Sonny Corinthos
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Sonny Corinthos (Character)
from "General Hospital" (1963)

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"General Hospital: Episode #1.11204" (2006)
Alexis Davis Cassadine: [Knock on door] Who is it?
Sonny Corinthos: It's Sonny.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Sonny, who?

Alexis Davis Cassadine: I'm not smoking this in front of you.
Sonny Corinthos: What are you talking about? Why not?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Because it's illegal.
Sonny Corinthos: Well, you jok - that's - come on. That - are you joking?

"General Hospital: Episode #1.13657" (2016)
Griffin Munro: "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord.
Sonny Corinthos: I would love to leave vengeance to God, but here's the thing - God doesn't deliver. He talks a good game, but He doesn't actually do a damn thing.