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Quotes for
Fox (Character)
from Friday the 13th Part III (1982)

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Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
Ali: [Finished syphoning Chris' van] Take this to the barn, and start pourin' and, find Fox.
Fox: Whhhoooo!
[Swinging on a rope, at the barn]
Loco: What the hell you doin'? Get off that thing!
Fox: [Continues swinging] Whooo! This feels gooooood!
Loco: Ali is gonna be pissed if he sees you screwing around. C'mon, we got shit to do.
Loco: [looks back up and sees that Fox as disappeared] What the hell?
Loco: [Enters barn] Fox? Where are ya? Stop screwin' around! You're messin' everything up! You're dead now, woman. Fox?
[Loco turns around and sees Fox's corpse hanging onto the rafter with a pitchfork. Then, Jason approaches Loco with a pitchfork, and impails it in Loco's abdomen]
Fox: Fox? Loco? Open, the damn door! Fox!
[Ali enters barn]
Ali: [the barn is silent, and not getting answers] What the hell you guys doin' up there?
[Still no answer]
Ali: Hear me talkin' to you?
Ali: [Loco's corpse falls onto Ali] FOOOOOOOOXXXXX!
[Ali sees Jason, jumping off a rafter]
Ali: [picks up a machete] When I find you, you bastard, you're a dead man!
[Jason approaches Ali]
Ali: Shit!
[Ali swings the machete at Jason's head, but Jason duckes, and bludgeones Ali with a wrench]