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Rocky DeSantos (Character)
from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (1993)

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
Rocky DeSantos: Well, pack your bags. 'Cause we're sending you back right where you came from.
Ivan Ooze: Gee, a teenager with a big mouth. Not much has changed in 6,000 years.
Kimberly Hart: You obviously don't know how who you're dealing with, Mr. Raisin Head.
Ivan Ooze: Really?
Tommy Oliver: Yeah. We're the Power Rangers!
Ivan Ooze: Whoo! Where's my autograph book? Ha! Power Rangers, huh? So, Zordon's still using a bunch of kids to do his dirty work. Well, meet my kids.
[raises his army of Oozelings]

Tommy Oliver: Let's do it, guys!
Kimberly Hart, Billy Cranston, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell: Right!
Tommy Oliver: It's Morphin' time!
[thunder roars]
Kimberly Hart: Pterodactyl!
[Kimberly's morpher glows and we hear a screeching sound. She then becomes the Pink Ranger]
Billy Cranston: Triceratops!
[Billy's morpher glows and we hear a growling sound. He then becomes the Blue Ranger]
Rocky DeSantos: Tyrannosaurus!
[Rocky's morpher glows and we hear a snarling sound. He then becomes the Red Ranger]
Adam Park: Mastodon!
[Adam's morpher glows and we hear a trumpeting sound. He then becomes the Black Ranger]
Aisha Campbell: Saber-Toothed Tiger!
[Aisha's morpher glows and we hear a roaring sound. She then becomes the Yellow Ranger]
Tommy Oliver: White Tiger!
[Tommy's morpher glows and we hear the sond of wind howling. He then becomes the White Ranger]

Tommy Oliver: We need Megazord Power Now!
Tommy Oliver, Billy Cranston, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, Kimberly Hart, Rocky DeSantos: Ninja Megazord Power Up!

Zordon: Rangers, you must act swiftly, the planet is in grave danger!
Kimberly Hart: Danger from what?
Zordon: Six thousand years ago, a Morphological Being, known as Ivan Ooze, ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror. He was on the verge of completing construction of his ultimate weapons, The Ectomorphicon Titans, twin machines capable of enslaving the entire universe.
Rocky DeSantos: What happened to him?
Zordon: A group of young warriors, like yourselves, lured him into a hyper-lock chamber and buried him deep underground; but now the chamber has been accidentally uncovered, you must return it to the depths, before it is opened and Ivan is released.
Alpha 5: His Ectomorphicons were buried near the chamber, if Ivan escapes, he's sure to find them.
Zordon: Use extreme caution Rangers, you are dealing with an evil here that is beyond all imagination.

Dulcea: Leave Phados before it's too late.
Aisha Campbell: Look, we don't want any trouble. Our leader Zordon got...
Dulcea: Zordon? Did you say Zordon?
Kimberly Hart: You know Zordon? Who are you?
Dulcea: I am Dulcea, master warrior of the planet Phados. What has happened to Zordon?
Rocky DeSantos: He was attacked by this cosmic being named Ivan Ooze.
Dulcea: Ivan Ooze is free?
Billy Cranston: You've heard of him?
Dulcea: Ivan Ooze is a monster. If we don't hurry, your planet is doomed. Follow me.

"Power Rangers Zeo: A Few Bad Seeds (#1.11)" (1996)
Adam Park: [about Rocky's plant] You should take a sample to Alpha and have it analyzed.
Rocky DeSantos: [Not listening to Adam] You know I should take a sample and have Alpha analyze it!
[Adam rolls his eyes]

"Power Rangers Zeo: A Brief Mystery of Time (#1.43)" (1996)
Rocky DeSantos: [Referring to the Cogs] They've hit the abandoned warehouse district.