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Brian Potter (Character)
from "Phoenix Nights" (2001)

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"Phoenix Nights: Episode #1.3" (2001)
Les: We've got a big show coming up soon.
Jerry St. Clair: What show are you doing?
Les: Karate Kid - The Musical. It's just that the room that we've been rehearsing in has had to be fumigated.
Brian Potter: Oh, and you want to know if you can use one of mine?
Les: Yeah, it'll only be for a couple of days.
Brian Potter: That's what they said to Terry Waite.

"Phoenix Nights: Episode #1.5" (2001)
Brian Potter: Look at Sushi. He's only 42 and he's coping.
Jerry St. Clair: Sushi?
Brian Potter: Roy Fish off the estate.

"Phoenix Nights: Episode #1.2" (2001)
Young Kenny: [a group of them are investigating a horse behaving strangely at the bar] What's up with it?
Brian Potter: What's up with it?
[Brian smells the horse]
Brian Potter: It's... it's pissed, that's what's up with it! Get Colin Bibby. Let go of me!
Young Kenny: How do you know?
Brian Potter: How do I know? I know a pissed horse when I see one. Get it a kebab.

"Phoenix Nights: Episode #2.4" (2002)
Brian Potter: [Looking at Jerry's album and reading out songs from it] 'The Drugs Don't Work'? Christ they should you've taken enough! What do these ones do? Stop you being an arsehole?

"Phoenix Nights: Episode #2.2" (2002)
Brian Potter: What's the matter with you man?
Jerry 'St. Clair' Dignan: What's the matter with me? I'll tell you what's the matter with me. My first week as licensee. I'm stood here looking like a gay Satan cos' somebody's sold all me clothes ont' jumble, I've been rolled round the car park all day dressed as a hernia and I've got 12 people in casualty with rubber burns.
Brian Potter: Rubber burns? Isn't he a Scottish poet?