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Laura Wilson (Character)
from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (2009) (TV)

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (2009) (TV)
Ace Ventura Jr: [to Ox] That's not true. I treat every one of my missing pets exactly the same, no matter who they belong to. Well, here we are, Ox. Casa de Laura Wilson's house. The scene of the crime. Sorry, old friend, now is not the time to tell Laura how I feel. I am not scared to talk to her. Oh, you think so, huh? Yeah, well, watch and learn, Puppy Chow. We'll find her pet and then I'll find time to express how I really feel.
Laura Wilson: Hi, Ace.
Ace Ventura Jr: Oh, my God, you're pretty!
Laura Wilson: What?
Ace Ventura Jr: Um, your koi fish... she's itty-bitty.
Laura Wilson: Yeah, she sure is.
Ace Ventura Jr: Much like a grunion. Stand aside, ma'am. Clues don't find themselves, you know. Oxnard, while I'm young?

Ace Ventura Jr: Vamonos.
Laura Wilson: You're not gonna let him keep that, are you?
Ace Ventura Jr: I'll put it back later. Hey, good job, Ox.

Laura Wilson: Ace?
Ace Ventura Jr: Ventura Jr... Pet detective.

[after Ace opens a secret bookcase]
Laura Wilson: How did you know that?
Ace Ventura Jr: I'm a meddling kid.