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Officer Tom Hanson (Character)
from "21 Jump Street" (1987)

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"21 Jump Street: Pilot (#1.1)" (1987)
Captain Briody: He's got an undercover program. It's the Mayor's baby. Nobody on the force knows about this except Silver Shields and Up. It's called Jump Street Chapel. Now the reason it's called that is because this particular undercover unit works out at an old abandoned chapel on the corner of Jump Street and Sixth. Interested?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Not yet.
Captain Briody: Every year the department takes younger looking officers. At least younger looking ones we think can handle the pressure. Teach them how to be teenagers again. Then we send them out to various high schools where we could use a good man undercover.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Kinda like Fast Times at Bust Ya Buddy High?
Captain Briody: Kinda.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yeah. No, thanks. Y'see, I hated high school the first, you know. Swimmin' in gym class without trunks, health films, not getting the girl you wanted because you're not wearing groovy enough shoes. And I don't think I'd get off cutting some kid for a spit ball at his chemistry teacher.
Captain Briody: I've had eleven homicides in high schools since December.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: Look, I went to the academy to go and patrol, to be a police officer like my... To enforce the law.
Captain Briody: Tom, it's either this, or I assign you to a desk at progress centre until you look old enough to be a cop.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: This is Jump Street Chapel, right?
Officer Doug Penhall: Only if you're Catholic. Ioki, here, thinks it's a Buddhist temple. Me? I think it's a synagogue. You know, my Mom's Jewish, which only means I get to celebrate both guilt and Hell.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, you see, his father used to be a priest, so don't play bingo with this guy. He's a killer.

Charlie: [after a car chase] Okay buster, get your hands were I can see them and freeze!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Wait a minute, don't shoot! I'm a cop!
Charlie: Says who?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Says me.
Charlie: [to Tom Hanson] Hanson. I should have known. I didn't recognize you without the bandage on your partner's nose.

Bartender: Bud Light?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Right.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: [about Hoffs] Hey Jenk, you know I'm starting to like that lady. What's her deal?
Captain Richard Jenko: Hey, don't sweat it man. You'd never make the wait.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Don't bet on it.

[last lines]
Off. Tom Hanson #2: [setting up his sax] Well, I figure maybe I can sit in with you guys for a set.
Captain Richard Jenko: You? You're going to sit in with us? You?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yeah, if you can keep up.
Captain Richard Jenko: Say what? Hey, don't strain yourself bro.

Captain Richard Jenko: Like that sound?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Not really.
Captain Richard Jenko: Me neither, PRAISE GOD HALLELUJAH! Maybe I'm saved! Been a deadhead since Woodstock!
Off. Tom Hanson #2: I didn't go, I was only 5.

Captain Richard Jenko: [holding bag of chips] Breakfast?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: No thanks, I'll grab an omelet.
Captain Richard Jenko: Uh-uh. No you won't. When was the last time you saw a teenager have a cup of black coffee and an omelet for breakfast? Uh-uh, from now on it's potato chips, soda pop, French fries and pizza man! It's the Pepsi generation, sport!
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Don't call me sport, okay?
Captain Richard Jenko: Hey pard, I'm your boss, I'll call you anything I want, have a seat, sport.

Captain Richard Jenko: Now we're about 4 weeks ahead of you, Hanson, so I'm going to have to rush you through some of the training.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: What kind of training?
Captain Richard Jenko: Hoffs! Gonna teach you how to be a teenager again, how does that grab you, sport? I'm talking about the bad kind, the kind that gets into trouble, the kind you're gonna have to be like so they think you're one of them.

"21 Jump Street: Don't Pet the Teacher (#1.3)" (1987)
Susan Chadwick: Hi.
Officer Tom Hanson: Hi.
Susan Chadwick: Looks like you could use some help.
Officer Tom Hanson: Yeah I could. My tire's flat.
Susan Chadwick: Only on the bottom.

Officer Tom Hanson: [playing baseball] Good eye, Harry. Wait for your pitch.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Hey, you guys may have invented the game, but we perfected it.
Officer Doug Penhall: Yeah, sushi and baseball both, right?

[Jenko arguing about Hanson's date with the teacher]
Officer Tom Hanson: I'm sorry.
Captain Richard Jenko: Hey, hey, you're a person. You don't have to apologize for having a personal life. You should just always remember to have it on your two-week-vacation each year.

Susan Chadwick: Boys didn't kiss like this when I was in high school.
Officer Tom Hanson: It's a good thing, you never would have graduated.

[last lines]
Susan Chadwick: Hi.
Officer Tom Hanson: Can I buy you a drink?
Susan Chadwick: Why don't we just stay in?

Principal Weintraub: [Hanson has been forced to reveal his true identity] Why wasn't I notified?
Officer Tom Hanson: Because then it wouldn't be undercover.

Susan Chadwick: You lied to me.
Officer Tom Hanson: No, I misled you. And as weak as it sounds, I was just doing my job.

"21 Jump Street: Mean Streets and Pastel Houses (#1.12)" (1987)
Off. Doug Penhall: Studs and leather, here I come. KKK - awesome band.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Band?
Off. Doug Penhall: KKK- Klean Kut Kids. It's a band. It's a gang. It's a floorwax. You gotta keep up with the popular culture, Hanson.
Captain Adam Fuller: Sorry, Penhall. They're not gonna buy two of you. one of you goes in hardcore, the other's just cute.
Off. Doug Penhall: Hanson? What are you breaking the laws of nature here? I'm a natural.

Lancer: The stupid new kid.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Fine. I see I'm going to have to put this into terms you can understand. That's my stepbrother, Douglas. He's kinda lame, but it's not his fault. You kick his tail - he tells my stepdad - my stepdad kicks my tail. Then I'm going to have to come back here and kick your tail. So, why don't we leave him out and I'll just kick your tail right now?
Lancer: Ooh tough talk, Junior. You see, uh...
Off. Tom Hanson #2: It's a custom. Getting used to newcomers like that. I appreciate it.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: You know, man, this thing was completely bizarre. I mean, it's like this weird apparition off shot you know.
Off. Doug Penhall: Let me guess, you stood in the corner and took votes all night.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: No man, I got out there and got into it.
Off. Doug Penhall: You slammed and I missed it?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yeah, you get out there and you bash into a bunch of other guys. You sweat a lot. I mean it's just another sub culture. Taking orders, packing rules, that kind of thing.

Captain Adam Fuller: Don't you ever do that again! You call, you get somebody, you get arrested, but you do not leave me sitting here wondering if you are alive. Penhall said he stuck with you as long as possible, then he came back and reported in, which is what you are supposed to do.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yes, sir.

[last lines]
Off. Tom Hanson #2: You know this means I'll have to arrest you, right?
Brian Gans: I know.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: I'm sorry.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: [about Lancer] I don't get it, what does he want with a bunch of high school kids?
Captain Adam Fuller: You said they worship his music, maybe he wants to be God. It's a great position to be in if you think about it.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: You could always quit.
Brian Gans: And what? Go back to being a jock? President of the student council for gosh's sake?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: WHY NOT!
[gritted teeth]
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Why not?

"21 Jump Street: Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins (#2.12)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: [while mechanics are turning his vintage Mustang into a drag racer] Why can't they just shoot it and put it out of it's misery?

Officer Tom Hanson: This is a vintage machine, it's a work of *art*. It's like a - it's like a Da Vinci.
Officer Doug Penhall: Now it's a Warhol.

Russell Buckins: Would you forget about the tattoo?
Officer Tom Hanson: You can't forget about a tattoo, man, that's the point!

Officer Doug Penhall: You okay?
Officer Tom Hanson: I can beat this guy.
Officer Doug Penhall: Beat him? What're you talking about? You're not even supposed to race him!

Captain Adam Fuller: You guys are going back to the academy.
Officer Tom Hanson: What?
Officer Doug Penhall: Are you kidding?
Captain Adam Fuller: [points at his face] Do I look like I'm kidding, Penhall?
Officer Doug Penhall: No.

Officer Tom Hanson: He didn't do anything, it was my fault.
Captain Adam Fuller: That's right, he didn't do ANYTHING. That's why the department calls it acquiescing. Partners are responsible for each other, you know that, and you know that it works both ways. Your screw up last night could cost him HIS job too, think about it. That's all.

"21 Jump Street: Blindsided (#1.8)" (1987)
Officer Doug Penhall: [after being awaken in the middle of the night by Hanson] Why didn't you call?
Officer Tom Hanson: You wouldn't have let me in.
Officer Doug Penhall: I know. Why didn't you call?

Officer Tom Hanson, Officer Doug Penhall: [simultaneously, as the McQuaid brothers] Hello! Hah!

Officer Tom Hanson: [to Captain Fuller] I broke this girl down in the produce section!

[last lines]
Diane Nelson: Thank you.
Officer Tom Hanson: No, no, no. Thank you. You don't bowl do you?

Officer Tom Hanson: I think we're dealing with sexual molestation here.
Officer Doug Penhall: Maybe you SHOULD whack her father, maybe I should do it FOR you.

"21 Jump Street: The Worst Night of Your Life (#1.5)" (1987)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Hey, Penhall, did you go to your prom?
Off. Doug Penhall: What is that a trick question? Hanson, I went to my first prom when I was eleven.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Well, I never went to mine. I guess when I was in high school, I never believed it was the last time I was gonna be there.
Off. Doug Penhall: Ioki, what do you think we do all day?

Off. Doug Penhall: Hanson, Hanson, Hanson. I'm trying to save your life here, but you're going to have to give me a little help. Bowling? I once knew a kid who's father was a bowler. He ran away from home. He was three. His mother helped him!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Listen, Penhall, maybe there's still time. You know, maybe Thomas here isn't any good.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: You want to know what my handicap is?
Off. Doug Penhall: Yeah, bowling!

Off. Doug Penhall: What do you want me to do? Kill myself?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yes!
Captain Richard Jenko: [as the guys come in dressed for the prom] Well, well, well. Far out. Looks like we've got a Japanese Elvis Presley, a pimp, and the butler.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: With the budget we've got, you're lucky we could afford to rent the pants.
Captain Richard Jenko: Maybe you should go without the pants, tell them you're a poor butler.

Off. Tom Hanson #2: [after bowling a strike] Oh! Another slam-a-rino for the Kingpins! Yeah!
Girl Sitting With Penhall: Your friend?
Off. Doug Penhall: [chuckling] Yeah well, sort of I guess.
Girl Sitting With Penhall: He's very good, isn't he?
Off. Doug Penhall: If you like guys who say "slam-a-rino", yeah

"21 Jump Street: Gotta Finish the Riff (#1.6)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: Look, without Jenko this thing's gonna be nothing but Charlie's Angels.
Captain Briody: Do you want to give me a break, Hanson, or do you want to get back to that desk at headquarters?
Officer Tom Hanson: What I want is for the mayor to realize he just can't plug some new guy into a program like this. I mean, who's gonna run it? You?
Captain Briody: I don't have the wardrobe. Adam Fuller. The guy's a Captain, transferred out of the sixteenth precinct. Before that he was N.Y.P.D., spent eleven years undercover.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, probably going to tell us he was in Sirpicles graduating class.
Captain Briody: Look, you guys don't have to like this, but you're signed on for professional police officers, and I expect you to act like it.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Look, Captain, with all due respect, but there is no way anyone is gonna take Jenko's place.
Captain Adam Fuller: I have no intentions of taking Jenko's place.

Officer Tom Hanson: I usually work with Penhall on an assignment like this.
Captain Adam Fuller: Ah. Are you guys dating?

Captain Adam Fuller: Now remember you gotta get close to Madigan and I.D. the gang members.
Officer Judy Hoffs: How are we supposed to do that?
Captain Adam Fuller: You're undercover cops. You're supposed to have an imagination. But use your heads 'cause I'm sending you in armed.
Officer Tom Hanson: Hey, Jenko never sent us into a school armed.
Captain Adam Fuller: That was Jenko. And what I'm looking at here is a Frasier blood who wants to kill a principle.

Captain Adam Fuller: You don't have to call me sir, I'm not uniform.
Officer Tom Hanson: Good cops like you are always in uniform.

21 Jump Street (2012)
Tom Hanson: Tom Hanson, DEA!

Tom Hanson: [pointing gun at Schmidt and Jenko] Goddamn it! Tom Hanson, DEA!
[pointing gun at Domingo]
Tom Hanson: On your knees! Now!
Officer Doug Penhall: Fuck! Doug Penhall, DEA! You're under arrest!
Domingo: What the...
Officer Doug Penhall: Put your guns on the ground!
Schmidt: Yes! Yes!
Tom Hanson: Shut the fuck up! You dweebs just ruined a five year investigation!
Schmidt: We had no idea, you're like, an amazing actor, man.
Domingo: You played saxophone at my sister's wedding, man!
Tom Hanson: Tough titty, I fucked her too!
Domingo: What?
Tom Hanson: You little turds. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to infiltrate a gang like this? You see this nose? This is a fake nose. You want to wear a fake nose on your fucking head? For, like, months on end!
Schmidt: There are worse things in the world.
Tom Hanson: We had to get fucking tattoos on our dicks, man!
Officer Doug Penhall: Actually, I just said that to mess with you.
Tom Hanson: What?
Officer Doug Penhall: It looks tough.
Jenko: Hey, man, look we know what its like being undercover. Metro Police, Jump Street division.
Tom Hanson: You're with the Jump Street? That's funny, because we were actually Jump Street.
Jenko: What? That's crazy, man!
Tom Hanson: Yeah!

Tom Hanson: [in disguise, regarding Schmidt and Jenko] If they're cops, I'm DEA.

Tom Hanson: You little dweebs just ruined a five-year investigation.
Schmidt: We had no idea. You're, like, an amazing actor, man.
Domingo: You played saxophone at my sister's wedding, man.
Tom Hanson: Tough titty. I fucked her, too.
Domingo: What?
Tom Hanson: You little turds. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to infiltrate a gang like this? Do you see this nose? That is a fake nose. Do you want to wear a fake nose on your fuckin' head for, like, months on end? Glue and shit?
Schmidt: Worse things in the world.
Tom Hanson: We had to get fuckin' tattoos on our dicks, man.
Officer Doug Penhall: Yeah, actually, I just said that to mess with you.

"21 Jump Street: America, What a Town (#1.2)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: You guys have any idea how much I pay to insure the mustang? Huh? Three months ago the thing was parked. Parked! Some uninsured doofus hits me, and they raise my rates.
Officer Doug Penhall: Maybe you should've had "uninsured doofus protection".
Officer Tom Hanson: Won't do any good if you're under twenty five.

Officer Doug Penhall: [incredulous] They're running!
Officer Tom Hanson: [resigned] They're running.

Officer Tom Hanson: Gentlemen, we have some excruciatingly bad news for you guys. We're cops. You're under arrest.
Stevie Delano: [laughing] I love these guys! These guys are great.
Officer Doug Penhall: No really. We really are cops.
Stevie Delano: I think they're serious. You guys are really cops?
[Hanson and Penhall simultaneously flash their guns]
Mark: Aw Jeeze.
Stevie Delano: Oh man. What a lousy way to make a living.

"21 Jump Street: How Much Is That Body in the Window? (#2.10)" (1987)
Officer Doug Penhall: Can't a guy be in a good mood?
Officer Tom Hanson: Not if he's you. Now cut it out, you're scaring us.

[last lines]
Officer Tom Hanson: Get over here.

Amy Pearson: Getting the right people to come to these meetings is half the battle. Go ahead and read it, if it's not right for you, maybe you could pass it on to someone you think would be a good role model. Lot of good kids out there.
Officer Tom Hanson: Yeah, there's a lot of bad ones out there too.
Amy Pearson: [about Hanson's reluctance to get involved] I wonder why.

"21 Jump Street: Besieged: Part 1 (#2.2)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: In two weeks, I'm gonna disappear!
Officer Doug Penhall: [to Hanson] Do you hear something?
Officer Tom Hanson: No. Do you?

Officer Tom Hanson: And where does a kid that age get sixty grand?
Officer Judy Hoffs: Dealing crack.
Captain Adam Fuller: Right. This is Sergeant James Adabo. He's sort of the local expert on the subject of raw cocaine.

Ronnie Seebok: This is what I've got to say. What have you got to say?
Officer Tom Hanson: I want to work for you.

"21 Jump Street: My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (#1.4)" (1987)
Female Student: Is that what they tossed you out of Westminster for?
Officer Doug Penhall: No, that was more of an honor code situation.
Officer Tom Hanson: [gesturing towards Hanson] That dork violated the honor code?
Officer Doug Penhall: Well, he's really quite corrupt once you get to know him.

Officer Tom Hanson: So how was the trip?
Officer Doug Penhall: Uneventful. Aside from them making me walk through customs with a kilo of cocaine in a false bottom suitcase!
Officer Doug Penhall: You what? You mulled it through?

Officer Tom Hanson: You know what I think? I think you always hated these people until you got a chance to be one of them.
Officer Doug Penhall: Well you know what? Maybe you're right because now I hate YOU.

"21 Jump Street: Besieged: Part 2 (#2.3)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: Death benefits?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: No, according to the computer now I'm dead, but it pays more. What do you think?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I think I'm going to cash it.
Officer Tom Hanson: Ioki, if you're dead, how can you cash the check?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I've got two forms of I.D.

Sal 'Blowfish' Banducci: Go home! You know what I do when my toilet gets stopped up at home?
Officer Tom Hanson: I can't imagine!
Sal 'Blowfish' Banducci: I call a plumber, you can't work all the time.

Officer Tom Hanson: Hey Doug, how you doing? I was worried about you.
Officer Doug Penhall: Why? I'm fine.
Officer Tom Hanson: Well you blew out of here last night, you didn't say anything, and I called you half the night and
[clears throat]
Officer Tom Hanson: you weren't home.
Officer Doug Penhall: Yeah?
Officer Tom Hanson: Yeah, so what'd you do? Did you get lucky?
[impersonates Doug]
Officer Tom Hanson: Hi, I'm Doug Penhall, I'm so depressed, won't you take me to bed and cheer me up?
Officer Doug Penhall: ...Went home early, went to sleep, guess I didn't hear the phone. You got a sick mind.

"21 Jump Street: In the Custody of a Clown (#2.1)" (1987)
[last lines]
Captain Adam Fuller: Am I understood?
Officer Tom Hanson, Officer Doug Penhall: Yes, Sir.
Captain Adam Fuller: Now get out of here. Oh and guys, that's a two day suspension without pay.

Officer Tom Hanson: What would your parents do? Would your parents pay 75 grand to get Doug back?
Officer Doug Penhall: Doug who?

"21 Jump Street: The Dragon and the Angel (#3.7)" (1989)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Doug I know you're sorry, You know how I know? You've apologised to me 430 times! You cleaned my desk, You washed my car... You brought a whoopie cushion... You've sharpened all my pencils!
Off. Doug Penhall: Any of them need re-sharpening?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: No! No...
Off. Doug Penhall: Well, It's just that, you know, shooting your partners just a very stupid thing to do! You gotta be a little mad at me.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: No I'm not
Off. Doug Penhall: Oh you gotta be... You know it's very unhealthy to keep this stuff couped up, you should let some steam off get it off your chest.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Alright! Alright. I sharpen my own pencils pal, understand? Noone sharpens my pencils but me... Noone
Off. Doug Penhall: Then you are a little mad...
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Of course I'm mad you shot me in the ass! and I'll never forgive you okay? There.
Off. Doug Penhall: Oh Wonderful, Terrific! One little mistake and you're gonna keep a grudge over me for the rest of my life? Fabulous!

Off. Doug Penhall: I hope you don't have one already... Tada!
Off. Tom Hanson #2: It's very nice... What is it?
Off. Doug Penhall: It's a pillow.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Where's the rest of it?
Off. Doug Penhall: No, it's supposed to be like that... It's for guys who have...
Off. Tom Hanson #2: What?
Off. Doug Penhall: Hemroids.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: You hope I don't already have one? Make this go away
Off. Doug Penhall: Okay... I'll put it over here, in case you change your mind. It's right here alright?

"21 Jump Street: Old Haunts in the New Age (#4.6)" (1989)
Officer Tom Hanson: Doug, you know there's going to be a million vampires at this Halloween dance tonight?
Officer Doug Penhall: What? I'm Count Chocula!

Off. Tom Hanson #2: Aliens travel 6 light years for a good deal on a car stereo BELIEVE IT... or not.
Off. Doug Penhall: You're never going to let me forget this, are you?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: DOUG, YOU'RE PSYCHIC!

"21 Jump Street: Chapel of Love (#2.14)" (1988)
Off. Tom Hanson #2, Officer Harry Truman Ioki, Sal "Blowfish" Banducci: [simultaneously] Don't go in the bar, Penhall!

Off. Doug Penhall, Off. Tom Hanson #2: [at the same time] THROW IN A CHIP, HARRY!
Off. Doug Penhall: [to Hanson] Poke, poke, you owe me a Coke!

"21 Jump Street: You Oughta Be in Prison (#2.9)" (1987)
Officer Doug Penhall: It's different when you're a natural.
Officer Tom Hanson: That's right, you're an actor now.

Laurel Peterson: Would you call this a case of life imitating art?
Officer Tom Hanson: Yeah, sure.

"21 Jump Street: Honor Bound (#2.8)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: [in a thick Kentucky accent] Hey! Did you steal that earring from your Momma, little buddy?
Officer Doug Penhall: Why would I want to do that if your Mother gives them to me for free?

Commandant Max McGee: [reading Hanson/Harrison's file] Fighting, disrespect of superior officers...
Officer Tom Hanson: [as Sgt. Harrison] It was a confusing time of my life, Sir.
Commandant Max McGee: It was last month, Harrison

"21 Jump Street: Last Chance High (#4.20)" (1990)
School Principal: I like the hat!
Off. Tom Hanson #2: I like the hair!
Off. Doug Penhall: Very false
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Nice sheen: Only one thing missing...
Off. Tom Hanson #2, Off. Doug Penhall: [together] BANGS!

"21 Jump Street: Higher Education (#2.6)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [referring on Blowfish's role at Jump Street] You ever wonder what he really does around here?
Officer Tom Hanson: He's a janitor.

"21 Jump Street: Christmas in Saigon (#2.11)" (1987)
[last lines]
Officer Tom Hanson: To Reggie Peterson of Virginia.
Captain Adam Fuller: And to everyone else we left behind there.

"21 Jump Street: Bad Influence (#1.7)" (1987)
[last lines]
Officer Tom Hanson: What do you think?
Officer Doug Penhall: I don't know. There's always the possibility they might be telling the truth.
Officer Doug Penhall, Officer Tom Hanson: Nah.

"21 Jump Street: Next Generation (#1.9)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: The man stuck a gun inside my ear!
Captain Adam Fuller: Would you relax, Hanson? He didn't pull the trigger?
Officer Tom Hanson: Oh yeah, there's always a bright side, huh?

"21 Jump Street: A Big Disease with a Little Name (#2.13)" (1988)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: A guy from homicide sent me a dozen roses.

"21 Jump Street: Don't Stretch the Rainbow (#2.7)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: [to Captain Fuller] Well, maybe the rainbow wasn't enough.

"21 Jump Street: After School Special (#2.5)" (1987)
[last lines]
Margaret Hanson: Tom, what kind of woman do you think I am?
Officer Tom Hanson: Two thirty average, huh?

"21 Jump Street: Draw the Line (#4.1)" (1989)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Wow. Well, Socrates can rest easy.

"21 Jump Street: La Bizca (#4.19)" (1990)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: If you would've just kept your mouth shut, we'd still have our car.
Off. Doug Penhall: You said something, too. They took our badges!
Off. Tom Hanson #2: [with a Mexican accent] We don't need no -
Off. Doug Penhall: [together with Hanson] - stinking badges!

"21 Jump Street: Fun with Animals (#3.1)" (1988)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Nice digs Doug, you dog. I dig em.