Sir Mordred
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Sir Mordred (Character)
from Excalibur (1981)

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"Merlin" (1998)
Mordred: Why didn't you kill him, Auntie Mab?
Queen Mab: Because that's what he wanted me to do.

Mordred: Die, dear Auntie Mab? That's the last thing I shall do.

Queen Mab: Don't die!
Mordred: Die? That is the last thing I shall do.
Queen Mab: No...

Mordred: I'm sorry father, but I'm going to destroy you. And this time, your pet wizard won't save you.

Mordred: Good-bye Frick. I'll miss you. No, I won't.

King Arthur Pendragon: It's time to end it all.
Mordred: Well... we agree on that at least. You know father, if you'd lived, I don't think we'd have been very happy as a family.

Mordred: Father, you've hurt me. Here, in my heart. Not usually one of my vulnerable spots.

Mordred: I'll tell you.
King Arthur Pendragon: Who the devil are you?
Mordred: Eloquently put, "Who the devil?". Yes indeed. Who the devil?

Mordred: Oh, I'm hurt, here, in my heart. Not usually my most vulnerable spot. I recognize you, Father.

Mordred: She sleeps alone at last. One day she was laughing, smiling, the next, gone like a summer breeze in the midst of life, etc, etc, etc, and so on and so forth.

King Arthur Pendragon: Guinevere how could you do it? Did you not think of me at all?
Queen Guinevere: You left me alone for years, did you not think of me? What of my honor finding out my husband had a child by a woman called Morgan Le Fay?
Mordred: Good one. Oh, come, Father, this is becoming distressingly personal.

"Merlin: The Drawing of the Dark (#5.11)" (2012)
Mordred: Why?
Merlin: I didn't tell 'im.
Mordred: You gave me your word!
Merlin: I swear!
Mordred: You did it because you hate me.
Merlin: No.
Mordred: This time you've gone too far. You'll pay, Merlin.

Kara: He doesn't care. No matter what he preaches, he is no different form his father. A tyrant. Brute.
Mordred: I thought he and I were friends.
Kara: He's a Pendragon.

Mordred: What are you gonna do to me?
Arthur: I wish I knew.

Morgana: My old friend. Last time we met, you tried to kill me.
Mordred: I am here for a purpose, Morgana. I did not break stride to find you. I bring you the news you have longed for.
Morgana: Arthur's death?
Mordred: The key to it. I was wrong to ever question your wisdom, My Lady, and I wish to make amends.
Morgana: Tell me.
Mordred: There is someone you have been searching for, someone who has always eluded you.
Morgana: Emrys.
Mordred: I know where he is.
Morgana: Where?
Mordred: Camelot. And I have his true name. It is Merlin.
The Dragon: Merlin...

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Trust Betrayed (#1.9)" (1991)
Sir Mordred: There may be many methods by which truth and justice can be protected. But the only truly efficient way to do it is with cold steel. And God help any kingdom foolish enough to forget it.

Sir Mordred: Your technique is good, Bryant, but as always much too formal.
[yells as Sir Bryant trips him from where he landed on the ground disarmed]
Sir Bryant: And you, Mordred, often forget to expect the unexpected.

Sir Mordred: Never start a war without good reason. And never challenge an enemy you cannot defeat.

Sir Mordred: How is it every time I swear to be free of you, I find myself back in your arms?
Lady Morgana: Because you can no more be free of me than the night sky can be free of the stars.

Excalibur (1981)
Mordred: Come, Father. Let us embrace at last.

Mordred: Any message for your dear brother, my father?
Morgana: You are my message.

Mordred: I've come to claim what is mine, Father.
Arthur: Show yourself.
[Mordred takes off his mask]
Arthur: I cannot give you the land. Only my love.
Mordred: That's the one thing of yours I don't want! The quest knights have failed. They're all dead. And YOU... are dead, too. I shall come back and take Camelot by force!

Boy Mordred: You seek what Arthur wants? That thing they call the Grail?
Perceval: I do.
Boy Mordred: Then follow me.
[Mordred leads him to the tree where the decomposing bodies of some of the other quest knights are]
Boy Mordred: They were looking for it too. But they weren't good enough.

"The Mists of Avalon" (2001)
Mordred: I do not like to think that this great King, this great man, my father, is my enemy. And then for the sake of Avalon I must bring him down to nothing. I would rather love him, as all men do. I would like to look on my mother, Lady Morgaine, I would like to look on her who bore me, as my mother. Not as the priestess or the Goddess. I am so weary of Gods and Goddesses, I am weary of my fate.

Mordred: Who was yonder old Roman, who said call no man happy until he is dead?

Morgause: You will be drunk, dear one.
Mordred: So I will be drunk! Let it be. I drink to death, and dishonour.

"Merlin: With All My Heart (#5.9)" (2012)
Mordred: Why don't you kill me?
Morgana: My argument's not with you, Mordred. How could it be? We're of a kind.
Mordred: Never.
Morgana: You wear the uniform well, but we both know what lies beneath. Do you think Arthur would tolerate you for one minute if he knew the truth - one of his knights a sorcerer?
Mordred: One day he will know. One day we will be accepted.
Morgana: Your naivety would be charming if it wasn't so dangerous. Where's Emrys?
Mordred: Emrys?
Morgana: You pretend you do not know of whom I speak?
Mordred: It is a name I've only heard of.
Morgana: He's not here, with you?
Mordred: If he was, would we both not feel the presence of such a great sorcerer?
Morgana: [confused by this news] Then I have no further use for you.
Mordred: [as she's about to blast him] You would strike one of your own? I am not strong enough to defeat you, Morgana, but know this: Such hatred as yours can never triumph. I hope one day you will find the love and compassion which used to fill your heart.

Mordred: Arthur's a lucky man.
Merlin: Yes.
Mordred: Not just to have Gwen, but to have you.
Merlin: He'll find someone else to do his chores soon enough.
Mordred: It was hardly a chore. That was your magic back there, wasn't it? Have no fear. I will not divulge your secret. I admire you. It can't be easy to do so much for so little reward.
Merlin: I do not seek reward.
Mordred: Recognition, then.
Merlin: My friends are safe and well, that's all I require.
Mordred: You see, Merlin, we do have something in common after all - the future of Camelot.

"Doctor Who: Battlefield: Part One (#26.1)" (1989)
Mordred: [to Doctor] Look me in the eye, end my life.
[the Doctor does nothing]
Mordred: Ha! It is a weakness, this lack of spirit!
[the Brigadier points his revolver at Mordred's head]
Brigadier: Try ME.
Morgaine: Ware this man, Mordred, he is steeped in blood.

Mordred: My mother will destroy you!
Brigadier: Just between you and me, Mordred, I'm getting a little tired of hearing about your mother.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: Mordred's Return (#2.17)" (1993)
Sir Mordred: Those bungling idiots better find that girl before Valiant does; otherwise my plans will be ruined. And so, might I add, will your miserable lives.

Sir Mordred: [as he chokes in rage and has to be restrained by Guinevere] Well, Arthur, I can only assume I'm no longer a welcome guest here.
King Arthur: You have my leave, Mordred, to be gone from Camelot, now and forever.
Sir Mordred: That, Sire, is one promise I cannot make. For I *will* return to Camelot, and when I do, it will be to take your throne.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Treaty (#2.22)" (1993)
Sir Mordred: I look forward to seeing you again soon, Valiant. In Camelot.
Prince Valiant: Yes. I suppose that will be unavoidable.

Sir Mordred: Camelot will be my anvil, and you will be my hammer in the north.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Voyage (#2.16)" (1993)
Sir Mordred: Of all the sailing ships in the world, it was yours I had the misfortune to sink. It distresses me very much.
Prince Valiant: I can't say it pleases me very much either.

Sir Mordred: [holding out his sword] This - this is the only language an enemy understands. It's the only sure way to keep the peace.

"Justice League: A Knight of Shadows: Part II (#1.21)" (2002)
[after J'onn destroys the Stone]
Mordred: Have we lost, Mother?
Morgaine Le Fay: This battle. But not the war.

Camelot (1967)
Mordred: I like my women married, my willpower weak, my wine strong, and my saints fallen.

"Justice League Unlimited: Kids' Stuff (#1.3)" (2004)
Mordred: [sees the League] The Justice Babies!
[bursts out laughing]
Young Batman: What are you laughing at, precious?

"Merlin: The Diamond of the Day: Part One (#5.12)" (2012)
Mordred: He was a loyal soldier. In robbing him of his magic, you've lost yourself a powerful ally.
Morgana: Perhaps, but now we know the war can be won, for Arthur is nothing without Emrys, and Emrys is nothing without magic.

"Merlin: Arthur's Bane: Part Two (#5.2)" (2012)
Mordred: The love that binds us is more important than the power we wield.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Blackest Poison (#2.23)" (1993)
Princess Alyssa: We must leave immediately.
Sir Mordred: *I* must leave; *you* must get out of my way.

"Merlin: The Disir (#5.5)" (2012)
Osgar: I am sent from the sacred Disir to pass judgement on Arthur Pendragon, the once and future king.
Mordred: What right have you to pass judgment?
Osgar: No man is above the Disir, however royal. It is my duty to pass their judgment onto you, dread king.

Merlin: The Return (2000)
Mordred: Give me the sword, or the woman dies.
King Arthur: Then take it.
[He tosses Excalibur straight at Mordred, which pierces through his chest]

"Merlin: The Kindness of Strangers (#5.10)" (2012)
Mordred: [catching Merlin sneaking out of camp] Good morning, though technically I think it's still night.
Merlin: I was just going for a...
Mordred: Relieving yourself?
Merlin: Yeah.
Mordred: You always put your boots on to do that, do you?
Merlin: I don't like splinters.

Unidentified Flying Oddball (1979)
Merlin: It is metal it attracts, Sir Mordred! Touch not metal with the blade!
Sir Mordred: May his head be not of metal!

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Jubilee (#2.21)" (1993)
Mordred's Soldier: The signal is not lit, sire.
Sir Mordred: I can see that, you fool.