really wouldn't come back. Ever.
[Scott the Ghost disappears]

Scott the Ghost: [Melinda returns to the archives, and while trying to reach something, the lights go out. After finding her flashlights, a pair of hands reach through a wall and grab her] You were told to stay away, weren't you?
Melinda Gordon: I don't take orders from ghosts!
Scott the Ghost: Oh, he is very angry with you, this one. He wants to take you down with him. I think I'll let him. You know there are a lot of very angry people down here. I think it's time I let you meet them.
Melinda Gordon: I'm not afraid of you. I am not afraid of you!
Scott the Ghost: You will be.
[Both Scott and the other spirit disappear]

"Ghost Whisperer: The Gathering (#2.22)" (2007)
[first lines]
Ethan Clark: Do you know what it's like to be obsessed Miss Gordon? So that you can't think, you can't eat? I do, these children do and I think soon you will too.
Melinda Gordon: Why am I here?

[last lines]
Melinda Gordon: He said I
Melinda Gordon: have a brother.
Jim Clancy: Who said this? Wh-who told you you have a brother?
[dramatic pause]
Melinda Gordon: My father.

"Ghost Whisperer: The Vanishing (#1.20)" (2006)
Jim Clancy: Boredom is underrated.
Melinda Gordon: Boredom is boring!

"Ghost Whisperer: The Walk-in (#2.17)" (2007)
Jim Clancy: Do all your ghosts look like this?
Melinda Gordon: No, that's a zombie.

"Ghost Whisperer: Firestarter (#4.1)" (2008)
Melinda Gordon: What do you want me to say? That you're one of my best friends? And that, although I fully understand why you have to go, it hurts... to know that you would pick an old pile of artifacts over me?
Professor Rick Payne: Yeah, something like that would be nice.
Melinda Gordon: [cries] Happy?
Professor Rick Payne: [looks at Melinda's large cleavage] Can I have a hug for the road? Maybe a big, squeezy, chesty one?
Melinda Gordon: Don't be an idiot.
Professor Rick Payne: I know. I pushed it, I knew it.
[Melinda hugs him nonetheless]

"Ghost Whisperer: Weight of What Was (#3.5)" (2007)
Melinda Gordon: [Tessa appears to Melinda in the town archives] I've been looking for you. Where have you been?
Tessa: Quiet, they can hear you.
Melinda Gordon: Please tell me what happened. I can help you cross over into the light.
Tessa: Oh no, I can't do that. I can't, I don't deserve to be free.
Melinda Gordon: Why?
Tessa: I lost my baby. It's all my fault.
Melinda Gordon: What do you mean? What happened?
Tessa: They all died because of me.
Melinda Gordon: Who?
[Tessa sees something behind Melinda and disappears. Scott the Ghost is seen standing behind Melinda]
Scott the Ghost: Give up. You won't find what you're looking for.
Melinda Gordon: And what am I looking for?
Scott the Ghost: It doesn't matter. Whatever it is, you won't find it. That's my job. I make sure what's buried, stays that way.

"Ghost Whisperer: The Crossing (#1.2)" (2005)
Jim Clancy: [regarding Kenny] Wait, didn't you say that kid Dylan was playing with him? Well, how could he see him?
Melinda Gordon: Kids can almost always see spirits. Where do you think imaginary friends come from?
Jim Clancy: [laughing] Well, that could explain a lot about my childhood.

"Ghost Whisperer: Delusions of Grandview (#4.17)" (2009)
[Melinda tears down planks blocking the entrance to a tunnel]
Eli James: Oh my God, you psycho! I'm not going in there with you!
Melinda Gordon: Dr. Byrd is a shrink. You don't go into a knife fight without taking your knife.
Eli James: Oh, I'm really not that sharp.

"Ghost Whisperer: Don't Try This at Home (#3.2)" (2007)
Scott the Ghost: [Scott the Ghost appears in the archive room] You're plucky, you're gutsy. Those are excellent traits in a person who wants to get badly hurt.
Melinda Gordon: Yeah, you told me that before. Now you heard what I just said to the archivist. What do you want to tell me?
Scott the Ghost: You can't just leave the dead to rest, can you?
Melinda Gordon: I'll let them rest, when they let me rest. Do you know something or not?
Scott the Ghost: [He disappears then reappears behind Melinda] She's real. But not everything you've heard is true. Some of the most interesting details are missing.
Melinda Gordon: Such as?
Scott the Ghost: Well I'm sure you've heard that the doctor wrongly pronounced Mary dead. But do you know who the doctor was? It was Mary's own father. They lived in a big house on old Shadow Lane. It's empty now, but it was once the home of Doctor Horace Mumford, his wife, and their only child, Mary. Poor Mary had diphtheria, which was incurable in those days not to mention extremely contagious. Doctor Mumford felt that he had to bury his daughter right away. With a chance that the bell might ring, Mary's mother would not leave the grave. While the good doctor knew that she would die of exposure if she didn't come inside. Luckily he had some morphine. Well you know the rest, by the time they got to Mary, she was dead, by the doctor's own hand.
Melinda Gordon: You're right, I shouldn't have asked.
[Melinda walks away]
Scott the Ghost: Wait. You'll miss the best part. You see when they finally got Mary up, her hands were so... bloody, they missed it at first. Mary's nails were gone. They were stuck in the lid of the coffin.