Hielke Klinkhamer
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Hielke Klinkhamer (Character)
from De schippers van de Kameleon (2003)

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Kameleon en de dubbelganger (2005) (V)
Hielke Klinkhamer: [seeing Kees running away] Do you need a taxi?

Hielke Klinkhamer: Hey Kees, you're here as well?
Kees Dijkstra: [eating a piece of cake] Of course! When there's food, I'm there! Yammie!
Eigenaar Snoepwinkel: Did you also stole that cake I made specially for Veldwachter Zwart? Come here, you little devil!

Gerben Zonderland: Ahoy sailors! How about a bet?
Hielke Klinkhamer: If you made it up, I'm not playing along.
Gerben Zonderland: Wait a minute, you can earn some money with it.
Sietse Klinkhamer: Now we are talking. What are the rules?
Gerben Zonderland: Alright, this is what we'll do. I'm going to ask you a question about boats. If you don't know the answer, you pay me a guilder. After that you ask me a question about boats. If I don't know the answer either, I will pay you a quarter.
Hielke Klinkhamer: Huh? That's not fair!
Sietse Klinkhamer: Come on relax, I know everything about boats.
Gerben Zonderland: Here it comes. A couple of days ago, there was a boat sailing through our village with 3 chimneys, 6 cabins and a mermaid at the front. What was the name of that boat?
Sietse Klinkhamer: I have no idea. How in the world should I know?
Gerben Zonderland: You don't know? Can I please have my share then?
[Sietse gives him the guilder]
Gerben Zonderland: Yes, thank you very much.
Sietse Klinkhamer: But what is the correct answer?
Gerben Zonderland: I don't know either! So here is your quarter!

Sietse Klinkhamer: [finding the mysterious houseboat] Look at that huge one, is it a new model?
Kees Dijkstra: Could be, I've never seen it here before.
Hielke Klinkhamer: Probably a bunch of tourists showing off.

Kameleon als schokkend doelwit (2007) (V)
Hielke Klinkhamer: Jantje, you were right. You are not a second-rate amateur.
Sietse Klinkhamer: You are a third-rate loser!

Louw Vrolijk: At least we had a good time. All three of us, right?
Hielke Klinkhamer: Three of us? Wasn't it the four of us earlier?
Sietse Klinkhamer: [discovers who's missing] Kees! Do we really have to guard that boy day and night?

De kameleon ontvoerd (2004) (V)
Jack Gaddèrie: Boys, I already announced you twice. You have to get on stage right now!
Sietse Klinkhamer: I don't think so.
Jack Gaddèrie: Don't get arrogant on me. Come on, get on stage!
Sietse Klinkhamer: Not without the Kameleon.
Jack Gaddèrie: No, of course not without the Kameleon!
Sietse Klinkhamer: Well, then we don't get on stage.
Jack Gaddèrie: Why not?
Hielke Klinkhamer: It's gone.
Jack Gaddèrie: Who?
Hielke Klinkhamer: The Kameleon.
Jack Gaddèrie: What?
Hielke Klinkhamer: Stolen!