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Quotes for
Galen (Character)
from Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (2007) (V)

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"Crusade: Racing the Night (#1.9)" (1999)
Galen: When you have reached the end of the road, then you can decide whether to go to the left or to the right, to fire or to water. If you make those decisions before you have even set foot upon the road, it will take you nowhere. - Except to a bad end.

Galen: Never contradict a Technomage when he's saving your life. Again.

Capt. Matthew Gideon: [to Lt. Matheson] Don't think.
Galen: Yes, quite right. If you wanted to think, you should never have joined the military in the first place.

Galen: If I'm going to die, I'd rather do so in a room with a view.

[Dureena is trying to get Galen to teach her everything about technomancy.]
Galen: The answer is still no. For now.
Dureena Nafeel: Then there's hope?
Galen: There is always hope. Only because that is the one thing no one has figured out how to kill. Yet.

"Crusade: The Well of Forever (#1.3)" (1999)
Galen: [about Isabelle] Every technomage knows the fourteen words that will make someone fall in love with you forever, but she only needed one.
Capt. Matthew Gideon: What word?
Galen: "Hello."

[Galen visits Dureena's quarters for the first time.]
Galen: What have you done to your quarters?
Dureena Nafeel: I made it the right size. I don't know why everybody else always makes things huge. This is the way I like it, nice and small. Have a seat.

Galen: Do you think I'm hiding things from you?
Dureena Nafeel: Gideon says we all have things to hide.
Galen: Does he? How unfortunate. I was hoping he'd come farther than that. Not that it isn't true, of course. It's just that one simply doesn't have to say it.

[upon first contact with the Fenn in hyperspace.]
Max Eilerson: I think it's safe to say that we're not being consumed, but it's certainly an odd, chewing rhythm.
Capt. Matthew Gideon: If it's not eating us, what's it doing? - No it's not! It's mating with us?
Galen: Well it's not exactly the first contact situation that I'd have envisioned, but-

[last lines]
Dureena Nafeel: But what about your question, Galen? Did you find your answer to "why"?
Galen: That one - may take a little longer.

"Crusade: The Memory of War (#1.10)" (1999)
Galen: [After finding a glyph on some nanobots] A glyph, yes. A sign. A signal. A warning to others like us. That thing, that obscenity was made by another *Technomage!* That's why we were all taught never to come here. They wanted to keep secret that one of us was responsible for this.

[Gideon has probes dropped onto the planet.]
Galen: [holding one of these probes] I want you to know that this thing just made a very large dent in my ship. Did you ever think about looking outside before you start throwing things overboard?
Capt. Matthew Gideon: Maybe next time you'll let us know when you're coming. So what brings you here this time?
Galen: An attempt, in all probability foolish and useless, to prevent you from going down to that planet.
Capt. Matthew Gideon: Galen, my people have been looking for this place since we left Earth. Now that you're here, what could you possibly say that would change that?
Galen: Well, how about if you go down there, the odds are that none of you will return alive? - Clear me for docking. Put away the breakables. Turn on the landing lights. I'm coming in.

[last lines]
Capt. Matthew Gideon: What do you recommend now?
Apocalypse Box: Do not trust.
Capt. Matthew Gideon: Do not trust who?
Apocalypse Box: Galen.
[cut to Galen's ship, travelling in hyperspace]
Galen: Music.

Max Eilerson: You talk like that planet is alive.
Galen: Everything is alive in its way.

"Crusade: The Path of Sorrows (#1.4)" (1999)
Galen: All roads intersect with the path of sorrows, sooner or later.

Lt. John Matheson: You like going nowhere at 120 miles an hour?
Galen: Of course. That is man's natural condition.

[last lines]
Lt. John Matheson: We received a message for you a little while ago.
Galen: That's not possible. How could anyone even know how to find me?
Lt. John Matheson: I don't know, but the message is incomplete. It just has your name ... and the word "love." The rest of it just got lost in static.
Galen: Could you tell where it came from?
Lt. John Matheson: No. The computer said it didn't come from any specific location.
Galen: Just out there, in general, somewhere?
Lt. John Matheson: Yes.
Galen: Not possible.
Lt. John Matheson: I know.
Isabelle: [in Galen's memory] If there is a purpose, if there is a design, if there is a way - after I'm gone I will call to you and say your name and send you a message. And you will know I was right.

"Crusade: The Long Road (#1.2)" (1999)
Capt. Matthew Gideon: You know something about this, don't you?
Galen: Perhaps. And if I'm right, it's definitely something you should see.
Capt. Matthew Gideon: And if you're wrong?
Galen: Oh, that hardly seems likely, does it?

Galen: If we're planning to appeal to the better angels of their nature we better have a backup plan in case reason is not sufficient to the cause.

[last lines]
Capt. Matthew Gideon: Once the mission's over, you could come back here, have yourself a home.
Galen: I have a home.

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999) (TV)
Galen: No, not a dream, a nightmare. And if sometimes dreams come true, what of our nightmares?

Galen: Fear makes wise men foolish.

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (2007) (V)
Galen: There is hope, but it is at best a slim hope.
John Sheridan: Yeah, well I've never known hope when it wasn't on a diet.

"Crusade: War Zone (#1.1)" (1999)
[last lines]
Capt. Matthew Gideon: I'd like you to come with me.
Galen: What do you want?
Capt. Matthew Gideon: To find a cure for the Drakh plague before it wipes out all life on Earth.
Galen: Where are you going?
Capt. Matthew Gideon: Anywhere I have to.
Galen: Who do you serve and who do you trust?
[Capt. Gideon considers]
Galen: Who do you serve and who do you trust?
Capt. Matthew Gideon: I don't know.
Galen: Then I will go with you.