Allison Blake
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Allison Blake (Character)
from "Eureka" (2006)

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"Eureka: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Marshal Jack Carter: Where are you taking me? Area 51?
Allison Blake: Area 51 *wishes* they had our security.

[a GD security checkpoint flash-scans Jack's and Allison's retinal patterns]
Marshal Jack Carter: Ah-I think I'm blind.
Allison Blake: Relax. That almost never happens.

"Eureka: Hide and Seek: Part Four (#1.5)" (2006)
Jack Carter: You keep your gun in the glove compartment?
Allison Blake: This is Eureka, Carter.

Henry Deacon: [indicating the microscope] Um, look at this. It's the cellular structure. The DNA markers are humanoid, but slightly different than ours.
Jack Carter: [looking through the microscope] Oh, wow.
Henry Deacon: Do you have any idea what you're looking at?
Jack Carter: No. Not really.
Henry Deacon: They are regressive genetic traits that haven't been seen in maybe a million years. You'd have to be a neanderthal to still carry genetic markers like that. Oh, and here's the kicker. The, uh, the tooth that you gave me... doesn't belong to this thing.
Allison Blake: So there's another one of these things running around?
Jack Carter: One that eats bears.
Henry Deacon: [holding the tooth] Yeah, and judging by the size of this, it's bigger. Much bigger.

"Eureka: Games People Play (#2.4)" (2007)
Marshall Jack Carter: Nathan Stark? Your ex-husband. The evil, maniacal bane of my existance.
Allison Blake: Sounds like someone I'd marry.

Allison Blake: The only way to fix the problem, is to recognise that you have it.

"Eureka: Right as Raynes (#1.8)" (2006)
Henry Deacon: Well, there's your problem. That's whats been messing up everything on the internet.
Allison Blake: Is this our glitch?
Henry Deacon: Glitch? No. That's a virus.
Marshall Jack Carter: You guys should have switched to Macs.

"Eureka: E=MC...? (#2.8)" (2007)
Jack Carter: So, all the facts of the world at your fingertips again?
Allison Blake: Hen oida hoti ouden oida.
[Greek: I know that I know nothing]
Jack Carter: Either that's very profound, or you're badly brain damaged.

"Eureka: Maneater (#2.11)" (2007)
Allison Blake: You know what - this town needs an enema.

"Eureka: If You Build It... (#3.13)" (2009)
Allison Blake: I don't think that it's possible to build a working plasma generator out of aluminum Christmas trees and duct tape.

"Eureka: Unpredictable (#2.3)" (2007)
Marshall Jack Carter: [Trying to turn off the hurricane] I'm trying!
Allison Blake: How hard is it to push a button?

"Eureka: H.O.U.S.E. Rules (#1.11)" (2006)
Marshall Jack Carter: You wanted *me* to be happy, because I was gonna leave. Huh? Just like Fargo left you and, uh, B.R.A.D. got left before that and whatever the hell it was before that.
Douglas Fargo: It was a war game simulation program.
S.A.R.A.H.: Shall we play a game?
Marshall Jack Carter: No!
Douglas Fargo, Beverly Barlowe, Henry Deacon, Nathan Stark: No!
Allison Blake: No!

"Eureka: Purple Haze (#1.10)" (2006)
Marshall Jack Carter: Which, of course, is incredibly dangerous.
Allison Blake: Have you ever known anything to change the world that wasn't?
Marshall Jack Carter: Velcro?

"Eureka: The Ex-Files (#4.8)" (2010)
Allison Blake: What about you? You were at the barbeque... you haven't said anything about who you're seeing...
Dr. Trevor Grant: A tall, legged blonde in a slinky red dress.
Allison Blake: Hmm, old girlfriend?