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James Moriarty (Character)
from "Sherlock" (2010)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ship in a Bottle (#6.12)" (1993)
Moriarty: I am a man out of time, Captain. And that isolates me.

Moriarty: A deadline has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind.

Moriarty: I ask only that I be allowed to explore this new world. Your vessel, for instance. What sea does she sail? Might we go above deck?
[Picard and Dr. Crusher exchange a look]
Moriarty: Weather permitting, of course.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Professor... I think there are some things of which you should be made aware...

Moriarty: I have consciousness. Conscious beings have will. The mind endows them with powers that are not necessarily understood - even by you. If my will is strong enough, perhaps I can exist outside this room. Perhaps I can walk into your world right now.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Professor, I ask you to believe me. If you step out of that door, you will cease to exist.
Moriarty: If I am nothing more than a computer simulation, then very little will have been lost. But if I am right...
[he turns to the exit]
Moriarty: Mind over matter - cogito ergo sum.
[he steps out of the holodeck onto the corridor, to everyone else's surprise]
Moriarty: I think - therefore I am!

Moriarty: My God - we're adrift in the heavens!
[when looking out into space for the first time]

Moriarty: There are more worlds in the heavens than there are grains of sand on a shoreline.

Moriarty: Policemen - I'd recognize them in any century.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Professor, I feel it necessary to point out that criminal behavior is as unacceptable in the 24th century as it was in the nineteenth - and very much harder to get away with.
Moriarty: Don't worry, Captain. My past is nothing but a fiction, the scribblings of an Englishman dead now for four centuries. I hope to leave his books on the shelf, as it were.

Barclay: [flabbergasted] You know... you know what you are?
Moriarty: A holodeck character? A fictional man? Yes, yes, I know all about your marvelous inventions. I was created as a plaything, so that your Commander Data could masquerade as Sherlock Holmes. But they made me too well, and I became more than a character in a story. I became self-aware. I... am alive.
Barclay: That's not possible.
Moriarty: But here I am.

Moriarty: I sense a distressing lack of enthusiasm on your parts.

Moriarty: I will not release your vessel until I am looking at it through a shuttlecraft window.

Moriarty: I have them running around like rats in a maze.

Moriarty: [on the Countess] The program fashioned her for me to love. But I must admit, I would have done so anyway. She is remarkable. My life has not been the same since I met her. I don't simply love her, Captain. I adore her.

Moriarty: Please tell your Captain I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye. I do wish I could see his face when he realizes where he's been the last several hours.

Countess Barthalomew: [after Moriarty and the Countess think they've left the Holodeck and the Enterprise] James.
Moriarty: Yes, my love.
Countess Barthalomew: Can we go back to Earth... someday?
Moriarty: Of course, my dear... Of course.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Elementary, Dear Data (#2.3)" (1988)
Moriarty: Is the definition of life "Cogito ergo sum" - I think, therefore I am?
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Yes, that is one possible definition.
Moriarty: It is the most important one - and for me, the only one that matters.

Moriarty: If I destroy these surroundings, this vessel, can you say that it doesn't matter to you? Interesting pun, don't you think? For matter is what I am not.

Doctor Pulaski: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Moriarty: Of course you do, madam. The more you proclaim your ignorance, the more you try to mislead me, the more I'm on to you. Your every silence speaks volumes.
Doctor Pulaski: Good. Then if you know what I'm saying when I'm not saying anything, what do you need me for?
[she gets up]
Doctor Pulaski: Thank you for the tea and crumpets. I guess I'll be going.

Lieutenant Geordi La Forge: The Doctor was right. Finally, we have a game worth playing.
Moriarty: [entering the scene] The time for games is over.
Lt. Commander Data: Professor Moriarty, I presume?

Moriarty: My mind is crowded with images, thoughts I do not understand, yet cannot purge; they plague me. You and your associate look and act so oddly. Yet though I have never met nor seen the like of either of you, I am familiar with you both; it's very confusing. I have felt new realities at the edge of my consciousness readying to break through. Surely, Holmes, if that's who you truly are, you of all people can appreciate what I mean.

Moriarty: Mr. Computer - the arch, please.

Moriarty: [describing the Enterprise] A great monstrous shape, on which I am like a fly stuck on a turtle's back, adrift in a great emptiness.

Moriarty: What I have seen... what I have learned... fascinates me. I do not want to die.

Moriarty: Perhaps we'll meet again, madam.
Doctor Pulaski: It could be a long time. Time won't pass for you, but I may be an old woman.
Moriarty: But I'll still fill you with crumpets, madam.

Moriarty: I'm a civilized abductor, Captain Picard - civilized, but still dangerous.

Moriarty: Whatever I was when this began... I have grown. I am understanding more and more; and I am able to use the power at my fingertips.

Moriarty: And like the spider, I feel the strings vibrate whenever anyone new chances into my web.

"Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall (#2.3)" (2012)
Jim Moriarty: You think you can make me stop the order? You think you can make me do that?
Sherlock Holmes: Yes.
Sherlock Holmes: So do you.
Jim Moriarty: Sherlock, your big brother and all the King's horses couldn't make me do a thing I didn't want to.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, but I'm not my brother, remember? I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won't do. You want me to shake hands with you in Hell? I shall not disappoint you.
Jim Moriarty: Nah. You talk big. Nah. You're ordinary. You're ordinary, you're on the side of the angels.
Sherlock Holmes: Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one *second* that I am one of them.

Sherlock Holmes: You're insane.
Jim Moriarty: You're just getting that now?

Jim Moriarty: I can open any door anywhere with a few tiny lines of computer code. No such thing as a private bank account now. They're all mine. No such thing as secrecy. I *own* secrecy. Nuclear codes? I could blow up NATO in alphabetical order. In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And, honey, you should see me in a crown.

Jim Moriarty: You know, when he was on his deathbed, Bach, he heard his son at the piano playing one of his... pieces. The boy stopped before he got to the end.
Sherlock Holmes: And the dying man jumped out of bed, ran straight to the piano and finished it.
Jim Moriarty: Couldn't cope with an unfinished melody.
Sherlock Holmes: Neither can you. It's why you've come.

Jim Moriarty: Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain.
Jim Moriarty: You need me or you're nothing. Because we're just alike, you and I. Except you're boring. You're on the side of the angels.

Moriarty: How hard do you find it, having to say "I don't know?"
Sherlock Holmes: I don't know.

Jim Moriarty: As long as I'm alive, you can save your friends. You've got a way out. Well, good luck with that.

Jim Moriarty: Sir Boast-a-Lot was the bravest and cleverest knight at the round table. But soon, the other knights began to grow tired of his stories about how brave he was and how many dragons he'd slain. And so they began to wonder... are Sir Boast-a-Lot's stories even true?

Sherlock Holmes: What was that?
Jim Moriarty: No charge.

Jim Moriarty: There is no key,
Jim Moriarty: *doofus*!

Jim Moriarty: Falling's just like flying except there's a more permanent destination.

"Sherlock: The Great Game (#1.3)" (2010)
Jim Moriarty: Do you know what happens if you don't leave me alone, Sherlock?... To you?
Sherlock Holmes: Oh, let me guess. I get killed?
Jim Moriarty: Kill you? N... No, don't be obvious. I mean, I'm going to kill you anyway, some day. I don't want to rush it, though. I'm saving it up for something special. No, no, no, no, no. If you don't stop prying... I'll burn you.
Jim Moriarty: I will burn... the *heart* out of you.
Sherlock Holmes: I have been reliably informed that I don't have one.
Jim Moriarty: But we both know that's not quite true.

[as Moriarty is leaving]
Sherlock Holmes: Catch you... later.
Jim Moriarty: [high-pitched] No, you won't!

Jim Moriarty: Daddy's had enough now!

Jim Moriarty: Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket... or are you just pleased to see me?
Sherlock Holmes: Both.

Jim Moriarty: I've shown you what I can do. I cut loose all those people, all those little problems, even thirty million quid, just to get you to come out and play. So take this as a friendly warning... my dear. Back off. Although, I have loved this, this little game of ours. Playing Jim from I.T. Playing gay. Did you like the little touch with the underwear?
Sherlock Holmes: People have died.
Jim Moriarty: [shouting] That's what people *do*!

Jim Moriarty: I gave you my number. I thought you might call.

Jim Moriarty: Oh... that? The missile plans. Boring! I could have got them anywhere.

[last lines]
Jim Moriarty: Sorry, boys! I'm *so* changeable! It is a weakness with me, but to be fair to myself, it is my only weakness. You can't be allowed to continue. You just can't. I would try to convince you, but everything I have to say has already crossed your mind.
[Sherlock glances at John, who gives a small, almost imperceptible nod]
Sherlock Holmes: Probably my answer has crossed yours.
[shifts his gun aim to the bomb]

Jim Moriarty: Now you're in my way.
Sherlock Holmes: Thank you.
Jim Moriarty: Didn't mean it as a compliment.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, you did.
Jim Moriarty: Yeah, okay, I did!

Jim Moriarty: Jim? Jim from the hospital?
Jim Moriarty: Oh, did I really make such a fleeting impression? But then, I suppose, that *was* rather the point.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
[from trailer]
Professor Moriaty: Are you sure you want to play this game?
Sherlock Holmes: I'm afraid you'd lose.

Professor Moriaty: [as he writes his notes] Fine choice, this place. Do you have the letter?
Irene Adler: It was taken.
Professor Moriaty: Taken? That is unfortunate.
Irene Adler: During the chaos created by your package.
Irene Adler: [to the waiter who is serving her tea] Thank you.
Irene Adler: Perhaps, if you had shared your plans.
Professor Moriaty: You wish to know my plans now, dear? Do you imagine, Miss Adler, that something would happen to you? Is that why you chose to meet here in a public place? Your favorite restaurant?
[Moran taps his glass three times, causing everyone in the restaurant to immediately leave]
Professor Moriaty: [revealing himself to Irene] I don't blame you. I blame myself. It's been apparent to me for some time that you would succumb to your feelings for him. It isn't the first occasion that Mr. Holmes inconvenienced me in recent months. The question is: What to do about it? That is my problem to solve now. I no longer require your services
[sipping his tea while Adler collapse to her death]

Professor Moriaty: Your clock is ticking.

Professor Moriaty: You see, hidden within the unconscious, there is an insatiable desire for conflict. So, you're not fighting me, so much as you are the human condition. All I want to do is own the bullets and the bandages.

[Holmes is looking at Moriarty and starts analyzing the upcoming fight]
Sherlock Holmes: [v.o] His advantage, my injury. My advantage, his rage. Incoming assault feral, but experienced. Use his momentum to counter.
[as Holmes hits Moriarty in the face, everything stops and the audience watches Moriarty's face]
Professor Moriaty: [v.o] Come now, you really think you're the only one who can play this game?
[Back to the analyzed fight]
Professor Moriaty: Trap arm, target weakness. Follow with haymaker.
Sherlock Holmes: Ah, there we find the boxing champion of Cambridge.
[Holmes throws a hook at Moriarty's face]
Professor Moriaty: Competent, but predictable. Now, allow me to reply.
[Moriarty throws several punches at Holmes' shoulder]
Sherlock Holmes: Arsenal running dry. Adjust strategy.
[Holmes tries to kick Moriarty but fails]
Professor Moriaty: Wound taking its toll.
Sherlock Holmes: As I feared. Injury makes defense untenable. Prognosis, increasingly negative.
[Moriarty corners Holmes against the edge of the cliff]
Professor Moriaty: Let's not waste any more of one another's time. We both know how this ends.
[Moriarty throws Holmes over the balcony and the scene cuts back to the real time]
Sherlock Holmes: Conclusion: inevitable. Unless...
[Holmes blows ashes from his pipe into Moriarty's face, grabs him, and topples them both over the balcony, down the falls]

Sherlock Holmes: Are you familiar with the study of graphology?
Professor Moriaty: I have never given it any serious thought, no.
Sherlock Holmes: The psychological analysis of handwriting. The upwards strokes on the p, the j, the m indicate a genius level intellect. The flourishes on the lower zone denote a highly creative yet meticulous nature. But if one observes the overall slant and pressure of the handwriting there is a suggestion of acute narcissism, a complete lack of empathy, and pronounced inclination toward...
Professor Moriaty: No!
Sherlock Holmes: ...moral insanity.

Professor Moriaty: Rest assured, if you attempt to bring destruction down upon me, I shall do the same to you. My respect for you, Mr. Holmes, is the only reason you are still alive.
Sherlock Holmes: You've paid me several compliments. Let me pay you one in return when I say that, if I were assured of the former eventuality, I would cheerfully accept the latter.

Professor Moriaty: [to Holes] My repect for you, Mr. Holmes, is the only reason you're still alive.

"Sherlock: His Last Vow (#3.3)" (2014)
Jim Moriarty: Miss me?

Jim Moriarty: You're gonna love being dead, Sherlock. No one ever bothers you.

Jim Moriarty: [singing] It's raining/ it's pouring/ Sherlock is boring. It's raining/ I'm crying/ Sherlock is dying.

Jim Moriarty: [singing] It's raining, it's pouring/ Sherlock is boring. I'm laughing, I'm crying/ Sherlock is dying.

Jim Moriarty: John Watson is definitely in danger.

"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem (#2.6)" (1985)
Sherlock Holmes: [voiceover] I had not been back in Baker Street more than half an hour when...
Mrs. Hudson: [Holmes places French Legion of Honour medal in his desk drawer as he hears Mrs. Hudson outside his rooms] But you cannot go up there, sir!
Moriarty: [Holmes then takes a small pistol from the desk drawer moments before Moriarty bursts in through his door] You have less frontal development than I should have expected.
[notices Holmes' hand in his pocket]
Moriarty: It is a dangerous habit to finger loaded firearms in the pocket of one's dressing-gown.
[Holmes slowly removes the small pistol from his pocket, cocks it, and carefully places it on the table in front of him]

Moriarty: [Moriarty suddenly thrusts his hand inside his coat, prompting Holmes to reach for his pistol, but Moriarty only pulls out a small notebook to read from it] You frustrated me in the affair of the French gold.
Sherlock Holmes: Ah, so it *was* you behind "The Red-Headed League." A very ingenious and well-contrived idea.
Moriarty: High praise, from you. You crossed my path first on the fourth of January. By the middle of February I was seriously inconvenienced by you and at the end of March I was absolutely hampered in my plans. And now with this last business in France, you have placed me in such a position by your continual persecution that I am in positive danger of losing my liberty. The situation is becoming an impossible one.
Sherlock Holmes: Have you any suggestion to make?
Moriarty: You must drop it, Mr. Holmes. You really must, you know.

Moriarty: I am quite sure that a man of your intelligence will see that there can be but one outcome to this affair. It is necessary that you should withdraw. You have worked things in such a fashion that we have only one resource left. It has been an intellectual treat to me to see the way in which you have grappled with this matter, but I say, unaffectedly, that it would be a grief to me to be forced to take an extreme measure.
[Holmes smiles slightly]
Moriarty: Oh, you smile, sir, but it really would, I do assure you.
Sherlock Holmes: Danger is part of my trade.
Moriarty: This is not danger. It is inevitable destruction. You stand in the way not merely of an individual but of a mighty organization, the full extent of which, even you, with all your cleverness, have been unable to realize. You must stand clear, Mr. Holmes, or be trodden under foot.

Moriarty: If you are clever enough to bring destruction on me, rest assured, I shall do as much for you.
Sherlock Holmes: You have paid me several compliments, Mr. Moriarty. Let me pay you one in return when I say that if I were assured of the former eventuality, I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept the latter.
Moriarty: I can promise you the one, but not the other.

Without a Clue (1988)
Sebastian: [returning from investigating a strange noise] Nothing, Professor. Probably rats.
Professor James Moriarty: Ah, yes. Rats.

[Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty prepare to have a swordfight on the stage of the Orpheum Theater]
Professor James Moriarty: Ordinarily I do not bother with half-wits and buffoons.
[Holmes reaches to draw a sword from nearby, but grabs Mrs. Hudson's umbrella by accident]
Holmes: Buffoons, is it?
[Moriarty looks annoyed. Realizing his mistake, Holmes quickly tosses the umbrella aside and draws a sword for real this time]
Holmes: Buffoon, is it?
Mrs. Hudson: [Looking on with Dr. Watson] He'll be killed!
Dr. Watson: I quite doubt it, Mrs. Hudson. He's in his element now.

[Professor Moriarty and Sebastian watch from afar as Inspector Lestrade and Lord Smithwick leave 221B Baker Street]
Sebastian: Do you suppose he took the case, Professor?
Professor James Moriarty: What? My dear boy, how could he resist? This is turning out so very well.

[Moriarty's henchmen catch a dockworker spying on them]
Sebastian: Sorry, Professor. We thought the dock was deserted.
Professor James Moriarty: [stepping out of the shadows] Sorry, indeed. I went to all this trouble for the sake of discretion, and then you allow this to happen. Well?
Dockworker: No, no! Nooo!
[Moriarty calmly lights a cigarette as Sebastian cuts the man's throat]
Professor James Moriarty: [pushes dead dockworker into the water] Come on. Let's not be all day about it.

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942)
Professor Moriarty: Brilliant man, Sherlock Holmes, too bad he was honest.

Professor Moriarty: The needle to the last, eh, Holmes?

Professor Moriarty: [as Moriarty drains Holmes's blood] Drop by drop, Holmes. Drop by drop. Eh, in a way I'm almost sorry. You were a stimulating influence to me. But it was obvious that I should win in the end... Closer to the end Holmes. Closer and closer. Each second a few more drops leave your desiccated body. And you can feel them can't you? You're perfectly conscious, aren't you, Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: I shall be conscious long after you're dead, Moriarty.

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975)
Moriarty: [Gambetti's just caught him trying to break a vase over his head] You've got a lovely vase.
Eduardo Gambetti, Blackmailer: And *you* got a lovely face!

Moriarty: You're too shit smart for your own good, boy.

Moriarty: Father forgive me for I have sinned. I don't know why... but ever since I was a little boy... I've been struck with a compulsion to do something ABSOLUTELY ROTTEN every twenty minutes.

The Woman in Green (1945)
Professor Moriarty: We've had many encounters in the past. You hope to place me on the gallows. I tell you I will never stand upon the gallows. But, if you are instrumental in any way in bringing about my destruction, you will not be alive to enjoy your satisfaction.
Sherlock Holmes: Then we shall walk together through the gates of Eternity hand in hand.
Professor Moriarty: What a charming picture that would make.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, wouldn't it. I really think it might be worth it.

Sherlock Holmes: And now, Professor Moriarity, what can I do for you?
Professor Moriarty: Everything that I have to say to you has already crossed your mind.
Sherlock Holmes: And my answer has no doubt crossed yours.
Professor Moriarty: That's final?
Sherlock Holmes: What do you think?

Professor Moriarty: Holmes has one weakness, his insatiable curiosity. If you can rouse that, you can lead him anywhere.

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire Lot (#1.7)" (1999)
Professor James Moriarty: Yes, it boggles the mind, doesn't it, officer Lestrade? And the smaller the mind, the bigger the boggle.

Professor James Moriarty: Cuff her, Fenwick!
Martin Fenwick: [chuckles] With pleasure.
Inspector Beth Lestrade: Oh, must you both be so theatrical?
Professor James Moriarty: But of course, Inspector Lestrade.

Professor James Moriarty: [referring to the vampire] My new partner in crime.
Inspector Beth Lestrade: Partner this, Moriarty!

"Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (#4.0)" (2016)
Professor Moriarty: Dead is the new sexy.

Sherlock Holmes: I saw you die. Why aren't you dead?
Professor Moriarty: Because it's not the fall that kills you, Sherlock. Of all people, you should know that. It's not the fall. It's never the fall. It's the landing.

Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty's dead!
Professor Moriarty: Not in your mind. I'll never be dead there. You once called your brain a hard drive. Well, say hello to the virus.

Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)
Prof. Moriarty: You know, Inspector, this gentleman reads too many detective stories. Sherlock Holmes has tried to slander me on several occasions but his accusations have always been a fiction.

Prof. Moriarty: We are both men of logic and we possess extraordinary intellect. But we are both wasting our forces warring against each other and if I may say so, dear Holmes, this is illogical. We should unite our talents and forces. Such a partnership would be sure to succeed.
Sherlock Holmes: No doubt it would. Professor.
Prof. Moriarty: Then I may assume you accept?
Sherlock Holmes: The picture you paint is a very alluring one. There's only one answer that I can give. Much as I regret it, I shall have to continue to waste my energies. I have only one ambition at present: to see you hanged.

Inspector Cooper: Whiskey in the handle of a walking stick.
Prof. Moriarty: I always find it helps to take a small drink when it's chilly in London, Mr. Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes: Thank you, I never drink before six.
Prof. Moriarty: Would the Inspector like one?
Inspector Cooper: [about to take a sip, but changes his mind] No, never on duty.
Prof. Moriarty: Doctor Watson?
Dr. Watson: No thanks, I am not in the least chilly today.
Prof. Moriarty: What a shame.

"Elementary: The Diabolical Kind (#2.12)" (2014)
Jamie Moriarty: You look a bit tired.
Sherlock Holmes: You look a bit *evil*.

Jamie Moriarty: Would you be surprised to learn you've been on my mind, Joan Watson?
Dr. Joan Watson: Not really.
Jamie Moriarty: I don't typically misread people, but you're more clever than I initially anticipated. More interesting. If you weren't, I would never have been caught.
Dr. Joan Watson: I think you give me too much credit.
Jamie Moriarty: It's what you crave, is it not? Acknowledgment from a superior mind. Evidence that you matter. Why else pursue a partnership with a man like Sherlock?
Dr. Joan Watson: Actually the partnership was his idea. That bothers you, doesn't it?
Jamie Moriarty: I confess I don't understand it, but I'm drawn to things I don't understand. Same as Sherlock. Once I've figured you out, I'll move on. Same as Sherlock.
Dr. Joan Watson: Is that why you've been writing him? Because you want to... understand him?
Jamie Moriarty: Part of it, I suppose.
Dr. Joan Watson: And the rest?
Jamie Moriarty: What do you think?
Dr. Joan Watson: You think you're in love with him. Only you can't be sure, because as much as you claim to know about the world, love is something you don't quite get.
Jamie Moriarty: You'd be surprised what I'd do for love.
Dr. Joan Watson: Nothing crazy people do surprises me.'
Jamie Moriarty: I write to Sherlock because he's the only person on the planet I can really talk to. He writes to me because I'm the only one he can talk to. The only one he can ever truly relate to. If you still don't understand that, you will someday. I promise.

[Moriarty is lying on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound]
Jamie Moriarty: Your letters have meant a great deal to me. I find them influencing my decisions in the most surprising ways.
Sherlock Holmes: You could have killed Agent Mattoo. And from your perspective, it would have been the expedient thing.
Jamie Moriarty: And yet, to you, it would have been repugnant. Tell me, is that how you learned to be one of them? By learning to care how your actions seemed in the eyes of another?
Sherlock Holmes: ...I'm not sure I am one of them.

"BraveStarr: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Part 2 (#1.54)" (1988)
Professor James Moriarty: And as for you, Holmes, I'll be back later. As king of the world, to preside over your doom! Take them. And don't be gentle.
[evil laughter]

Professor James Moriarty: After 365 years, Sherlock Holmes, it is time to meet your doom.

Sherlock Holmes (1922)
Sherlock Holmes: I merely wanted to know you a little better.
Prof. Moriarty: Several Scotland Yard Inspectors tried that. Their lifeless bodies were found floating in the Thames.
Sherlock Holmes: Oh! - Well, of course, if you're as difficult to know as all that, I'd better be getting back my microbes.

Prof. Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes is gradually completing a chain of evidence that will reach to me as surely as I stand here. Something must be done!

"Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia (#2.1)" (2012)
Moriarty: So if you have what you say you have, I will make you rich. If you don't, I'll make you into shoes.

[first lines]
[during the stand-off over the bomb, Moriarty's mobile rings]
Moriarty: [embarrassed] Do you mind if I get that?
Sherlock Holmes: Oh, no, please. You've got the rest of your life.
Moriarty: [answers phone] Hello?
Moriarty: Yes, of course it is. What do you want?
[He mouths, "sorry." to Sherlock, who mouths back, "Oh, it's fine."]
Moriarty: [listens, then shouts] Say that again!
[normal voice]
Moriarty: Say that again and know that if you're lying to me, I will find you and I will sssskin you.

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
[Holmes has climbed onto the roof in search of a missing trophy]
Master Snelgrove: This is truly despicable. Imagine, a cultured student acting like a chimpanzee!
Mrs. Dribb: He'll probably outgrow it. Oh Mr Snelgrove, he's just having a bit of fun. I'm sure you still remember what fun was?
Master Snelgrove: Fun! Besides, this Holmes boy is too precocious, too egotistical, for his own good. Hell never find that trophy!
Rathe: I'll wager a guinea he does!
Master Snelgrove: Done!

Rathe: Holmes, remember what I always taught you: control your emotions or they will be your downfall.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)
Sherlock Holmes: You've a magnificent brain, Moriarty. I admire it. I admire it so much I'd like to present it pickled in alcohol to the London Medical Society.
Professor Moriarty: That would make an interesting exhibit. Holmes, you've only now barely missed sending me to the gallows. You're the one man in England clever enough to defeat me. The situation has become impossible.
Sherlock Holmes: Have you any suggestions?
Professor Moriarty: I'm going to break you Holmes. I'm going to bring off right under your nose the most incredible crime of the century, and you'll never suspect it until it's too late. That will be the end of you Mr. Sherlock Holmes. And when I've beaten and ruined you then I can retire in peace. I'd like to retire; crime no longer amuses me. I'd like to devote my remaining years to abstract science.

Dawes: You wanted to see me, sir?
Professor Moriarty: I'm away for a few weeks, Dawes, and I come back to find my anthurium magenta, my incomparable anthurium magenta, withered, ruined...
Dawes: I can't understand it, sir; I took good care of all the plants.
Professor Moriarty: Did you water them?
Dawes: Every day, sir - just as you told me, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Then how does it happen that I find a spider's web spun across the spout of the watering can?
Dawes: That can happen overnight, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Overnight, huh? Then you didn't water them today?
Dawes: There's been so much to do, sir, preparing for your coming back.
Professor Moriarty: Nothing is as important as the care of my flowers. Through your neglect, this flower has died. You've murdered a flower!
Dawes: Why, I'm sorry, sir.
Professor Moriarty: To think that for merely murdering a man I was incarcerated for six whole weeks in a filthy prison cell.
Dawes: A pity, sir!
Professor Moriarty: A travesty on justice!
Dawes: Quite so, sir.
Professor Moriarty: And for this crime, Dawes, you should be flogged, broken on the wheel, drawn and quartered...
Dawes: Yes, sir. Will that be all, sir?
Professor Moriarty: ...and boiled in oil!
Dawes: Thank you, sir.
Professor Moriarty: Go away.
Dawes: Yes, sir.

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Hounds of the Baskervilles (#1.3)" (1999)
Professor James Moriarty: Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Lestrade.
[kisses her hand]
Inspector Beth Lestrade: Inspector Lestrade to you, Clone-head.

Professor James Moriarty: Today the moon, in less than five minutes: the world.

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976)
Professor Moriarty: Doctor Watson, Mr. Holmes is convinced that I am some sort of criminal mastermind of the most depraved order. I know he is a great and good man. All England resounds with his praise. But in my case he fosters a ghastly illusion and I come to you as his friend rather than turning the matter over to my solicitor.

Professor Moriarty: When must I - -- -Leave?
Mycroft Holmes: Now!

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Adventure of the Mazarin Chip (#2.8)" (2001)
Prime Minister: I am his majesty's representative and I demand to know what you intend.
Professor James Moriarty: My intentions? To make a fortune.

Martin Fenwick: We don't stand a chance!
Professor James Moriarty: Nonsense. I'll merely use the Marazin Chip to turn this room into a transporter and beam us out.
Martin Fenwick: [gasps] Briliant!
Professor James Moriarty: I was kidding, idiot. You obviously haven't watched the classics.

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (#1.13)" (1999)
Professor James Moriarty: I do wish I could stay and verbally spar. Actually, no I don't.

Professor James Moriarty: Holmes, I don't have time to waste. It is Christmas, after all. Just give me my present, and I'll be on my way.

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Adventure of the Empty House (#1.4)" (1999)
Professor James Moriarty: The Laserwave sanitation grid vaporizes all falling debris. Not even New Scotland Yard will be able to find any trace of you!

"Futurama: Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch (#5.5)" (2003)
Moriarty: Right-oh, gents. It's another simulation gone mad, so murder and mayhem, standard procedure.

Sherlock Holmes' Fatal Hour (1931)
Prof. Robert Moriarty, alias Col. Henslowe: Adair!
[Adair turns around and sees no one]
Prof. Robert Moriarty, alias Col. Henslowe: Adair!
Ronald Adair: [Realizing that the voice is coming from a painting of a cardinal] Oh, my God! Am I drunk?
Prof. Robert Moriarty, alias Col. Henslowe: I hope not at ten o'clock in the morning.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010) (V)
Professor Moriarity: And it all worked so perfectly on paper.

Sherlock Holmes (1916)
Professor Moriarty: So, will it be peace or war?

"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: The Musgrave Ritual (#1.12)" (1999)
Professor James Moriarty: [off screen] The British Museum. England's attic.