Peggy Mitchell
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Peggy Mitchell (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: Episode dated 1 April 2008" (2008)
Pat: Well, you said it, me and Frank, cut from the same cloth, we understood each other.
Peggy: You'll be telling me he wanted you for your mind.
Pat: We were soul mates.
Peggy: Ha! Will you listen to yourself you stupid fat old tart, the only thing Frank Butcher wanted from you, was sex.

Phil: You okay?
Peggy: I'm gonna show my face at this funeral, I'm gonna say the right words, nod in the right places, but none of it's gonna mean a thing, it's an act, Frank Butcher is dead and gone and I couldn't care less, I don't give a fig.

Peggy: [shouts] Get out of my pub!
Pat: With pleasure, oh, and just remember this Peggy, it was my pub before it was yours, mine and Frank's, this was my kitchen, along the hall was my bedroom, mine and Frank's bedroom, we were happy here.
Peggy: [slaps Pat] You bitch!
Pat: [slaps Peggy] You cow!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 18 May 2006" (2006)
Peggy: What are you doing?
Honey: I'm hiding.
Peggy: Who from?
Honey: That's the Reverend who refused to marry us.
Peggy: Oh, is it now...
Honey: Yeah, well thanks to him my baby is going to be born illiterate.

"EastEnders: Episode #1.5212" (2016)
Peggy Mitchell: The cancer's back. I'm dying.

"EastEnders: Episode #1.5284" (2016)
Peggy Mitchell: You bitch
Pat Evans: You cow.
Peggy Mitchell: My friend, oh my dear friend. You won't ever leave me, will you?
Pat Evans: No, sweetheart. Not for one single second.
Peggy Mitchell: Thank you.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 5 February 2001" (2001)
[tempers flare up at a charity benefit event to raise money for wheelchair-bound Nick Cotton]
Peggy: Now listen here, Nick Cotton, I've had enough of you for one night! Everyone's worked their guts off all night to make this evening work for you. And what have you done? Just sit there and sneer. You're nothing but an ungrateful little wretch!
Nick Cotton: You want a speech? I give you gratitude! Well, I thank everyone... my heart of my bottom for coming here tonight. It's been a real pleasure to be talked down to and stared at. But most of all I'd like to thank the man who made it all possible, the man who put me in this chair in the first place. Mark Fowler!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 2 June 2006" (2006)
Peggy: I wish you'd stop going on about that stupid curse.
Honey: Peggy, don't curse the curse, you'll make it worse.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 27 October 1998" (1998)
Peggy: No-one wants you, Pat! Frank left you, your boys left you... and now Roy's left you!
Pat: [shouts] You think Frank wants you - mutton dressed as lamb?
Peggy: [shouts] You cow!
[she throws a wineglass at Pat who ducks]
Pat: Ooh! Temper, temper!
Peggy: Anyway, you're nothing to write home about. No wonder Roy can't do it!
Pat: [shouts] How dare you!
[she throws a wineglass at Peggy who ducks]
Peggy: [shouts] I'll flaming well kill you!
[Peggy knocks table over, Pat grabs her]
Pat: [shouts] You get off of me!
Peggy: [shouts] You take back what you said!
Pat: [slapping Peggy]
Pat: You bitch!
Peggy: [slapping Pat]
Peggy: You cow!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 28 August 1995" (1995)
Peggy: [to Phil and Grant after they harrass David about seeing Sam] If your brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your hats off!
[House explodes on the square]

"EastEnders: Episode dated 25 December 2009" (2009)
Peggy: I'm gonna give you a choice. A straight choice. I want you out of this pub by tonight, or you're gonna regret every rotten, evil, little thing you've ever done.
Archie: I see, it's a threat. The answer's no.
Peggy: I don't think you know who you're dealing with 'ere. I'm not some cuddly little old lady: I'm Peggy Mitchell! I'm old East End. Real East End. Proper. You don't mess with me.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 7 October 2005" (2005)
Johnny: Peggy, what are you having?
Peggy: I'd rather burn in hell than take a drink from you!
Johnny: Really? Why wait 'till then?

"Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts (#2.12)" (2006)
Peggy Mitchell: [on TV] Listen to me, Den Watts - I don't care if you HAVE come back from the dead, get out of my pub! The only spirits in here are gin, whisky and vodka, so go on - GET OUT!
[the Doctor switches the TV off and turns to Jackie]
The Doctor: When did this start?
Jackie Tyler: Well, first of all, Peggy heard this noise in the cellar, so she goes downstairs...
The Doctor: No, I mean worldwide.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 6 November 2000" (2000)
Janine: You weren't a good wife to dad anyway. And do you know what, I don't blame him for what he did.
Peggy: What did you say?
Janine: You heard me! You're a witch. All you ever did was nag 'im and nag 'im. Pat made dad happy, Peggy. At least she was a real woman.
[Peggy slaps her]

"EastEnders: Episode dated 2 November 2000" (2000)
Peggy: But one thing I've learnt since I've been married to Mr Butcher is never underestimate his capacity to make a cock-up of things.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 1 January 2002" (2002)
Peggy: I said get out, you cheap peroxide old bag!
Pauline: Oh, yeah? And what's this? Strawberry blonde at seventy! That's "real" is it?
Peggy: Shut up! I'm *not* seventy!
Pauline: No, but you look it!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 22 September 2005" (2005)
[at the graveyard Chrissie is giving Den's eulogy when Peggy unexpectedly arrives]
Peggy: [shouts] Chrissie Watts! Murderer!
Chrissie: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts] Look at you, standing there like butter wouldn't melt!
Pauline: Peggy!
Dot: Oh my Lord!
Chrissie: What are you talking about?
Peggy: [shouts] Funny that's just the question I asked Sam!
Chrissie: Peggy, we've been through all this.
Peggy: [angry] This time I actually listened to the answer!
Pat: Peggy, this really isn't the time or place.
Peggy: [angry] This is exactly the time and place to tell the whole world
Peggy: what a lying little tart she is!
Jim: Oh, blimey!
Peggy: [angry] Dressed in your widow's weave, Bible in your hand, pouring your heart out when all the time it was *you* who put him in that box in the first flaming place!
Jake: Sam put Den in that box, Peggy.
Peggy: [angry] Tell him. Tell us all before it's too late. Go on... get it off your chest. Do something right for once in your miserable little life. Tell us what you did to him.
Peggy: Tell him you're sorry!
Chrissie: Peggy, I've had enough of this.
Peggy: [shouts] I said tell him!
[slaps Chrissie hard across the face. Chrissie falls into the open grave onto Den's coffin]
Sharon: Peggy!
Peggy: [shouts, looking at Chrissie in the grave] Tell Den you're sorry! Tell Den!

"EastEnders: Episode dated 26 October 2000" (2000)
[15-year-old Sonia is unaware she is pregnant. She unexpectedly gives birth to a baby girl. Sonia's friend, Natalie, rushes into the pub to talk to Sonia's boyfriend, Jamie]
Natalie: Jamie, you better come right this minute!
Jamie: Go away, alright.
Natalie: Jamie, Sonia's had it!
Peggy: Had it?
Natalie: They're taking her to the hospital now.
Jim: Sonia? What's wrong?
Peggy: Sonia's had it? What you saying?
Natalie: Jamie!
Barry: What's going on? Is Sonia hurt?
Jim: Hurt? She's hurt!
Dot: Who? Who's hurt?
Natalie: It's a girl, Jamie! A baby girl!
[stunned silence]