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Quotes for
Rolando Downs (Character)
from The Depression of Detective Downs (2005)

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The Depression of Detective Downs (2005)
Rolando Downs: Yeah, yeah, so I slept in the same thing I slept in yesterday, who cares?

Rolando Downs: All the things you do for people, most of the time they don't really care. It's not a glamorous job. I mean - walking down the street, none of these people actually know I'm a cop. It's not like I walk around with a bright superhero costume on and receive praise for all the work I've done.

Rolando Downs: Later when I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, I kept my head down, and avoided the mirror.

Rolando Downs: Gun battles, there's nothing cool about them - nothing exhilarating, just part of the job. You know, like a nurse that has to mop up unsanitary fluids after they've spilled on the floor.

Rolando Downs: [after waking up] That's me - Detective Rolando Downs. Yeah, Yeah, I know what you're thinking. You think I'm some fast-talking cop that's macho and cool that can talk his way out of any situation... But that's not me.

Rolando Downs: [while riding in his partner's car] I know it looks like I'm not saying much, but in case you haven't figured out by now... I'm depressed.

Rolando Downs: Oh yeah, ran into my ex-girlfriend after leaving the kidnapper's house today. She had a new guy. He has more muscles than I do, a better car to drive her around in, and nicer shoes.

Rolando Downs: [while on the kidnapper's stolen houseboat] The walls on the boat were thin, and I think the kidnapper knew it too. He used it to his advantage.

[last lines]
Rolando Downs: Hmmm... I wonder if that Pawnshop has any good alarm clocks.

The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression's Edge (2011) (V)
Rolando Downs: [after realizing that the woman he wanted to ask out was already taken] Just like rock beats scissors, an engagement ring beats theatre tickets.

Rolando Downs: [after his car breaks down and he's left stranded on the side of the road] Maybe I'll just play that game where you count how many cars drive by.

Rolando Downs: [while trying to hide the fact that bill collectors are calling him] On the way back to the station, Sheila hears my cell phone vibrating and asks why I don't answer it. Just so I won't look bad, I tell her that it's from a girl that I went out with, and I still end up looking bad anyway.

Rolando Downs: The captain told me to go home and suspended me until Friday. Maybe I should've pushed Steve after I got off work.

Rolando Downs: Well I guess she won't have to worry about me the rest of her life. If you run into her, don't tell her you saw me like this.

Rolando Downs: My confrontation with Dedrick James taught me something. It taught me that someone can love you, even when your mind seems to fail you. And even though it's easier to avoid what we're afraid of, sometimes confrontation is the only way to bring us closer to what we really want.

[last lines]
Rolando Downs: Hi, my name is Rolando Downs. I'm calling to set up a payment plan for my credit card account.