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Gwyneth (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead (#1.3)" (2005)
Rose Tyler: My father died years back.
Gwyneth: But you've been thinking about him lately, more than ever.
Rose Tyler: I suppose so. How do you know all this?
Gwyneth: Mr. Sneed says I think too much. I'm all alone down here. I bet you've got dozens of servants, haven't you miss?
Rose Tyler: No. No servants where I'm from.
Gwyneth: And you've come such a long way.
Rose Tyler: What makes you thinks so?
Gwyneth: You're from London. I've seen London in drawings, but never like that. All those people rushing about, half naked. For shame. And the noise, and the metal boxes racing past. And the birds in the sky... No, they're metal as well. Metal birds with people in them. People are flying. And you, you've flown so far, further than anyone! The things you've seen. The darkness... The Big Bad Wolf.
[Gwyneth steps back in horror]

The Gelth, Gwyneth: [during the séance, the Gelth come through] Pity us. Pity the Gelth. There is so little time. Help us.
The Doctor: What do you want us to do?
The Gelth, Gwyneth: The rift. Take the girl to the rift. Make the bridge.
The Doctor: What for?
The Gelth, Gwyneth: We are so very few. The last of our kind. We face extinction.
The Doctor: Why? What happened?
The Gelth, Gwyneth: Once we had a physical form like you. But then the War came.
Charles Dickens: War? What war?
The Gelth, Gwyneth: The Time War. The whole universe convulsed. The Time War raged, invisible to smaller species but devastating to higher forms. Our bodies wasted away. We're trapped in this gaseous state.
The Doctor: So, that's why you need the corpses.
The Gelth, Gwyneth: We want to stand tall, to feel the sunlight, to live again. We need a physical form and your dead are abandoned. They go to waste. Give them to us.
Rose Tyler: But we can't!
The Doctor: Why not?
Rose Tyler: It's... I mean, it's not...
The Doctor: Not decent? Not polite? It could save their lives.
The Gelth, Gwyneth: Open the rift. Let the Gelth through. We're dying. Help us... Pity the Gelth!
[the Gelth vanish]

Gwyneth: [opening the door to The Doctor and Charles Dickens] I'm sorry, sir. We're closed.
Charles Dickens: Nonsense. Since when does an undertaker keep office hours? The dead don't die on schedule.

Gabriel Sneed: The stiffs are getting lively again. Mr. Redpath's grandmother, she's up and on her feet out there somewhere on the streets. We've got to find her.
Gwyneth: Mr. Sneed, for shame! How many more times? It's ungodly!
Gabriel Sneed: Don't look at me like it's my fault! Now come on, hurry up. She was eighty-six; she can't have got far.
Gwyneth: What about Mr. Redpath? Did you deal with him?
Gabriel Sneed: No. She did.
Gwyneth: That's awful, sir. I know it's not my place, and please forgive me for talking out of turn, sir, but this is getting beyond now. Something terrible is happening in this house, and we've got to get help.
Gabriel Sneed: And we will! As soon as I get that dead old woman locked up and safe and sound. Now, stop prevaricating, girl. Get the hearse ready. We're going body-snatching!

Rose Tyler: They're not using her.
Gwyneth: Don't I get a say, miss?
Rose Tyler: Well, yeah... look... you don't understand what's going on.
Gwyneth: You would say that, miss, because that's very clear inside your head, that you think I'm stupid.
Rose Tyler: That's not fair!
Gwyneth: It's true, though. Things might be very different where you're from, but here and now I know my own mind, and the angels need me.

Gabriel Sneed: I did the Bishop a favour, once. Made his nephew look like a cherub. Even though he'd been a fortnight in the weir. Perhaps he'll do us an exorcism on the cheap.
[There is a knock at the door. Sneed and Gwyneth look up, alarmed. Sneed tells Gwyneth]
Gabriel Sneed: Say I'm not in. Tell them we're closed. Just, just get rid of them.
[In the parlor, Rose is just waking up, and while trying to come to her senses, she does not see a gassy spirit enter Mr. Redpath's body, causing him to sit up in his coffin]
Gwyneth: [opening the door to find the Doctor and Charles Dickens] I'm sorry, sir, we're closed.
Charles Dickens: Nonsense! Since when did an undertaker keep office hours? The dead don't die on schedule. I demand to see your master.
Gwyneth: He's not in, sir.
Charles Dickens: [tries to force the door open as Gwyneth closes it] Don't lie to me, girl!
Gabriel Sneed: I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Dickens, but the mater's indisposed.
[Behind her, a gas lamp flares up and the flames start flickering oddly]
The Doctor: Having trouble with your gas?
Charles Dickens: What in Shakespeare is going on?
Rose Tyler: [suddenly, she notices Mr. Redpath's corpse sitting up in his coffin as he making zombie noises] Are you all right? You're kidding me, yeah? You're just kidding.
[Redpath climbs out of his coffin]
Rose Tyler: You are, you're kidding me, aren't ya?
[He takes staggering steps towards her]
Rose Tyler: Okay, not kidding!
[She runs to the door and tries to open it. In the hallway, meanwhile, the Doctor has forced his way inside]
Gwyneth: You're not allowed inside, sir.
The Doctor: There's something inside the walls.
[Inside the parlor, the corpse of Mrs. Peace also sits up and climbs out of her coffin]
The Doctor: The gas pipes. Something's living inside the gas.
[Desparate, Rose throws a vase at Mr. Redpath, but that only causes him to stumble back a bit. She then frantically rattles the doorknob]
Rose Tyler: Let me out! Open the door!
The Doctor: [outside] That's her.
[He runs off to find her, Charles Dickens following him]
Rose Tyler: Please, let me out!
[Mrs. Peace and Mr. Redpath are advancing on her. In the hall, the Doctor and Dickens race past Sneed]
Gabriel Sneed: How dare you, sir! This is my house!
[Dickens charges past him too. He shakes his finger at Gwyneth as she runs after them]
Gabriel Sneed: I told you!
Rose Tyler: [still hammering on the door as the two bodies close in on her] Let me out! Somebody, open the door! Open the door!
[Redpath clasps a hand over her mouth, muffling her scream. At that moment, the Doctor kicks the door in]
The Doctor: I think this is MY dance.
[releases Rose from Mr. Redpath's grasp]
Charles Dickens: It's a prank? It must be. We're under some mesmeric influence.
The Doctor: No, we're not, the dead are walking.
[grins down at the panting Rose]
The Doctor: Hi!
Rose Tyler: Hi! Who's your friend?
The Doctor: Charles Dickens.
Rose Tyler: Oh. Okay.
The Doctor: [to the corpses] My name's the Doctor. Who are you, then? What do you want?
Redpath: [speaking with a voice overlaid by that of a ghost] We're failing. Open the rift, we're dying. Trapped in this form, cannot sustain. Help us.
[He and Mrs. Peace raise their heads to the ceiling, and the gas leaves them with a wailing shriek, and then the bodies fall to the floor]

[Gwyneth pours the Doctor, Rose, and Charles Dickens tea. Rose, meanwhile, is lashing out at Sneed for the events of the cadavers' attack]
Rose Tyler: First of all you drug me, then you kidnap me, and don't think I didn't feel your hands having a quick wander, you dirty old man!
[the Doctor sniggers]
Gabriel Sneed: I won't be spoken to like this!
Rose Tyler: Then you stuck me in a room full of zombies! And if that ain't enough, you swan off! And leave me to die! So come on, talk!
Gabriel Sneed: It's not my fault, it's this house! It always had a reputation. Haunted. But I never had much bother until a few months back. And then the stiffs...
[Dickens looks mildly offended]
Gabriel Sneed: ... the er, dear departed started getting restless.
Charles Dickens: Tommyrot.
Gabriel Sneed: You witnessed it! Can't keep the beggars down, sir! They walk. And it's the queerest thing that they hang on to scraps...
Gwyneth: [giving the Doctor his tea] Two sugars, sir, just how you like it.
[the Doctor looks at her, retreating back curiously]
Gabriel Sneed: One old fella who used to be a sexton almost walked into his own memorial service! Just like the old lady going to your performance, sir! Just as she planned.
Charles Dickens: Morbid fancy.
The Doctor: Oh, Charles, you were there.
Charles Dickens: I saw nothing but an illusion.
The Doctor: If you're going to deny it, don't waste my time. Just shut up.
[Dickens is stunned. The Doctor turns to Sneed]
The Doctor: What about the gas?
Gabriel Sneed: That's new, sir, never seen anything like that.
The Doctor: Means it's getting stronger, the rift's getting wider and something's sneaking through.
Rose Tyler: What's the rift?
The Doctor: A weak point in time and space. The connection between this place and another. That's the cause of ghost stories, most of the time.
Gabriel Sneed: [with revelation] That's how I got the house so cheap.
[Dickens sneaks out of the room unnoticed]
Gabriel Sneed: Stories going back generations. Echoes in the dark. Queer songs in the air and this feeling like a... shadow. Passing over your soul. Mind you, truth be told, it's been good for business. Just what people expect from a gloomy old trade like mine.