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Jo Lupo (Character)
from "Eureka" (2006)

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"Eureka: If You Build It... (#3.13)" (2009)
[Deputy Lupo admires her new car]
Deputy Jo Lupo: Two hundred and sixty-five horsepower, track-two suspension and four-wheel drive. Totally high performance but completely under my control.
Sheriff Jack Carter: Kind of like Zane.

Douglas Fargo: Well, it was nice while it lasted but it's time to move on.
Deputy Jo Lupo: So you just dumped her.
Douglas Fargo: I don't believe in long good-byes, especially when something this sweet comes along.
Deputy Jo Lupo: Men.

Deputy Jo Lupo: Well, you seem okay to me.
Douglas Fargo: What're you talking about? I am covered in evidence.

"Eureka: Many Happy Returns (#1.2)" (2006)
Susan Perkins: [staring out of moving car] Oh my god...
Deputy Jo Lupo: [looking around] What? Did you see something? Because if you did there's this form you gotta sign.

Marshall Jack Carter: It's not like we have a form to "undead" you.
Deputy Jo Lupo: *Ahem*
Marshall Jack Carter: Tell me you're kidding.

"Eureka: Duck, Duck Goose (#2.5)" (2007)
Deputy Jo Lupo: The high school Science Fair. It's like Armageddon with acne.

"Eureka: Alienated (#1.4)" (2006)
[examining strange, circular patterns in a wheat field]
Marshall Jack Carter: What do you make of this?
Deputy Jo Lupo: Well, it's a crop... It's cut into cicles...

"Eureka: Welcome Back, Carter (#3.9)" (2009)
Dr. Maria Leonardo: So where are your uniforms?
Sheriff Jack Carter: Er it's an unofficial visit.
Dr. Maria Leonardo: So is true that you guys got fired?
Deputy Jo Lupo: He got fired, I quit.
Dr. Maria Leonardo: Bummer.

"Eureka: Hide and Seek: Part Seven (#1.8)" (2006)
Jo Lupo: This is over, right?
Jack Carter: I think so. Then again, it is Eureka.

"Eureka: Maneater (#2.11)" (2007)
Deputy Jo Lupo: [running out of the bathroom] She's gonna' blow!
Marshall Jack Carter: [after the explosion] What did you eat?

"Eureka: All That Glitters (#2.12)" (2007)
Jo: We just became the richest town in the world!
Henry Deacon: Well, that's one way to look at it. Gold is a soft metal, so it doesn't bear the same weight as steel, so our infrastructure could be collapsing. We'd be rich, but dangerously unstable.
Jo: Like Paris Hilton?

"Eureka: A New World (#4.2)" (2010)
Douglas Fargo: Um, sanctioned, like, dead?
Jo Lupo: No. Sanctioned like we each get a puppy.

"Eureka: A Night in Global Dynamics (#2.13)" (2007)
Jo: Boys! There's plenty of back-door access for everyone... that didn't come out right.

"Eureka: Your Face or Mine (#3.10)" (2009)
[Jo returns to the Sheriff's office, and finds Larry locked up in the holding cell]
Deputy Jo Lupo: [casually] Larry, what are you doing in there?
Larry Haberman: [angrily and shaking the bars] You put me in here!

"Eureka: What About Bob? (#3.2)" (2008)
Zane Donovan: Jo, I need a gun. A big, powerful gun.
Deputy Jo Lupo: [turned on] I've been waiting for someone to say that to me my whole life.

"Eureka: Hide and Seek: Part Two (#1.3)" (2006)
Jo Lupo: This thing that escaped. Stark wouldn't say what it is?
Jack Carter: Nope. He says it's a need-to-know project and I don't need to know. I mean, who talks like that? Why does he have to be so arrogant?
Jo Lupo: He's a genius Nobel Prize winner. He's tall, he's...
Jack Carter: Okay, get it. I got it.

"Eureka: Hide and Seek: Part Five (#1.6)" (2006)
Douglas Fargo: Taggart and I were in the woods searching for that monster thing. He, he said it's the key to the greatest evolutionary mystery of all time. That it's the missing link.
Jack Carter: Would this have anything to do with regressive DNA?
Jo Lupo: Impressive.
Jack Carter: Thanks.
Jo Lupo: Um, Henry told you, didn't he?
Jack Carter: Yeah.

"Eureka: Once in a Lifetime (#1.12)" (2006)
Deputy Jo Lupo: I don't like this
Marshall Jack Carter: What's the matter, Jo, scared of a little transdimensional radiation?
Deputy Jo Lupo: Ya

"Eureka: From Fear to Eternity (#3.8)" (2008)
Deputy Jo Lupo: Good afternoon. My name is Joe Lupo and I'll be savin' your ass today.
Sheriff Jack Carter: Someone ought to promote you.