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Zordon (Character)
from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (1993)

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
Zordon: Rangers, you must act swiftly, the planet is in grave danger!
Kimberly Hart: Danger from what?
Zordon: Six thousand years ago, a Morphological Being, known as Ivan Ooze, ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror. He was on the verge of completing construction of his ultimate weapons, The Ectomorphicon Titans, twin machines capable of enslaving the entire universe.
Rocky DeSantos: What happened to him?
Zordon: A group of young warriors, like yourselves, lured him into a hyper-lock chamber and buried him deep underground; but now the chamber has been accidentally uncovered, you must return it to the depths, before it is opened and Ivan is released.
Alpha 5: His Ectomorphicons were buried near the chamber, if Ivan escapes, he's sure to find them.
Zordon: Use extreme caution Rangers, you are dealing with an evil here that is beyond all imagination.

Ivan Ooze: Hi folks, Ivan Ooze here. Are you bored with your job? Are you bored with your life? Then come on down to Ooze City, and let's get STICKY!
Alpha 5: Ayiyiyiyi!
Zordon: Ivan's evil plot has taken shape. I just hope they're not too late.

Zordon: The Power has been destroyed. It is gone. The Zords, the weapons, all of it. The Power Rangers are no more. Ivan Ooze has won.

Zordon: Alpha, my sensors tell me the Rangers were too late. Ivan is on his way here.
Alpha 5: Don't worry. Nobody enters the command center without a Power Coin.
[sees slime seeping through the Command Center's door]
Alpha 5: Well, almost nobody.

Zordon: You haven't changed, Ooze. You're still picking on creatures smaller than yourself.
Ivan Ooze: Oh, put a sock in it, Z. Ten minutes out of the egg, and I'm already listening to one of your lectures. You locked me up into your stuffy little hyper-lock chamber and tossed me away into the depths like yesterday's trash. Do you have any idea what it's like to be locked up in a rotten egg for 6,000 years? It's boring. Not to mention I had a Charley horse since the Renaissance.
Zordon: You won't get away with this, Ooze.
Ivan Ooze: You robbed me of my prime. I was the supreme ruler of the most foul empire of the universe, and now it's time to pay the piper.

"Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part 1 (#1.42)" (1998)
Astronema: Welcome, Zordon. It appears you're almost out of energy. Soon you'll be gone forever.
Zordon: You will never succeed, Astronema.
Astronema: Oh, no? Watch.
[She turns to the viewscreen]
Astronema: Ahh, yes, the home of the Phantom Ranger.
[On the viewscreen, the Phantom Ranger is seen being pummelled by Cogs]
Astronema: You have a front-row seat to the end of your era... and the beginning of mine.

Astronema: I really *am* the supreme leader.
Ecliptor: The universe is now at your beck and call, my queen.
Zordon: Karone, you are no longer under Dark Specter's command. Use your powers to stop this madness. Search your heart.
Ecliptor: Silence.
Zordon: You are not evil.
Ecliptor: My queen. Are you all right?
Astronema: I'm not just evil... I'm the queen of evil.
Ecliptor: Yes.
Astronema: Move in. Let's take Earth once and for all.

"Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part 2 (#1.43)" (1998)
[Zordon's last words]
Zordon: Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time.

Andros: Zordon?
Zordon: Yes, Andros, it's me.
Andros: Zordon, I can't believe it! I was beginning to think I'd never see you again.
Zordon: Andros, listen to me. There is not much time. The forces of evil have already captured most of the universe. Soon, they will capture the Earth.
Andros: Yes, I know.
Zordon: You can stop it from happening.
Andros: How? Tell me.
Zordon: Shatter my energy tube.
Andros: No!
Zordon: Only the good energy from my tube can destroy the forces of evil.
Andros: But, Zordon, what's going to happen to you?
Zordon: I will be gone, but my spirit will forever live in all that is good.
Andros: No, Zordon, we'll keep fighting. There's got to be another way.
Zordon: There is no other way.

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Sowing the Seas of Evil (#3.41)" (1996)
[alarm sounds]
Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi, Zordon. There's a major drain of external thermal energy in the area.
Zordon: You are correct, Alpha. My sensors are indicating that Lord Zedd is somehow tapping into the dimensional galaxy.
Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi! He's pinpointing Aquitar.
Tideus: Zedd may be trying to find a means of teleporting us back home.
Aurico: Or of teleporting someone from home here.

"Power Rangers Zeo: A Zeo Beginning: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1996)
Zordon: I am very proud of all of you. As Power Rangers, you have served your planet well. But the Power Rangers as you have known them are gone forever. In their place has emerged a new, and more advanced, fighting force. You have now become the Power Rangers Zeo, the next level in the fight against Evil!

"Power Rangers in Space: The Rangers' Leap of Faith (#1.28)" (1998)
Red Space Ranger: Zordon, I can't believe it. We were starting to lose hope of ever finding you.
Zordon: Andros, I...
Red Space Ranger: Zordon, what are you trying to tell me?
Zordon: Andros, it's just after all this time I can't believe you're still such a fool.
Red Space Ranger: Huh? What are you talking about, Zordon.
Zordon: This!
[Dark Specter appears]
Red Space Ranger: I can't believe it!
Dark Specter: Andros!
Red Space Ranger: You won't get away with this, Dark Specter!
Darkonda: You're wrong, Red Ranger! You *are* all fools!
Red Space Ranger: Darkonda!
Darkonda: Seize him!
Red Space Ranger: Karone, how could you?
Dark Specter: Karone, tell us all. How could you do such a thing?
Astronema: It was my pleasure.

"The Nostalgia Critic: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (#6.22)" (2013)
Nostalgia Critic: [Squaring off against the Movie Bomb] It's not working, Zordon! He seems to be impervious to criticism!
Zordon: Very well. You will have to use hand to hand combat. Fight him off with all your martial arts skills and maybe you won't have to use the giant robot.
Nostalgia Critic: Got it! Alright big, tall and ugly. The time has come for you... What giant robot?
Zordon: The ten story high robot that we use as a last resort.
Nostalgia Critic: ...This guy is a foot taller than me. Why don't I use the giant robot first?
Zordon: We can't.
Nostalgia Critic: Why?
Zordon: We just can't.
Zordon: Why?
Zordon: It's not how we do things.
Nostalgia Critic: It's not how YOU do things.
Zordon: Just be honorable. Fight him man to man.
Nostalgia Critic: Alright. Alright, evildoer! Now the time has come for me to send you into a world of... Go, giant robot!
[a giant robot foot squashes the Movie Bomb]
Rita Repulsa: Oh!
Nostalgia Critic: Wow, it's Mega-Big-Voltron-imus-Prime-O! Now that's the shit I'm talking about!
Rita Repulsa: Hey, you little cheater! That's not how it's done!
Nostalgia Critic: You got a problem? Take it up with the flour tortilla that used to be your monster. And just to pour more salt in the wound, I'm gonna keep reviewing the movie. Think of it as a victory lap for those who know how to use their giant robots.
Rita Repulsa: Oh!
Nostalgia Critic: Beam me up, Scotty.
[He gets beamed up to the base, and sees Zordon looking displeasedly at him]
Zordon: That was not the honorable way!
Nostalgia Critic: [smugly] But it was the effective way. Can't argue with results.

Zordon of Eltar (2015)
Zordon: We only have one shot at this.
Alpha 5: Understood, Zordon.
Zordon: You draw their attention by engaging a horde while I make a play on Rita on her blindside.
Alpha 5: Ai-yi-yi! From the coast? That's where the Dragonzord is positioned.
Zordon: "Ai-yi-yi"? Has Saba been tinkering with your dialog tree again?

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Water You Thinking? (#3.39)" (1996)
Zordon: Rangers, you will need all of your resourcefulness and strength for your journeys. From this point, each of you will be propelled toward a different destiny and will be entirely on your own. Embrace your inner strength and your sense of what is right and you shall succeed. Good luck, and may the power protect you.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997)
Zordon: Behold your new Turbo Zords.
Tanya Sloan: They're just ordinary cars.
Zordon: No Tanya, they are extraordinary cars!