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Quotes for
Jay (Character)
from The Rats (2002) (TV)

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The Rats (2002) (TV)
Susan Costello: Hi, I'm Susan Costello. Oh! Are you alright?
Jay: Yeah, I think so.
Susan Costello: How'd you cut it?
Jay: I don't know, I just reached down to get my clothes.
Susan Costello: Can you show me where?
Jay: [They walk to the changing room] It was right over there.
Susan Costello: Okay.
[She searches through Jay's clothes then gasps]
Susan Costello: It was a carpet tack.
Jay: But how can that just cut...
Susan Costello: I'm so sorry! I'll have maintenance check it out right away. Listen, you were having a fun day. We don't want to spoil it. I want you to take that outfit home.
Jay: You mean for free?
Susan Costello: Yeah, it looks great on you.
Jay: [She laughs] Wow! Thank you!
Susan Costello: Sure.
Jay: Um, you don't think I'm gonna need a shot or anything, do you?
Susan Costello: Well, it's not rusty, but you should probably have your doctor look at it, okay?
Jay: Okay.
Susan Costello: Fine.
Jay: Thanks.