Helen Hudson
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Helen Hudson (Character)
from Copycat (1995)

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Copycat (1995)
Helen: Fuck you.
Peter: What?
Helen: You heard me, you little twerp. Do you think I'm afraid of you?
Peter: I know you are.
Helen: I know all about you. You're just a sad, second rate, boring, impotent little copycat.
Peter: Watch it bitch or I will slice that smile off your face, do you hear me?
Helen: Daryll Lee couldn't get it up either.
Helen: [spits in Peter's face]
Peter: OK, I see Helen. Nice try. You wanna know a little secret? Huh? I'm on to your trick. I won't kill you fast no matter how much you're gonna want me to.

Helen: I'm not on duty - neither is my brain.

Helen: [annoyed by an offgoing car alarm system] Just steal the car and go!

M.J. Monahan: [after the killer hacked her internet address and shows his next victim] Do you remember what she looked like?
Helen: Yes. She looked like a girl. She looked like a million other girls. I barely saw her.

Helen: [laughing maniacally at Peter om the roof] Put up your dukes!

M.J. Monahan: Why is that computer turned off?
Helen: [She turns around to see a blank screen] because I turned it off.
M.J. Monahan: You can't do that.
Helen: I believe I can... but would you like me to turn it back on?
M.J. Monahan: Yeah.

Helen: What am I... the lamb tied to the stake here?

Helen: He really wants us to think what he's doing is art.