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Annie Camden (Character)
from "7th Heaven" (1996)

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"7th Heaven: With Honors (#4.5)" (1999)
Rev. Eric Camden: [to Lucy] Hey, how was the attendance office?
Lucy Camden: It was fabulous, fun, fantastic.
Annie Camden: Teenagers.
Rev. Eric Camden: Yeah, if you don't like their mood, wait 10 minutes.

Ruthie Camden: So, what kind of fun stuff do we have planned for tomorrow?
Annie Camden: [to Eric] Teacher Work Day. No school for Ruthie.
Ruthie Camden: Yes!
Annie Camden: Okay, let's see. Tomorrow, you can help me clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, repair the kitchen sink, iron the socks, reorganize the linen closet, and go shopping.
Ruthie Camden: Toy shopping?
Annie Camden: Food shopping.
Ruthie Camden: Man, this is gonna be worse than school!

Lucy Camden: [to her parents] You have to help me. I don't want to work in the attendance office tomorrow!
Annie Camden: Well, maybe you shouldn't have volunteered.
Lucy Camden: But at the time I volunteered, I didn't realize I'd have to give up my study hall. I thought it was before school or something. I need my study hall!
Rev. Eric Camden: To study?
Lucy Camden: Yeah, sure. Plus, it's the only time I have before lunch to catch up with my friends and re-touch my makeup.
[long pause, Eric and Annie are baffled]
Lucy Camden: So you're not going to help me?

Ruthie Camden: Mom, can I have $29.99? I just have to have these walkie talkies I saw on TV! Then I can call all my friends, and they can call me back, and it only costs $29.99!
Annie Camden: But if you use the phone to call your friends and pretend the phone is a walkie-talkie, it'll cost less.
Ruthie Camden: [rolls eyes] Parents!

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] So have you reconsidered my offer? 'cause if you really those walky talkies getting an allowance is the only way to go.
Ruthie Camden: No, thank you. I don't need an allowance. I have a plan. And it's a lot easier than taking out the trash for the rest of my life.
Annie Camden: She has a plan, should we be concerned?
Rev. Eric Camden: Not concerned, afraid. Very afraid.

"7th Heaven: ...And a Nice Chianti (#3.5)" (1998)
Mary Camden: Upstairs. The three of you. We need to talk.
Ruthie: Who squealed?
Simon Camden: It wasn't me.
Ruthie: Lucy. Big surprise. Hey, where's the pregnant chick who stole Matt's car?
Annie Camden: Kitchen. And show some respect.

Annie Camden: Wait a minute. Why are you all together? What happened to the bus?
Lucy Camden: I just change my mind, that's all. Too many freshmen.
Simon Camden: Actually, I was going to walk home today, but I lucked out when Mary saw me and stopped to pick me up. By the way, she's not such a bad driver when Dad's in the car, you guys may want to take that under consideration.

Annie Camden: Hi.
Rev. Eric Camden: Annie, this is Theresa. Theresa's the one who "borrowed" Matt's car.
Annie Camden: Pleased to meet you. Looks like we have something in common.
Rev. Eric Camden: We called Theresa's parents, they're gonna come over later.
Annie Camden: Do they know? Not to worry, Eric's very good at talking to parents about everything it'll be okay.
Rev. Eric Camden: Uh honey, I was just kind of thinking that maybe you'd be the best person to talk to them.

Annie Camden: Lunches are on the kitchen counter. Don't worry. This bus thing won't last long.
Mary Camden: I hope they really hate it and they want a ride home today, but you punish them by making them take the bus for weeks and even months.
Ruthie: Punish me, Mommy, punish me.

Mary Camden: I'm am an official licensed driver!
Matt Camden: Chauffeur. Licensed chauffeur.
Rev. Eric Camden: And it's not a license, it's a learners permit. Learner being the key word here.
Annie Camden: That's right. Wherever you go, I shall go with you.
Mary Camden: I don't care! I'm driving! And I am the greatest driver in all the world!
Matt Camden: Nightmare.

"7th Heaven: No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll (#3.8)" (1998)
Ruthie Camden: [as Annie catches Simon drinking coffee] I'm not drinking coffee, I just stole it for him.
Simon Camden: [to Ruthie] Thanks a lot.
Annie Camden: Simon!
[grabs the phone from Lucy]
Annie Camden: Goodbye Jordan.
Lucy Camden: I had to call him to tell him I couldn't call him.
Annie Camden: [to Ruthie about her gum] Come on, spit it out.
[to Simon]
Annie Camden: You, no coffee.
[to Ruthie]
Annie Camden: You, no gum.
[to Lucy]
Annie Camden: And you, no phone. Got it? Good.

Annie Camden: [to Ruthie] Spit it out.
Ruthie Camden: How did you know?
Annie Camden: I have eyes in the back of my head.
Ruthie Camden: If that were really true, I'd bring you in to Show 'N' Tell.

Annie Camden: Lucy, wait. I got the phone bill today.
Lucy Camden: Congratulations.
Annie Camden: Your phone usage is completely out of control.
Lucy Camden: Define "out of control."

Lucy Camden: [to Annie] How did you learn to be so cruel?
Annie Camden: It's in the "Mommy Manual" between crafts and cuddling.

"7th Heaven: It Happened One Night (#3.15)" (1999)
Rev. Eric Camden: Maybe I'll start dinner.
Annie Camden: No. Mary and Lucy can start dinner. You should try to grab a fifteen minute nap and then when I'm finished with the babies you can keep an eye on them while I get a shower and a nap
Rev. Eric Camden: I'm on my way.
Annie Camden: And Simon is on Ruthie duty until further notice.

Annie Camden: [to Ruthie] Is that the new outfit that Grandpa and Ginger sent for the boys?
Ruthie: Is that what it is? I had no idea. Hmm. Guess it was just lying around somewhere.
Annie Camden: On the top shelf of the hall closet where we keep the rest of the baby gifts?

Annie Camden: Why isn't Simon watching Ruthie?
Ruthie: Is Simon my new mommy?

Simon Camden: [about the twins' crying] You know, they could have colic. Results in constant, uncontrollable crying. It's enough to make any parent feel like a failure.
Annie Camden: [whispers to Eric] Make him leave.
Rev. Eric Camden: [to Simon] Colic doesn't generally come until after the first month, and before you go around making any more observations, why don't you take care of your sister and your dog like we asked you to, because one of them ran away and one of them peed on the kitchen floor.
Simon Camden: Fine. But it takes a village, my friend!

"7th Heaven: Blind (#5.5)" (2000)
Annie Jackson-Camden: [to Frankie] What are you doing?
Frankie: What do you mean?
Annie Jackson-Camden: What are you doing with that man?
Frankie: Look, Johnny is a great husband and father.
Annie Jackson-Camden: He tried to hit you. He would have hit you if my husband hadn't stepped in.
Frankie: But I love him, okay?
Annie Jackson-Camden: Do you love Mercy?
Frankie: Of course I love her!
Annie Jackson-Camden: Then why do you keep putting her at risk? If Johnny had hit you, or if someone had called the police, you and Johnny would be in jail right now. If that happened, then what would happen to Mercy?

Simon Camden: [about his earring] But if I take it out, the hole will close up!
Reverend Eric Camden: Exactly!
Simon Camden: That's not fair. Why can't I keep the earring?
Ruthie Camden: Because you look like a girl!
Annie Jackson-Camden: You went out of the house tonight without our permission. You went to the house of someone we don't know and have never met. At that house you allowed that someone we don't know to pierce your ear.
Reverend Eric Camden: Be grateful that the only thing we're doing is making you take out your earring out.
Simon Camden: Fine!

Frankie: [to Annie] Are you actually suggesting that I leave Johnny? I can't raise a kid on my own.
Annie Jackson-Camden: You can't stay with a man who hits you. You can't. Mercy will grow up thinking that's what women do: they get hit. Is that what you want to teach her?

Annie Jackson-Camden: Great husbands don't smoke pot, cheat, hit their wives. Open your eyes, Frankie, and see who you're really married to before it's too late.

"7th Heaven: ...And Expiation (#4.8)" (1999)
Sgt. Michaels: [about Mary] If you need any help trying to find a lawyer...
Annie Camden: What?
Sgt. Michaels: We're releasing her without bail on your recoginance, but this isn't over. She's... you're gonna need a lawyer.

Annie Camden: What are we gonna do?
Rev. Eric Camden: Call around. Find a lawyer, I guess. I didn't see this one coming.
Annie Camden: Not this, no. Not in a million years.

Mary Camden: What if I get expelled?
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens, and then deal with it.
Mary Camden: I know, I blew it, but up until now, I've been a pretty good kid. Now it's gone. It's all gone. Who knew that one mistake could ruin your whole life?
Annie Camden: Your dad and I... when you're an adult, you know that one mistake can ruin your life. Your life's not ruined. It's going to be radically different, but only you can decide if that's going to be a good different or bad different.

"7th Heaven: Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line (#1.18)" (1997)
Eric: Faith without risk... is easy.
Annie: And risk without faith, your kind of faith, is scary.
Eric: I love you.
Annie: You're okay.

Ruthie: Who ratted on me?
Annie: Uhm... Your brothers and sisters, the police, three neighbors, and the mailman.
Ruthie: That's what I figured.

Ruthie: Ding dongs? That's not my usual.
Eric: You have a usual? You've only been in school for a few weeks.
Annie: Trade Simon for his ho-hos and then use the ho-hos to trade for Lucy's Nutter Butters.
Ruthie: I could... But variety is the spice of life.

"7th Heaven: Sin... (#4.7)" (1999)
Simon Camden: It's not like I hurt anyone.
Annie Camden: I don't care. It's an incredible rude and vulgar gesture that should never be shown in public or anywhere else for that matter. You're lucky you still have those fingers!
Simon Camden: My friends and I do that kind of things to each other all the time, and no one cares. It's... It's a guy thing.
Annie Camden: It is not a guy thing.
Simon Camden: How would you know?
Rev. Eric Camden: You know, I'll admit that there was an unfortunate element of bad timing at work. On the other hand you know, your mom and I aren't fans of that particular gesture. I's disrespectful. It's rude and obscene.
Simon Camden: But I was just hanging out. Being one of the guys.
Rev. Eric Camden: I get it. I really do. There's something great about hanging out with just the guys you know, as long as being one of the guys doesn't mean being swayed by the guys. 'Cause for some reason a lot of guys do really stupid things when they're with the other guys, you know? Things that they wouldn't even think of doing if they were alone. And I just don't want you to lose your great ability to think and make decisions for yourself.

Rev. Eric Camden: Did you guys know what would happen if you didn't get your grades up?
Mary Camden: [reluctantly] Yeah.
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, then, for now, I support this lockout.
Mary Camden: What?
Annie Camden: I'm sorry, kiddo, but your coach didn't screw up. You did.

Annie Camden: We love our kids. We work really hard at trying to be good parents who see the right examples, but there comes a point in life where you have to throw them out into the world and pray.
Rev. Eric Camden: What about Mary?
Annie Camden: Maybe we pushed her too far. Mary's a good kid.

"7th Heaven: Help! (#5.2)" (2000)
Ruthie Camden: [to her parents as they are visiting Eleanor Roosevelt School] They have horses! Horses!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [to Eric and Annie] The school offers both English and western style instruction.2
Ruthie Camden: And there's no homework!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: We feel the children work hard during the day. At night, they should be free to relax and be kids. After all, we do have them seven hours a day. Of course, if Ruthie would like to spend time at home studying any subject beyond the core curriculum, we'll set up an individual program for her.
Ruthie Camden: I may want to do that, considering I don't have to be at school until ten!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [laughs] We have a flexible schedule. Students can start as late as ten, but then they go until five. Not every student does his or her best work early in the morning. Plus, we have a 14 to 1 student ratio and a whole list of after-school trips and projects. Last year, we took a group of students to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. and met the President. I think that Ruthie would make a wonderful addition to our school. If you have any questions, please call.
Rev. Eric Camden, Annie Camden: Thank you.
[shakes her hand]
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: Bye, Ruthie.
Ruthie Camden: Boy, when God answers a prayer, he answers a prayer!
Rev. Eric Camden: Does that mean you want to go to school here?
Annie Camden: Oh, yeah!

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Annie] You know, at first I wasn't thrilled with you going back to college, but you going to school isn't about for me, its about you. You do so much for me and the kids and the church. It's your turn to do something for yourself.
Annie Camden: Boy, what a difference a week makes!
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, what kind of husband would I be if I didn't support you 100% by helping out with the house and kids?
Annie Camden: A jerk.
Rev. Eric Camden: Exactly, so keep studying.

"7th Heaven: Secrets (#10.19)" (2006)
Ruthie Camden: It's old news, really. Very old news. I mean, it probably doesn't even matter anymore. Remember when Matt took Sarah on their first date, and they stayed out all night, and came home with that lame cover story about how they stayed up all night talking and decided to get married?
Annie Camden: Yeah.
Ruthie Camden: They were already married. They got married on their first date.
Rev. Lucy Kinkirk: And they told you?

Rose: I remember the first time about a girl getting kissed by a boy. He had a peppermint in his mouth and the kiss was sticky. It made me not wanna kiss a boy for years.
Annie Camden: I bet your mom gave you the book "A Kiss in the Library." I gave that book to Mary, Lucy, and Ruthie, but unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.

"7th Heaven: Here We Go Again (#5.1)" (2000)
Mary Camden: Hello? Is anyone listening to me? I need a car!
Annie Camden: Hello! Earn money and buy one.
Mary Camden: You guys bought Matt a car. Why can't you buy me a car?
Annie Camden: Matt was going to college. You, on the other hand, are not going to college. You are working, so you can buy your own car. How much money have you saved this summer?
Mary Camden: Saved? On what I make? Please. You guys are forcing me to buy on credit, and you can stop talking about college, because I'm not going to college until I figure out what I'm going to college for.
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, maybe so you can earn a living and someday even have your own house, and your own car.
Mary Camden: Well, maybe I don't want to have my own house. You don't own this home; this is the Church's home.
Rev. Eric Camden: Yes, but this house is a benefit of my job, which I earned after five years of college and we do have a car. Two cars. Well, three if you count the one we bought for Matt, who's in college.

Annie Camden: I've signed up for school today.
Rev. Eric Camden: What school?
Annie Camden: College, Crawford. I want to get my teaching credentials in early childhood education.
Rev. Eric Camden: Now? You do know that we have 7 kids now.
Annie Camden: We have the twins and Ruthie, but Simon starts high school tomorrow, Lucy graduates high school this year, Mary's out of high school and working and Matt is out on his own.
Rev. Eric Camden: Matt is hardly out on his own. He sleeps out on his own. He's still a kid.
Annie Camden: Oh stop it. He and Heather are practically married.
Rev. Eric Camden: No, they're not. That's just what we say to each other whenever we think those two might be shacking up. And Mary is going to college, she's going to go to college eventually... I hope, as soon as she figures out that she doesn't enjoy minimum wage jobs.
Annie Camden: Unfortunately, I think Mary is quite happy with her stint in the world of minimum wage.
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, I'm not happy with it. With my luck she'll probably decide to go to college when Lucy decides to go and with Matt's we'll have 3 tuitions to pay, oh plus yours. And by the way, who says that Lucy won't have the kind of senior year that Mary had. And Simon is starting high school. Do you remember what it was like when Matt started high school? High school boys are, well they're high school boys. And we shouldn't forget Ruthie, who is well on her way to being more difficult than all the other kids rolled into one. Oh and bonus, the twins are entering the terrible twos. They are not entering, they are there.
Annie Camden: So, what are you saying? That the family is so dangerous that I can't take 1 or 2 hours away from them to take one course? I'm going back to school!
Rev. Eric Camden: When were you going to tell me this, as you were backing out of the driveway tomorrow morning?
Annie Camden: No, I planned to tell you just when I told you.
Rev. Eric Camden: [sarcastic] Well, thank you Mrs. Camden!

"7th Heaven: Lost and Found (#8.21)" (2004)
Lucy: Mom, is this what married life is all about? Years of laundry and cooking and aggravation and then you die?
Annie: No, sometimes there's ironing.

Annie: Don't try to give this to Happy 'cause she doesn't like people food.
David: Neither do I.

"7th Heaven: Dangerous Liaisons: Part 1 (#1.21)" (1997)
[Annie is calling the local hotel to see if Ginger is registered there]
Annie: Ginger... somebody. What do you mean you don't know? How can you not know? How many Gingers do you have there? I mean, is there a Ginger convention in town or something?

Charles Jackson: Hey, how'd you kids like Ginger? She's something, huh?
Annie Camden: She's just swell, dad.

"7th Heaven: Moving Ahead (#10.16)" (2006)
Annie Camden: Normal is way overrated.

Annie Camden: Taste this ice cream. I mean, think of all the beautiful cows who were grazing in the meadow and then just walked into the barn to get milked.
Ruthie Camden: And think of the beef cows who wind up in the slaughterhouse being put down by a stun gun.

"7th Heaven: When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People (#8.11)" (2004)
Annie: If you do something wrong, you should always tell me, because sooner or later I'm gonna find out anyway.
David: I ate some soap.
Sam: Me too. It didn't taste good.

Sam: We have on two underwear.
Annie: Why?
David: We forgot to take off last night's underwear.
Sam: And we put on new underwear this morning.

"7th Heaven: It Takes Two, Baby (#3.1)" (1998)
Annie Camden: How is that I'm the one who has to watch every single morsel of food that I put into my mouth, and yet those crumbs turn into pounds and more pounds and more pounds, despite the fact that I've already puked most of what I've eaten the day before by the time I get out of bed the next morning?
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, we're fat and we're sick.
Annie Camden: And tired you know I'm really, really tired. It's not like having a baby at twenty or thirty, I'm...
Ruthie Camden: Old.
Annie Camden: And I've got six months to go. Six more months. Six months of tryinig to wear clothes that make me look...
Rev. Eric Camden: Like you're having a baby. Our baby.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, our big fat baby.
Annie Camden: Yeah, she's right. You know that I was seven months pregnant with Matt before I was in maternity clothes. And now, at three months look at me, I'm fat. I'm old. I'm tired. And I'm fat.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, I can't get in nothing of mine, neither.
Rev. Eric Camden: You can't get into anything, Ruthie, you don't fit into your clothes because you're getting bigger and that's because you're getting older.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, just like Mommy.

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Annie] It's going to be okay.
Annie Camden: It's not gonna be okay! It's only gonna get worse. I'm only gonna get fatter, and older, and tireder, and fatter! Then, when I'm at my oldest and tiredest and fattest, then I have to give birth to my fattest baby ever, probably with the world record head!
Ruthie Camden: Yeah. If you ask me, the only thing you daddies have to do to make a baby is the fun part.

"7th Heaven: Who Nose? (#4.10)" (1999)
Simon Camden: I've never heard of huffing before. Why would anyone find that fun?
Annie Jackson-Camden: I don't know.

Mary Camden: Robbie got transferred.
Reverend Eric Camden: We know.
Mary Camden: Why'd you do it?
Reverend Eric Camden: We think your community service shouldn't be anything but community service.
Annie Jackson-Camden: It's not something you're doing for yourself, it's something you're doing for the community as a payback... when the first phase of your service is complete and if you get a satisfactory review, then we'll see about Robbie coming over so we can get to know him better and you can get to know him better.
Mary Camden: Then I guess I'm really grateful.

"7th Heaven: Losers (#5.3)" (2000)
Annie Camden: [to Ruthie after she saw Annie and Eric having sex] Ruthie, it really isn't funny.
Ruthie Camden: Oh, it's plenty funny! I always thought it was so serious, because you always have this serious face when you talk about sex, but trust me, it was funny!
Annie Camden: It's also very... private, and very intimate, and even though it's perfectly natural for a man and a woman - a married man and a married: woman - to... make love, it's not something that's meant for anyone else to watch.
Ruthie Camden: I didn't mean to, and believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I never see anything like that again!

Matt Camden: [to Annie] So Ruthie caught you and Dad... um, you know?
Annie Camden: Yes. Okay? Yes!
Matt Camden: I should have seen that one coming.
Annie Camden: No, you shouldn't have, it's never happened before!
Matt Camden: Yes, it has. Um... we've all seen you. I've seen you, Mary's seen you, Lucy's seen you, even Simon has seen you. Did you do that thing where you said you were gonna check on one of the kids and then Dad said he's gonna go check on you? That usually signals the red flag and we all steer clear, but Ruthie just didn't know the signal!
Annie Camden: Well, how did the rest of you know the signal?
Matt Camden: It's kind of an obvious signal.
Annie Camden: No it isn't!
Matt Camden: Yes it is.
Annie Camden: Go to bed.
Matt Camden: I don't live here.
Annie Camden: Go to bed, anyway.
Simon Camden: [teasingly] You know, you're never too old or too smart to do what your mother says.

"7th Heaven: Changes (#6.1)" (2001)
Annie Camden: I am who I am, and that's who I am!
Rev. Eric Camden: You're Popeye the sailor man, toot-toot!

"7th Heaven: Broke (#5.6)" (2000)
Rev. Eric Camden: [about Mary] You know, she quit her job at the pool hall, she quit her job at Pete's Pizza. She doesn't have any friends... well, not any good ones. She needs a job.
Annie Camden: Yes, Mary needs a job, and money, and friends... good ones. But she has bills to pay. She also needs to take a job to pay those bills. And the job she takes probably won't be a job she loves or even likes. And then she'll see how important it is to have a job you love. And jobs people love usually involve training and/or education. That will force her to set goals and move forward.
Rev. Eric Camden: Are you just going to will her into this realization?
Annie Camden: She's not on our schedule. We need to give her time. She'll realize it when she realizes it.
Rev. Eric Camden: In the meantime, no job plus no money equals no car, right? I mean, if she can't pay for the car, she'll lose it.
Annie Camden: So let her lose the car.
Rev. Eric Camden: This isn't about losing Mary's car. This is about losing Mary!
Annie Camden: You think I don't know that? You know, just because I'm not a minister or a therapist doesn't mean I don't know when she's in trouble. I'm her mother! And I think she needs to be the one to ask for help, and she's not ready yet!
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, I'm her father, and I say she needs help now, whether she asks for it or not!
Annie Camden: What you mean to say is that you're the expert, and what you say goes!

"7th Heaven: Song of Lucy (#9.3)" (2004)
Rev. Eric Camden: Who's side are you on?
Annie Camden: Ruthie's.
Rev. Eric Camden: Traitor.

"7th Heaven: It Takes a Village (#2.16)" (1998)
Annie Camden: Ah, ah, you can run, but you can't hide.
Lucy Camden: I'll take hiding for now. But you know Mom, technically aside from making out, I really didn't do anything wrong.
Annie Camden: Oh, well this may sound harsh to you... to start with, you're on house probation for 3 months. Now if you an stay out of trouble for that long, I might consider letting you out the house before you turn 21. But if you so much as cross the line once... I'm going to have you low jacked, got it? Good!

"7th Heaven: Angel (#8.18)" (2004)
Annie Camden: I ordered finger food so we could eat it with our hands! Won't that be fun?

"7th Heaven: In Praise of Women (#3.14)" (1999)
Annie: I'm giving birth to twins, and you took a snack break?

"7th Heaven: Johnny Get Your Gun (#3.7)" (1998)
Annie Jackson-Camden: [in response to Ruthie playing a game where people step on land mines] Ruthie, did you know that there are real people who step on real land mines? They lose arms and legs. And some even die.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, but this isn't real life. It's just a game. A video game.

"7th Heaven: Brotherly Love (#9.16)" (2005)
Lucy: You really want us to move?
Annie: Well, Luce, yeah, when you can.

"7th Heaven: Why Not Me? (#9.8)" (2004)
Ruthie: What are we talking about?
Martin: That girl in school - Meredith. The one who's going to marry Harry.
Ruthie: Oh, yeah. Is she coming to live here?
Annie: No, I don't think so. But your dad is going to try to find her a home.
Eric: I'm going to try to find her a home.
Annie: That's what I said.

"7th Heaven: Back in the Saddle Again (#7.12)" (2003)
Annie Camden: Life is not a competition, Lucy, but if it were you would be a winner.
Lucy Camden: That was incredibly insincere.
Annie Camden: I know, I'm tired.

"7th Heaven: In the Blink of an Eye (#1.3)" (1996)
Annie Camden: Hey, Simon, no fighting while I'm gone.
Simon Camden: Okay. We'll wait til you get back.

"7th Heaven: Truth or Dare (#2.10)" (1997)
Annie: [outside the bathroom door] What are you doing in there?
Ruthie: [in the bathroom] I'm taking a bath.
Annie: Again? You already took one today.
Ruthie: I got dirty again.
Annie: There are seven people in this house, one bath a day is all you're allowed.
Ruthie: I thought cleanliness was next to godliness
Annie: Yes, but that only matters if you and God are going to be sitting on a crowded bus together.

"7th Heaven: Worked (#6.4)" (2001)
Matt Camden: [Proudly announces] I'm gonna be... a gynecologist.
[Walks out]
Annie Camden: [to Eric] Well, he does love women.

"7th Heaven: Brave New World (#1.16)" (1997)
Annie: But I thought you liked school.
Ruthie: I like peanut butter, but I don't want it everyday.

"7th Heaven: Sundays (#7.11)" (2003)
Annie: The twins need a bath, Happy needs a bath, I need a bath.
Lucy: What does that have to do with Sunday?
Annie: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

"7th Heaven: Hot Pants (#6.14)" (2002)
Annie: [Answering the phone] Hello?
Eric: What are you wearing?
Annie: Eric?
Eric: Yeah, it's me. So... What are you wearing?
Annie: What do you mean "What am I wearing"?
Eric: I mean... What are you wearing?
Annie: I'm wearing my clothes.
Eric: What kind of clothes?
Annie: The same clothes you saw me in this morning.
Eric: Don't you wanna take off your sweater?
Annie: No, I'm cold. Are you OK? You sound strange.
Eric: I'm sick.
Annie: You're sick?
Eric: Yeah, I'm love sick for you, baby.
Annie: "Baby"?

"7th Heaven: Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral (#8.17)" (2004)
Lilly: I think we have to talk.
Annie: Okey.
Lilly: What's going on?
Annie: Well, I'm doing laundry.

"7th Heaven: Bowling for Eric (#7.4)" (2002)
Annie: We're going to be one big, happy, bowling family.

"7th Heaven: First Date (#9.14)" (2005)
[Lucy and Ruthie are discussing make out experiences]
Annie Camden: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this conversation.

"7th Heaven: The Kiss (#5.13)" (2001)
Matt: What's wrong?
Annie: Nothing. My own children won't call me Mama.
Matt: Mama.
Annie: [pushes him]

"7th Heaven: Seven Is Enough (#1.14)" (1997)
Annie: The Colonel would throw himself in front of a moving car for you.
Lucy: The Colonel would throw himself in front of a moving car for fun.

"7th Heaven: Say Good-Bye (#1.20)" (1997)
Annie: [to her former college roommate, who has made a pass at Matt and then claimed it was vice-versa] If you need a man so badly, then be the kind of woman a man needs. Because if a man your age made a pass at Mary, I'd have him arrested.

"7th Heaven: It's About George... (#1.19)" (1997)
John 'The Colonel' Camden: You call that a plan? That's the most Harebrained scheme I've ever heard!
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, gee, I thought it was pretty creative.
John 'The Colonel' Camden: Am I the only one in this room that thinks this idea is ridiculous?
Annie Camden: I... I kinda like it.
Julie Camden: I think it'll solve everything.
Ruth Camden: I'm all for it. I'm thrilled!
John 'The Colonel' Camden: You're thrilled? We adopted George. We are not adopting his father!
Det. Will Grayson: Well, who asked you to? I'm not nuts about this idea either! I don't want to be anywhere near this blowhard!
John 'The Colonel' Camden: Mister! Mickey Mouse called me that once, and I fed him his three-fingered glove!
Det. Will Grayson: Huh?