Silken Floss
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Quotes for
Silken Floss (Character)
from The Spirit (2008)

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The Spirit (2008)
Silken Floss: What a fine detective. You followed the breadcrumbs right to us.

Silken Floss: The Octopus always finds his nemesis so distracting.

Silken Floss: On your knees, then!

Silken Floss: We knew there had to be a better way of keeping someone alive other than cutting them up like some free-range chicken.
The Octopus: Eurgh. Free-range chickens with their big brown ugly-ass eggs. They piss me off. Every time I think about those big brown eggs they piss. Me. Off.
Silken Floss: Or pills.

[On the Subject of Demi-Gods]
Silken Floss: Now the greatest of them all was Heracles.
The Octopus: And we found his ass! Well his blood anyway... he left some blood.