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Lisa Alford (Character)
from Danger Beneath the Sea (2001) (TV)

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Danger Beneath the Sea (2001) (TV)
AS Ryan Alford: Hey, come on, I'll be home before you know it.
Lisa Alford: You're not gonna be here for when the baby's born.
[they laugh]
AS Ryan Alford: We knew that this would happen if I volunteered for submarines, the navy will send me a message as soon as the baby is born.
Lisa Alford: Who's gonna help me in the meantime? I don't know anybody here yet.

Lt. Clare Holliday: We are acutely aware of the hardships you face Mrs. Alford.
Lisa Alford: You can call me Lisa if you like.
Lt. Clare Holliday: Well Lisa, don't you worry everything is gonna be all right.
Lisa Alford: I just wanna know, though, is he gonna be home for our baby's birth?
Lt. Clare Holliday: Er, when are you due?
Lisa Alford: First week in March.
Lt. Clare Holliday: Typically these patrols take two or three months, we won't know when they'll be back until about a week before they enter port. It's for their own security, you understand how sensitive these missions can be, don't you?
Lisa Alford: Yeah.
[wipes tear]
Lisa Alford: I don't have any friends or family in Bangor.
Lt. Clare Holliday: My numbers on the front of this, Mary LeCroix's numbers on the back. She's the wife of the chief of the boat, she's in charge of dependant support for the Lansing. If she can't help you, then just give me a call.
Lisa Alford: Okay, thank you.
Lt. Clare Holliday: You don't have to thank me Lisa, when your baby is born I will personally see to it that your husband is notified. I, I don't have any, I don't have any children of my own, yet. So I don't know what you're going through but I do know that your husband would be very proud.
Lisa Alford: Thank you.
[they hug]
Lisa Alford: Bye.