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Quotes for
Mervin Q. Milgrim (Character)
from Who Done It? (1942)

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Who Done It? (1942)
Mervin Q. Milgrim: [nauseous] I gotta go back upstairs and get something...
Chick Larkin: What have you gotta get?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: My stomach...

Mervin Q. Milgrim: Operator! Give me Alexander two two, two two!
Telephone operator: The line is busy!

Customer: What happened to my strawberry sundae?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: What's today?
Customer: Friday.
Mervin Q. Milgrim: You've got two more days to wait.

Mervin Q. Milgrim: I've seen better heads on malted milks.

Mervin Q. Milgrim: [Mervin and Chick and performing their radio play for Juliet, Mervin's holding a gun on Chick] Bang! Ow! Bang! Ow! Bang! Ow!
Juliet Collins: Wait a minute, if you're shooting at him
Juliet Collins: , then why are you yelling?
Mervin Q. Milgrim: I'm holding the gun backwards!

Chick Larkin: [talking about Juliet Collins] She's only got a couple of buck teeth.
Mervin Q. Milgrim: Why do I care what she paid for them?