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Barbara (Character)
from Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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Shaun of the Dead (2004)
Barbara: [over the phone] Some men tried to get into the house.
Shaun: Well are they still there?
Barbara: [over the phone] I'm not sure, we've shut the curtains.
Shaun: Did you try the police?
Barbara: [over the phone] Well I thought about it.
Shaun: Are you OK? Did they hurt you?
Barbara: [over the phone] No I'm fine. I'm fine.
Shaun: Mum...
Barbara: [over the phone] Well they were a bit... bitey.
Shaun: [concerned] Mum, have you been bitten?
Barbara: [over the phone] No... But Philip has.
Shaun: [calmly] Oh, OK.
Ed: Has she been bitten?
Shaun: [to Ed] No, Philip has.
Ed: [calmly] Oh, OK.
Shaun: Listen, Mum, what sort of state is he in?
Barbara: [over the phone] Oh, he's fine. Bit under the weather.
Shaun: I see.
Ed: What's the deal?
Shaun: [to Ed] We may have to kill my step-dad.

Barbara: It's been a funny sort of day, hasn't it?

Shaun: Mum, look, what would you say if I told you that over the years Philip's been quite unkind to me?
Barbara: Well you weren't always the easiest person to live with.
Shaun: Mum, he chased me around the garden with a bit of wood!
Barbara: Well you did call him a you-know-what!
Shaun: Oh what, did he tell you that?
Barbara: Yes he did.
Shaun: Motherfucker!
Barbara: Shaun!
Shaun: Sorry mother... mum!
Shaun: Did you know that on several occasions... he touched me?
[long pause, then Barbara turns to look at Shaun]
Shaun: That wasn't true. Made it up. Shouldn't have done. Sorry.

Barbara: My, how you've grown!
Ed: Yeah, you'd better believe it.

[after Philip has been bitten]
Philip: You didn't call the doctor, did you?
Barbara: Well, I thought we ought to be on the safe side.
Philip: I'm quite all right, Barbara, I ran it under a cold tap.
Barbara: I really think...
Philip: We had our jabs when we went to the Isle of Wight.
Barbara: But Philip...
Philip: It's a lot of overblown nonsense, a lot of drug nuts running wild.

Barbara: Hello Pickle! It's me, mum. Dad said he saw you in town today and mentioned that you might be visiting tomorrow, which would be lovely. Will you be bringing Elizabeth with you this time? Only we can't wait to meet her finally and also um... I was wondering if she wanted anything special for lunch. Cause these days a lot of people don't eat meat.

Liz, Declan: [as each survivor passes by their parallel counterpart] Hi.
David, Mark: [formally] Hello.
Dianne, Maggie: [friendly] Hi!
Barbara, Yvonne's Mum: [politely] Hello.
Ed, Cousin Tom: [too involved with their cell phones, briefly glancing at each other, muttering] Hello.