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Constance Snowden (Character)
from Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) (V)

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Decoys (2004)
Constance: [after being introduced to Luke, pauses briefly from licking on a sucker] Hola... sorry, I have an oral fixation.

Constance: You wanna lick?

Constance: Men at home are dead, these boys are ripe for picking!

Constance: I think it's about to get hotter in here!

Constance: I wanna have sex with you Roger, I don't wanna frickin' marry you!

Constance: I'll have a vodka, chilled. Make it a triple!

Constance: The countdown's begun.

Constance: A killer babe?

Constance: I wasn't supposed to have feelings about this.
Roger: About what?
Constance: About you. I've never met anyone like you Roger.
Roger: You say it like it's a bad thing.
Constance: It is... because everything you said about Lilly and I. It's true.

Constance: Ice cold hormones!

Constance: Although it would be the highest honor imaginable to be the first one to spawn. I will not take that chance with you, let's wait.

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) (V)
Constance Snowden: Well?
Delia: Mine got overly excited. Then his vital functions ceased.
Jasmine: Mine was a police officer and I thought he was in decent shape. But, he didn't survive the temperature drop.
Constance Snowden: What about the bodies, did you dispose of them?
[Jasmine and Delia shake their heads in disagreement]
Constance Snowden: We can't have any distractions from the police. We got to hide those bodies.
[Jasmine and Delia both nod]
Constance Snowden: Look, Luke Callahan is the only one who survived, I'm watching him!
Delia: What is different about him?
Jasmine: Yeah, he seems really sensitive.
Constance Snowden: Well that's why he survived cos their body temperatures need to drop slowly.
Jasmine: And sensitive guys...
Constance Snowden: He was in love, so there's more romance, more foreplay.
Delia, Jasmine: Oh.
Constance Snowden: There's a cold snap coming, make sure you do it outside and draw it out. We have to keep them alive as long as possible.
Delia: How do we do that?
Jasmine: These human males seem so eager.
[Delia nods]
Constance Snowden: Just use your imagination.
[They all smile]

Professor Erwin Buckton: [Constance knocks at the door] Come in.
Constance Snowden: [Constance opens the door and closes it behind her] Excuse me, are you Professor Buckton?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Yes I am, what can I do for ya?
Constance Snowden: I'm Doctor Constance Snowden, I've been assigned to student health services this term. You supervised a grad student named Luke Callahan, right?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Yes, one of the best students I've had in a long time.
Constance Snowden: Does he ever behave unusually?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Well he's very dedicated which is, er, unusual these days even for a grad student. He's very interested in, er, anatomy particularly the unorthodox evolutionary variations.
Constance Snowden: Well I came here to tell you that Luke Callahan experienced a psychotic episode a few years ago.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Really?
Constance Snowden: It's probably nothing for you to be concerned about but I'd appreciate you letting me know if ever he behaves abnormally.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Abnormally? How exactly would you define that Doctor Snowden?
Constance Snowden: Paranoid delusions usually having to do with aliens from outer space, that sorta thing.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Luke has always seemed very well balanced to me, he's intense but he's very sensible.
Constance Snowden: He's very good at compensating for his problems. I'd appreciate if you kept this conversation just between you and I.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Alright.
Constance Snowden: Thank you, have a good day.

Jasmine: What's he doing here?
Constance Snowden: He needs to see his doctor, he's been having some problems sleeping.
Jasmine: Can I?
Constance Snowden: No, he's dangerous.
Jasmine: Why?
Constance Snowden: Cos he knows about us and nobody believes him but we have to keep it that way.
Jasmine: Pity.

Professor Erwin Buckton: Very detailed work. It's a complete delusion of course but the skeletal details, very plausible. Anatomically I find it quite interesting.
Constance Snowden: Then professor, do you find my anatomy quite interesting?

Constance Snowden: You killed one of my clones. You survived mating once! Let's try it again. Do the old college charm.