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Vanesa Balboa (Character)
from "Vecinos" (2005)

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"Vecinos: Se acabó el agua (#1.4)" (2005)
Vanesa Balboa: Hey, Silvia, I know you have certain experience with guys, even when your relationships don't last that much. I know you go out a lot. So, Does someone have take you to the Climax?
Silvia Olvera: [nervous when she thinks it's about sex] Well, yes... yes, they have tried, but the truth is that I have get there all by myself, Why are you asking for?
Vanesa Balboa: It's just that my friend Matías promised me to take me to the total Climax, but I'm nervous.
Silvia Olvera: It's quite normal to feel nervous, But make sure that he's telling you only the truth.
[she leaves]
Vanesa Balboa: [she grabs her cell phone to tlak with Matías] It's a deal, tonight we're going to dance to the Climax.
[all the time she meant a dancing]