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Empress (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride (#3.0)" (2006)
Empress: Robo-forms are not necessary. My children may feast on Martian flesh.
The Doctor: Oh, but I'm not from Mars.
Empress: Then where?
The Doctor: My home planet is far away and long since gone. But its name lives on.
[a pause, then sad and strong and proud]
The Doctor: Gallifrey.

Empress: [sees a cloaked android walking up the steps, Donna wears a look of horror] My children climb towards me, and none shall stop them! So you might as well unmask, my clever little Doctorman!
The Doctor: [pulls off the cloak] Oh well, nice try!
[pulls out sonic screwdriver and points it to the web]
The Doctor: I've got you Donna!
Donna: I'm gonna fall!
The Doctor: No you're not, you're gonna swing! I've got ya!
[she swings in a whole level under his stairs and falls; silence as pipes clatter to the ground]
The Doctor: Oh! Sorry...
Donna: [pan to Donna flat on the ground] *Thanks* for *nothing!*
Empress: The Doctorman amuses me!
The Doctor: Empress of the Racnoss, I give you one last chance. I can find you a planet, I can find you and your children a place in the universe to coexist. Take that offer and end this *now*.
Empress: [hisses] These men are so funny!
The Doctor: What's your answer?
Empress: [scoffs] I'm afraid I'll have to decline!
The Doctor: Then what happens next is your own doing.
Empress: I'll show you what happens next!
[hisses, then calls to her Roboforms]
Empress: At arms!
[They raise their weapons]
Empress: Take aim!
[They aim at the Doctor]
Empress: And...
The Doctor: Relax.
[They suddenly deactivate and power down]