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Germn Martnez (Character)
from "Vecinos" (2005)

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"Vecinos: Aviso de desalojo (#1.46)" (2006)
Doña Soco: I'm going to sell this building, and I need you to tell the neighbours to leave the place in one week!
[pissed off]
Germán Martínez: Take that! The neighbours ending up in streets
[making mock of them]
Doña Soco: Even the doorman!
Germán Martínez: Concierge, Doña Soco, concierge!

Gudelia: Well, come clean and tell me why you picked me up instead of my cousin Jacinta, but I want the whole truth!
Germán Martínez: Only the truth?
Gudelia: Yeah, the truth!
Germán Martínez: First of all, because you're the prettiest. Second of all, because... because your cousin dumped me!
Gudelia: You Idiot!
[She slaps him and leaves]
Germán Martínez: Why you leave? You asked me for the truth.

"Vecinos: ¿Y dónde esta el basurero? (#1.9)" (2005)
Germán Martinez: [to Magdalena] The only one who turned your car in that garbage, was the time by itself!

"Vecinos: Cuando un esposo se va (#1.66)" (2007)
Germán Martínez: [talking with Arturo after he was fired from his own house by his wife] There is a jungle out there!