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Quotes for
Zorro (Character)
from "Zorro" (1957)

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The Legend of Zorro (2005)
Zorro: Elena... My family is my life.

Elena: When I said we were never meant to be together... I meant it.
Zorro: Finally, we agree on something!
[they kiss]

Zorro: What are you doing in a bar?
Joaquin: What are you doing in jail?
Zorro: I asked you first!

Zorro: [after making a "Z" mark on Armand] So the devil will know who sent you.

Zorro: Why are you still wearing his necklace?
Elena: I'm under cover! Besides, these are pearls. You never gave me pearls.
Zorro: I thought you didn't care about things like that.
Elena: I lied. Every woman loves pearls.
Zorro: Well, now you have them, *princess*.

Zorro: [drunk] Count Armand, with his fancy wine and his frufru accent. Nobody leaves my tequila worm dangling in the wind...

Elena: Now keep your promise and go!
Zorro: You cheated so I take it back!

Frey Felipe: Maybe you shouldn't drink so much on an empty stomach.
Zorro: Maybe you should wear lipstick if you're gonna act like my mother.

[De La Vega defeats a roomfull of guards after Joaquin breaks him out of his cell]
Joaquin: Where did you learn to do that?
Zorro: Prison changes a man.

Elena: Follow me!
Zorro: Always.

Zorro: Joaquin.
Joaquin: Papi.

Zorro: [has just gotten out of bed and realizes he is naked] What happened to my clothes?
Lupe: I removed them last night so you wouldn't catch pneumonia.
Zorro: You removed them?
Lupe: After you came back from the cantina you went for a swim.
Zorro: In my clothes?
Lupe: Sí, señor.
Zorro: This hotel doesn't have a pool...
Lupe: We have a fountain.
Zorro: Ah... Well, thank you, Lupe. Perhaps you just can... turn around, eh?

Frey Felipe: Don't bother coming to confession because I'll never forgive you.
Zorro: You blackmail my soul, eh?
Frey Felipe: Hell yes.

Frey Felipe: Do you want her back?
Zorro: Of course I want her back.
Frey Felipe: And will you take him back?
Elena: If I must.

Elena: [looking at the ground] We were never meant to be together.
Zorro: [seeing that she can't look him in the eyes] You don't love him.
Zorro: [Elena looks up, suprised] After ten years of marriage, you cannot hide the truth from me.

Zorro: No matter where you go Armand... the world isn't big enough to hide from me.

Zorro: [to his horse who only understands commands in Spanish] We must work on your English.

Jacob McGivens: You're one blind Mexican. You don't know what you're getting yourself into.
Zorro: Neither do you.

Zorro: [to Joachin] But I don't want to see you breaking anyone else out of jail, alright? Without having permission from me, of course.

The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Lolita Pulido: Why do wear a mask?
Zorro: Perhaps to hide the features of a De Bergerac.

Zorro: I give you a safe rule, good landlady. Never do anything on an empty stomach - but eat!

[Diego is apathetically wooing the woman his father commanded him to marry]
Zorro: I have a servant - a wonder at the guitar. Tonight I shall order him to come out and play beneath your window.
Lolita Pulido: I have a maid - passionately fond of music!

[Zorro is passionately wooing Lolita]
Zorro: If this could be - The high Sierras I would level to your feet - The wild waves on Capistrano's shore should pay you homage - I'd make the desert a million roses yield - - to die in shame before your beauty- If this could be!

Zorro: Justice for all! Punishment for the oppressors of the helpless - from the governor down.

Zorro: Once, in a garden I saw a beautiful rose - I sought to pluck it - quickly. It stung me - Then - - slowly - - cautiously - I reached for it - - and the rose was mine!
Lolita Pulido: Indeed! Then I'm but another rose?
Zorro: An, no señorita. You are too wonderful! I dare not even hope.

Lolita Pulido: Your swordsmanship? Where did you learn the blade?
Zorro: In Spain, señorita, where there are no eyes like yours.

Zorro: Oh, such lips! Turn not away. Your face is heaven - all else is blackness!

Lolita Pulido: I - give you - freely - the kiss he would have taken.
Lolita Pulido: I fear for your safety, señor.
Zorro: Fear not - their wits are as slow as their blades. The weapons you use pierce deep, señorita.

Zorro: You idlers! You wasters! You fashion-plates! You sit and sip your wine while the naked back of an unprotesting soldier of Christ is lashed with the whip!

Zorro: The heaven-kissed hills of your native California swarm with the sentinels of oppression! Are your pulses dead? Thank God, mine is not - and I pledge you my blood's as noble as the best!

Zorro: No force that tyranny could bring would dare oppose us - once united. Our country's out of joint. It is for us caballeros, and us alone, to set it right!

Zorro: Justice for all!

Zorro: You trust me, Señorita?
Lolita Pulido: To love is to trust, señor.

Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)
Esteban: A little clumsy, are you not, my friend?
Zorro: To be your friend I would have to be more than clumsy. I would have to be stupid.

Esteban: Is your blade as sharp as your tongue?
Zorro: Is yours as dull as your wit?

Zorro: You recognize that famous sign, eh?
Old Man: Oh, yes, Señor. It is the number 2.
Zorro: That is a not a 2! It is a Z!
Old Man: Oh, if you say so, Señor. But in the school, that is how they teach my granddaughter to draw a Two.
Zorro: *I* say it is a *Z* - For El Zorro!
Old Man: [kisses his boot] Zorro! Oh, thank God you're back!
Zorro: Spread the news, that he is back! To help the helpless! To befriend the friendless! And to defeat... er, the "featless."

Charlotte Taylor Wilson: [Zorro about to be executed in her place] I have only one regret... that you will not live to see the glorious revolution that you have brought about...
Zorro: [to himself] Why doesn't she say something like, I will love you forever? When's she going to say that?
Charlotte Taylor Wilson: I will love you forever!

Charlotte Taylor Wilson: How can there be two of you?
Zorro: You always say, when the revolution came, there would be more for everyone.

Esteban: [to guards] Remember, he is cunning, he is crafty. He's not just going to walk in here and say 'Here I am!'
Zorro: Here I am!

[Zorro has backed the evil soldier Garcia against a tree, and carved a 'Z' in the tree trunk above his head]
Zorro: Does that not strike terror in your heart?
Garcia: No, Señor. B-but I'm new to the region!
Zorro: You do not recognize and fear the sign, the mark... of El Zorro?
Garcia: [lifts up his eyepatch to look at it] I love it!

The Mark of Zorro (1974) (TV)
Don Diego/Zorro: Why is it that the scoundrels of the world are always remembered and the well-bred men completely forgotten?
Theresa: Perhaps it's because there is nothing particularly memorable about scented bathtubs.

Theresa: [shuts door as uncle leaves, turns and sees Diego there] You?
Don Diego/Zorro: Yes.
Theresa: How... how did you get here?
Don Diego/Zorro: Well, a man can do many things if he must.
Theresa: [gasps and smiles] I must be dreaming, you are Zorro!
Don Diego/Zorro: [puts finger to lips] I'm sorry I had to decieve you tonight but to accomplish what I must I had to decieve many people.
Theresa: And I suppose you came to tell me that asking for my hand was merely part of the game?
Don Diego/Zorro: Oh no. It is the one real thing in the whole masquerade.
[they kiss]

Captain Esteban: I trust you find this room more to you're liking?
Don Diego/Zorro: Well this room is already stained in blood... a little more won't make any diffrence

Captain Esteban: I see you're dressed for a funeral
Don Diego/Zorro: On the contary... the funeral shall be yours

"Zorro: Dead Men Tell No Tales (#1.1)" (1990)
Alcalde Luis Ramone: Good evening, Zorro. Those shots were a warning... the pleasure of killing you is mine.
Zorro: My sword says differently, Señor Alcalde.

Ricardo Cortez: But h-how did you know I was really still alive?
Zorro: The insignia of the great Calederon Theater Company, Mexico City - so nicely embossed upon your saddlebags. Who would want to kill an actor, I asked myself? Not even his harshest critic.

[Zorro sets Sergeant Mendoza's pants on fire with the lens of his telescope]
Zorro: Yes, Sergeant, I burn, too. I apologize if I've made you uncomfortable, but such are the forces of nature when harnessed by man. I burn, too - with injustice! Alcaide, a remarkable thing has occurred... a dead man has been resurrected. May I present Ricardo Cortes, alias a corpse known as Morales.
Alcalde Luis Ramone: Seize him!
[the Alcaide's men charge towards Zorro]
Zorro: Another step and your old school friend may die yet again.

"Zorro: Death Stacks the Deck (#1.19)" (1958)
Zorro: [Garcia sneaks up on Zorro. Annoyed, Zorro aims a gun at Garcia's stomach] "I am not sure what impression this little bullet will make of that huge stomach of yours, Sargeant... but I'm willing to find out!

Zorro: [Sgt. Garcia aims a wine bottle at Zorro] And you, Sargeant! Stay away from wine!
[Zorro shoots the bottle. Garcia chases Zorro. Zorro knocks him unconscious with a wine jug]
Zorro: I warned you, Sargeant, to stay away from wine!

Carlos Urista: You can use the money, but what can an outlaw do with the Rancho Santio? Perhaps you and I can make a deal.
Zorro: I would be glad to make a deal with you, señor. If in two hours you are within 5 miles of the Pueblo de Los Angeles, I'll kill you!

"Zorro: Exposing the Tyrant (#2.29)" (1959)
Andres Felipe Basilio: You did not know about this treasonable traffic, did you? Otherwise *you* would be guilty of treason yourself.
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: All right, then I am guilty! Because I knew of it.
Andres Felipe Basilio: Knew about it! Do you realize what you're saying?
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: Si. Even the governor and the viceroy, they know that we trade with other ships that come to California. It is a common practice.
Andres Felipe Basilio: Are you confessing to treason in open court?
Zorro: They tell me, your excellency, that confession is good for the soul.

Zorro: [after slicing off Basilio's coat and vest and cutting on of his suspenders] For the sake of modesty, senior, we will assume the pants were made in Spain.

The Bold Caballero (1936)
Zorro: Well met, father.
The Priest: God's blessing on the meeting.

"Zorro: It's a Wonderful Zorro (#2.14)" (1990)
Zorro: [after throwing Ramon up against a wall] From this moment on, you are this far away from death. At night, look closely into every shadow for my sword. And by the cold light day, know that I am just one step behind you like the fox that I am. Mark me well, one sinister move, one malicious deed, and I will swoop down on you like God's thunder. From this moment on, I own your evil heart and I will crush it, if you hurt this pueblo anymore.

"Zorro: Slaves of the Eagle (#1.16)" (1958)
Zorro: [to the peons who have grabbed the fake tax collector and his companions] Thank you, señores. Never has Zorro had such capable allies!

"Zorro: The Legend Begins: Part 3 (#1.10)" (1990)
Zorro: [taking off on a flying machine based on Leonardo da Vinci's model] I hope da Vinci knew what he was doing...

"Zorro: Water (#1.3)" (1990)
Zorro: [to the soldiers] This puzzles me. Why steal a pig from these poor farmers when you already have the Alcalde, the biggest pig in California?

"Zorro: The Deadly Bolas (#1.33)" (1958)
Zorro: [rescuing Bernardo who is also dressed as Zorro] Buenas noches, señores.
Carlos Murrietta: Zorro? Two of them.
Zorro: I hate to spoil your fun, señores, but we Zorros must stick together.

"Zorro: The Wizard (#2.1)" (1990)
Dr. Henry Wayne: Incredible! A secret cave - how splendid!
Zorro: I thought you might appreciate it.
Dr. Henry Wayne: Oh, I do, I do... Is that a laboratory I see?
Zorro: Exactly. I have great respect for scientific endeavor, Dr. Wayne, so long as it is used for progress and not suppression. You do have a certain inventive genius.
Dr. Henry Wayne: You really think so?
Zorro: The only proof of it will be what good you can do with it. Any fool can wreak havoc.

"Zorro: Zorro Takes a Dare (#2.30)" (1959)
Andres Felipe Basilio: [to Moneta] After tonight, you and your father and the de la Vegas will see who is amused!
Zorro: [putting his sword to Basilio's back] Your excellency finds strange ways to amuse himself.

"Zorro: Shadow of Doubt (#1.14)" (1958)
Zorro: [after jumping from a runaway carriage with her] Forgive me, senorita, but I usually help a lady from her carriage rather more gracefully than this.
Maria Crespo: You are not Esteban Rojas.
Zorro: Should I be?
Maria Crespo: That wicked creature! He told me he was Zorro and he only killed the commandante because the commandante was a wicked man.
Zorro: One moment, senorita.
[whistles for Tornado]
Zorro: So it was Esteban Rojas who killed the commandante, huh?
Maria Crespo: Yes, he said he was Zorro and that he would get poor Josafat out of prison.
Zorro: He will not get Josafat out of prison, but you will. All you have to do is tell Sergeant Garcia that-
[notices that Maria is staring at him strangely]
Zorro: What is the matter, senorita? Are you ill?
Maria Crespo: If he wasn't Zorro, then you must be.
Zorro: Yes, I am Zorro.
Maria Crespo: Oh, no!

"Zorro: Sweet Face of Danger (#1.17)" (1958)
Magdalena Montes: Oh, why didn't you let him kill me?
Zorro: I will be a long time explaining that to myself.